Sorry for the delay for this one, I had a busy weekend :P
I think my Linguistics midterm went very well, and the wedding was nice too. Now, I’m on Reading Week, so I’m gonna try to draw and print some more Pocket stuff :)
Can you guess who? 

By the way! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! ^_^

The post is under the cut, because it’s long again :P

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An Incredible Video Showcasing the Moe’s Experience

Build Week 2!!

Alright FIRST Teams! 

Week 1 of build is over and done and there’s still much to do, don’t you think? To have an idea of where your team should be, don’t be afraid to take a look at Team 365’s MOEmentum First-Year Infobase for some ideas of what to work on this week!

FIRST is an ever-expanding organization with new teams popping up every year. Because so much is demanded every year, many new (or “rookie”) teams often find themselves overwhelmed. Fortunately, it has been a part of the FIRST and MOE tradition to assist rookie teams throughout the course of the build and competition season. Hence, MOEmentum was born.

After more than a decade in FIRST, we at MOE know well the trials and tribulations that come with building a robot - whether it is your 1st or 21st build. Therefore, over the years we have successfully compiled our information into a week-by-week newsletter, filled with helpful tips and pointers, intended to aid first year teams. There are also documents available that you may find useful for organizing team meetings.

Good luck this week guys with whatever you plan to do!

[And for student who are midterm testing or are getting ready to test, best of luck to you and don’t forget to save time for studying!]


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