My favorite character from the start was Gil, but with Oz’s recent back-story and development- Oz is trying so hard to be #1 now I’m not even sure which is my #1 anymore. 

RYOURA/MARY appreciation post~!

Not only is she a talented editor and craftsy artist and awesome writer, but man, let me tell you, she’s an amazing friend and such a good person (her little sister is too, it must run in the family ;D). She loves to spoil and love on her friends, and outside of that too- it’s rare to meet people like that anymore. Like giving super awesome prizes out for her fanclub on DA, to give back to the fandom and to make sure everyone has fun and gets excited, for example. I just got my xmas gift from her and I pretty much imploded into a whirlpool of feels. What did I do to deserve such kindness? (There were even penguin chocolates, omfg) Nothing. Mary is just a ball of crazy love is all. She’s just a super loveable person that loves on everyone else as well. Such a warm person. And really fun to fangirl with, and super funny! Man I could go on forever but I don’t even know how to describe it, though I’m sure a lot of people agree with me on how awesome a person she is. I’ll make her realize it too someday, ohoho. A thank you post for my lovely present didn’t seem like enough, and really nothing can compare, but spreading her awesomeness and fluffy warmth always seems like a good idea to me! Don’t kill me Mary XDDD So yeah. HATS TIPPED AND HUGS SENT TO MARY~☆♥

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧゚+.゚♥ *:・゚







LMAO MARY WHAT IS THAT GIF EVEN ASDLKJASD. I didn’t notice anything amiss at first and then nearly spit my drink all over the place asdlkjasdkl. I love you too you big sparklemuffin. Lmfaosdlk.♥

15 things that make me happy! meme

Tagged by Mary and Aya!

★ My friends! Just a hello from a friend can make my day! If I get to see them or speak to them more then even better!
★ When my dog shows off her good manners. It’s like WOW GOOD GIRL MOMMY IS SO PROUD UGUUU COME HERE. Also my pets in general.
★ When a drawing turns out just the way I wanted it to. The hardest happiness point to achieve!
★ Storms (wind/lightning) and snow! They are so cool and pretty!
★ When people (especially senpai) like my writing. I have a billion secret writing accounts because I write like a terrible person but I still get super happy when they like my writing and don’t even know it uhuhuhu. Mystery boner.
★ When customers go out of their way to thank me. They get nothing out of it so the sincerity and sense of accomplishment and happiness from helping them so well is amazing. 
★ Exploring new places! ADVENTURE!
★ Spoiling people/showering people in deserved affections. Let me love on you.
★ When Sarah lets me gay all over her. Sarah in general. See.
★ Conventions. I get to see so many online friends together at last! 
★ Good doujinshi. My guilty pleasure. 
★ Music. I get a lot of inspiration from music.
★ Pandora Hearts and other manga I love in general. Updates are a happy time.
★ Making someone laugh.
★ Hugs. Hugs are good. I didn’t have any hugs for many years so as I look back I think I exploded into a hug monster late in life. I haven’t killed anyone yet so all is well…???


If you haven’t done it then I’m tagging you!!! Happy things are good. 

Kyaaaaa so many flowers thanks asdkljs.

HeatherSomething I tend to do while I’m alone
SING… A LOT… it’s quite terrible asdkjs. I even go Disney musical and sing random made up songs about whatever I’m doing.;;;;

TuberoseA physical trait I find attractive
Certain butts Hair and…. shortness. XD;;;;;  I just find it really cute when people are shorter than me okay.

SunflowerWho I look up to as a role model
I never had a role model growing up, but I guess now there are a lot of my friends I really look up to, though not one specifically. I know so many amazing people it’s hard not to. *I wrote a list of people here but then I deleted it for fear I missed someone. XD;;;;* hell the list goes on and on I’d have to list all of my friends since everyone is amazing and has so many traits or talents I admire. I could seriously write an essay skldjs but I won’t don’t worry.;;; It’s always inspiring to know all you guys and if I can be half as good a person or half as talented as any of the lot of my friends in the end that’d be pretty amazing.

StargazerSomething I aspire to do before I die
Someday before I die it’d be cool if I could finish my manga. Some…day… Also to actually travel a bit and visit people but planes are so yick.

GermaniumSomething I do for comfort
Like for sadness…? Listen to good music, draw, curl up on the shower floor, cuddle my pets, dive into my penguin plush pile, or just talk to someone that cheers me up or read/watch something I love. That or I get really strange and hyper when I get fed up at myself and I just flop around on the floor like a fish until I start laughing at how dumb I am.

StephanotisIf I believe in good luck, bad luck, and other such superstitions
Somewhat! But mostly as a light paranoia than any actual belief. Like I fretted over something bad happening if I let my ‘lucky bamboo’ plant die, lmao. But I own a black cat and break mirrors all the time, so oh well.
Zodiacs/horoscopes- not at all! I can never relate to my zodiac stuff 90% of the time, though I always think it’d be fun to look at but then I get disappointed. Hahaha.

GardeniaWhat brings me the most happiness
My friends! And art, music, and animals. >///<

Omggggg. Fair’s fair then, PFFFFT. XD

Blue: What song do you listen to when you’re feeling down?
Funnily enough, sad music makes me feel better when I’m down. Stuff like Goodbye, Promises, Happiness, Sublunar

Cup: Do you drink Tea or Coffee?

English: How many languages can you speak?
Fluently, English. I used to be good with Japanese but I’m so rusty now. :<

Fear: Tell us three fears.
1- Hurting or burdening those/someone close to me
2- Drowning
3- Plane crashing or boat sinking while I’m on it. I’ve been on a sinking boat before shit is trippy and horrifying asdlkjsd.

Game: What was the last board game you played?
I think someone was trying to teach me Scrabble…

Injury: Have you ever walked into a glass door?

Kiss: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?
I don’t have any. I don’t pay attention to celebrities.;;

Money: What would you do with 1 million dollars?
Pay of my debts, my friend’s debts, and pay for the surgeries people close to me need. (Mom’s neck surgery, sister’s kidney transplant, Sarah and Alysha’s breast reduction, etc)

Naughty: Tell us three things that your parents disapprove of?
My parents disprove of or hate just about everything about my life lmao. My mom is homophobic, racist, and against internet so that sums up enough in itself. XD;;;;

Oops: What is one thing you’d like to change/fix?
About me…? I wish phones didn’t give me so much anxiety. I’ve lost a lot of good friends because I suck at phonecalls.;; Also if I didn’t hate how I looked so much as well.

Picture: Post a pic of your lovely face.
Screams. This was cuz neko sent me a beautiful scarf. ;w;♥♥♥♥♥

Unite: Do you sponsor a cause?
No. I’ve donated to the ASPCA before, and worked with disabled people and children though.

Varsity: Do you play/watch sport?
I like playing sports but not usually watching them. The only ones I like watching are ice skating and gymnastics.

Xylophone: Do you play an instrument?
I used to play the piano. Not sure how I’d fair now. xD

Yellow: What’s your favourite colour?

Zoo: What is your favourite animal?

Oh! /random

Mary, Maggie, and Mika… LOL… you guys were in my dream last night.

I had a dream the volcano exploded and then suddenly it was like a videogame rpg escaping a dungeon or something and the three of you kept calling me and telling me ways/cheats to escape to the correct mystery path out. ……Thanks for saving me from lava, I guess!!!??? Lmfaosdlks.

M-MARY….! I GOT YOUR CARD. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND ADFLKSJDFKLSTHANKYOU. A-and you even drew Gil holding a penguin. ;A; ASDlkjasdkljdf so cute I cannot handle it. AND THE NOMS AND JUST EVERYTHING I JUST IMPLODED DSfkls. I opened it while I was in the car with my sister and roomie and they looked back at me asking what was wrong cuz I made an inhuman squealing noise sdfkjfffffffffffffff. ilu~ ;A;♥

ryoura  asked:

I think the icon confirms it but just double checking if Gil is still your fave PH character?? XDD (PS: Hope alls well with you girly! :D)

SORT OF… After all of Oz’s character development in these last arcs he has bumped up from #2 to sort of share #1 with Gil and they are at a tie that I can’t make my mind up on. So since it’s a tie…. yes? He’s still number one even though he’s sharing it!? That still counts right!? RIGHT??? Lmasdlkajsdkjf. Curse you PH, for making your characters so amazing. Ugh.

(Yes I am fine just crazy and dizzy with retail holidays at work! Hope you are well too!)

ryoura  asked:

Top 5 colours, top 5 animals, top 5 hobbies~ :3

Colours! (More than anything I like color combos with black, like pink+black, yellow+black, rainbow+black, etc, but—!)
-Topaz blue
-Pastel pink
-Dark gray
-Light green


-Canvas painting
-Writing terrible fanfic 


Talented/Funny/Kind/Generous/Pretty/Strong/Hardworking/Humble/Determined/Helpful these are all things that describe Mary uhuhuhu you silly.(///v///)♥♥♥

ryoura replied to your post: ryoura asked:I think the icon con…

as an Oz fan I can completely understand such a development ohohoho~ XDD I’m sure Gil doesn’t mind sharing! XD (Ahhhhh its so late in the year I didn’t realise, I can only imagine how busy you are! D8 Best of luck with it all! <33)

So much has happened to both characters my heart just couldn’t handle it anymore alsdkljasdfsd. I’ve given up trying to order them anymore at this point hahaha. Good thing I like them together as well, that makes it easier, pfft.

bururaven replied to your post: ryoura asked:I think the icon con…

My favorite is Raven, to the end. I freaking love Gil! XD

I fell in love with tiny!Gilbert’s character first when I got into PH and then it progressed along with his age after the time skip as well haha!

ryoura  asked:

Once you get this, you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly, then send it to ten of your favorite followers! ( (┛◉Д◉)┛彡*:T・A゚G✧*)


1.) I am a hard worker and my helpfulness is sincere!

2.) I have the power to survive on nothing but candy and cupcakes!

3.) I am good at making stupid jokes!

4.) I am good with animals…….!

5.) …..I…. am… easy to get along with?

MARY!!!! I tag mary, maggie, mousey, mika, alex, alyss, tini, grace, aya, and emmi if they are up to it! I am bad at tagging I never know who likes being tagged you don’t have to do it if you don’t want tooo…unless you are mary mwahaha