it’s the first of January and we just wanted to write up a quick little post showing our appreciation! 

we are so thankful for where this blog has taken us, it has been a year since we created this blog and we never imagined that we’d enjoy it this much. we each have made many amazing friends along the way, and have connected with so many of you! 

To our mutuals: we adore you all and are so thankful to have met some of the sweetest, talented, like-minded beauties! <3

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To our followers: you all are so sweet and amazing, we love each and every one of you! In 2018, we hope to create more memories and interact with more of you! <3

We hope that this year will be a bright beacon of happiness for you all and that you all experience life to its fullest! 

Here’s to 2018 and all the comebacks that will definitely ruin us over and over again. <3

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~R & M

anonymous asked:

Who's your favorite follower?

Just one?

I gonna say moedits ! She’s follow me since almost the beggining of this blog and she’s the person that I see the most of my dash, always likes my imagines. She never really talk to me and me neither but I’m glad to have her in my followers.

I never took time to thank her so… Thank you!