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1. answer my questions, of course~
2. make your own questions!
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Questions for you darlings!
1. You have three wishes, what are they? (Don’t worry they aren’t like genie wishes and just fuck everything up - they are what you truly want/ask for)
2. Anime that completely destroyed you? (Feels wise)
3. Favourite character/s of any anime and why?
4. What got you in Yaoi? (If you don’t like Yaoi, what got you into anime?)

1. Um… so my 1st wish would be to find a true true true friend. 2nd is probably that I’d want to get rid of my depression and stuff. 3rd is to have money for coffee, because yes.
2. Tari Tari destroyed me (OK, SnK also, but I was watching Tari Tari at the time that I was finishing my High School and, oh god, they anime wasn’t the best, but srsly… I WAS CRYING LIKE A FUCKING I DONT KNOW WHAT)
3. Byakuya Kuchiki - because he’s a noble he is really… true, I mean, he has problems and, like me, hides them and doesn’t even talk about them, he’s a dynamic character, because he changes among the series and I just really really love him and his romantic nature (or how he treated Hisana askjfask); Rivaille - because, UNLIKE EVERYONE WANTS HIM TO BE, he’s a really selfless person, he’s not a fucking sadist, he has feeling and you can see that he suffers, but yeah, he puts on a brave face, so the rest doesn’t lose hope.  I love many more charas, but I’m too lazy xD".
4. The fact that I was really curious kid (and also bisexual) I wanted to know how these things looked like… so yeah. xD
1. Favorite thing to do when you’re alone?
2. Shower or baths?
3. If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?
4. What is one of your biggest fears?

1. watching porn ehum… probably playing games and learning languages for my studies
2. Shower
3. Give half of it for hospices (or charity mainly) and buy myself a nice flat in my city; also, buy myself a new laptop, so I can give this one to my mom
4. I fear being left alone; being unnoticed and underappreciated. I just really fear it okok.
1. Anime OTP?
2. Favourite band?
3. Favourite anime?
4. Sweet or salty?

1. IchiHime
2. Polish: Hunter, Luxtorpeda; International: ACDC, Metallica, Korn, Muse, Imagine Dragons
3. hmmm… Attack on Titan or/and Bleach (ok, Bleach’s anime sucked, but manga is awesome, but I feel really nostalgic towards Bleach, so deal with it.)
4. Neither. Spicy.

1. What would you do if you were an amazing artist, but everyone else in the world besides you was blind?
2. Favorite scenery in an anime?
3. The last time your OTP made you cry, because you can’t lie to me and say they haven’t.
4. Your first OTP.

1. Arist isn’t only a person who draws, in my opinion; considering this fact, I’d probably play music for them.
2. Sunrises
3. BUT ICHIHIME DIDN’T MAKE ME CRY Ok, when Ichigo was “killed” by Ulquiorra and Orihime started to go on Kurosaki-kun combo.
4. YamixYugi from YuGiOh (I didn’t care about genders /and I don’t know/ they just were so omg lovey dovey for me ok)
~ ~~~~

1. An anime that you know it sucks but you watched it anyway?
2. favorite video game? if you like video games if not just name a game you’ve played sometime in your life time and why you were playing it (if that makes sense idk)
3.if you could go anywhere right now where would it be?
4. any anime that has made you cry?

1. Free (go and kill me, Free fangirls, I just didn’t like, I’m not saying that you’re stupid or sth ok.) and Kurokami (srsly, it sucked so fucking much)
2. Final Fantasy Series (VII and Type-0 are my favs); Kingdom Hearts Series (BBS is my fav); Dangan Ronpa thanks to a SPECIAL PERSON. She knows who she is.
3. Seoul.
4. Yes… Angel Beats, Toki wo kakeru shoujo, Tari Tari, Attack on Titan, BOKU NO PICO (it hurts ok)

1. Have any life aspirations? What are they?
2. If you could have dinner with anyone (fictional or real) who would you choose?
3. Any fun talents?
4. Favorite anime soundtrack?

1. I want to get a MA degree in my studies (I’m studying Korea) and I just… want to be a good person to everyone on my way, I don’t want to regret anything and I want a certain late person to be proud of me.
2. Tom Hiddleson/Rivaille/Erwin/Byakuya/Shinji Hirako. ALL OF THEM
3. Um… I can draw dicks Hmm… I can growl Polish National Anthem. Is it fun?
4. Attack on Titan OST
My questions:
1. Your 1st anime crush?
2. Do you have any talents? (and don’t give me the crap; I know you have at least one talent)
3. Have you ever cosplayed someone? If not, then: Will you ever cosplay someone?
4.  Which language you’d like to speak fluently?


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✖ i dunno why, I am just really shy and i have anxiety problems ;A; ( i wasn't even sure if i should send this but oh well here i go)

ljds;lkfja;slkjf IM RLY SHY TOO 


so lets be shy together ok 

ps i love your blog uwu