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Self-Insert Questions!!
  1. Who is your most favourite character?
  2. Name ten of your most favourite characters to least favourite characters?
  4. A group of your favourite characters are talking suspiciously to one other, but as soon as you enter the room. They go completely silent and act innocent. What do you think they were talking about or are up to?
  5. Who is the Alpha above all the others?
  6. You can only marry three of your babes. Who are they and why?
  7. You and your favourite characters are family. Who is the mother and father?. And who is the children, cousins, ect.
  8. You can make three fictional worlds collide. Which worlds will they be? and how well do you think they will work?
  9. Who are your newest favourites and oldest favourites?
  10. Looking at all of your favourite characters, would you say you have a “type”?
  11. What made you feel attract to these characters, why them?. What about them made you go to them?
  12. Your being trained by three of your faves. Your learning one thing from each of them. How well do you think the training will go? and what would you be learning from your three teachers?
  13. Who are you most like out of your favourites?
  14. Which one would you say is your “soul mate”?
  15. Do you have theme songs for your and your faves?. A song you feels is talking about your favourite, either platonic or romantic wise?. Even perhaps a playlist of songs?.
  16. Have you ever questioned your sanity with falling for one of your faves?
  17. How well do you think you survive in “insert world here”?
  18. What do you think your relationship would be like with one of your favourites?.
  19. Who do you think you would get on the most with? or have the most difficult time bonding with?
  20. Who is most likely to hold the title “Precious Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World”?
  21. Your married to all of your favourites?. How would you equally share affection towards them all?
  22. Three amigos. Aside from you, who are the two other loyal amigos?
  23. Who would be the best to dance with? and worst?. And who do you think would be the best dancer?. 
  24. In a dance battle, whose most likely to face off in the final round?
  25. Who would be the best to goof off with?. And who would be the best to have deep meaningful conversions with?
  26. How would a date go with “insert name here”?, and would happen on said date?
  27. Who is the one who you can be the most intimate with?. Either romantic or platonic?
  28. Who would you most likely to lose in a fight with?. And who would you most likely be able to win against?
  29. Who would sing a duet with you? and how well would that go?.
  30. Karaoke with everyone?!. Who is the best and worst?.
  31. Who is the cockiest to shyest out of the group?
  32. Your favourites have found your secret sketchbook filled of nsfw art of them?!. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO EXPLAIN THIS?!. WHAT IS THEY REACTION TO THIS?!
  33. “Draw me like one of your french girls”. Who most likely to say that?
  34. Who would drive you crazy the most?. Either on adventure or living together?
  35. Who would most likely preform a strip show for you?
  36. Who would be the most offended if you didn’t cosplay as them for a convention/costume Party?. And who would be the most smug?
  37. Who would make the best team?
  38. Who would most likely to fight with each other?. And who would be most likely to be good friends?
  39. Which two faves would be rivals, who would always go against one other in silly contests?
  40. Who would make the most cutest bride? OWO 
  41. What five items would you take from five characters, to always be with you?.
  42. Your a pokemon trainer!, what is your pokemon team type?
  43. Who would make a awesome magical girl/boy?
  44. Who is the character you love to hate?
  45. Marry, kiss, fuck, sleep, punch, kill?.
  46. Who do you think would make the best or worst room mate?
  47. Are you a goddness to your many husbands?, do they worship the ground to which you step?
  48. Your in a final battle to save all your friends!. How will you save them?!. Power of friendship?, Love? or AWESOMENESS?!
  49. Who would pamper you?, and give you makeovers and such?.
  50. What kind of magical girl/boy would you be?
  51. How would you stop your favourites horrible habit?
  52. Your favourite has come into this world. How would you help them adapt to this world? and how well would you be able to hide the fact that they are from an other world?. Would they be staying with you?, or would you help them find a place of their own?.
  53. What would be the best crossover for you?
  54. You encounter your favourite for the first time?. How would your first meeting go?. What would your and their reaction be?
  55. What if you suddenly appeared into your favourites world. And they were actually your biggest fan. What would you think? and how would you reaction?
  56. Your favourite is about to be attacked, you only have a second to make a quick choice to decide on how to save your fave. Would you jump in the way and take the blow, knowing you could die from it?. Or would you be able to warn them in time?. Or would you freeze helpless as you failed to get in time, so you watch your favourite die?. 
  57. What would your wedding be like with one of your favourites?
  58. Choosing four characters. Which ones would be winter, summer, spring and autumn?.
  59. Would you rather bring all your favourites to this world, and be able to be with them. But they bring all the danger and chaos with them?. Or would you rather be able to travel to other worlds using a device, that could possibly break and trap you in one of your faves worlds forever?.
  60. Who is your side kick?
  61. One of your favourites who is usually the bubbly one, has been rather depressed lately, and is reluctant to speak about their feelings. And shuts down others attempts to try to help them. How would you get them to open up to you?.
  62. Who would you say is still a mystery to you?
  63. Which are you?. Tsundere?, Yandere?, Kuudere?, Moe?, Loli?, Bokukko?, Miko?. Which do you think is most like you?
  64. What would your nicknames be for your faves? and their nickname for you?.
  65. You have gotten sick/injured. Who is looking after you?. Are they doing well? or are you afraid for your life?

I think I’m officially miffed with the reception ULiL has received. It’s not really due to any one factor, and frankly, the game itself and a lot of the OC that has come out of it is, in a vacuum, pretty hilarious. Rather, it’s a build-up of things that have happened in the franchise and the fandom for a few years now.

(NOTE: This discussion discusses parts of the plot of ULiL. If you don’t want it spoiled, come back after you’ve had the chance to play the game yourself.)

Back when UFO was new, it didn’t take long for large swathes of the fanbase to fall in love with the Buddhists. There was much justification for Byakuren’s actions and criticisms of the heroine’s actions. And perhaps rightfully so; Byakuren was simply returning to the world (one, many argued, she should not have been removed from in the first place) with an apparent desire for equality if not outright peace (however misguided this was, given the drastically different state of affairs from when she was first sealed). Hell, in five of the six routes, it’s the heroine that gets riled up instead, inventing some reason to shoot the monk down. Only in MarisaA does Byakuren wig out and get aggressive for no reason.

Fast forward to TD, and the reaction to the final boss wasn’t quite as positive, despite remarkably similar circumstances. Just like Byakuren, Miko awakens from a thousand-year absence in a rather non-threatening fashion, wishes to save one race form the alleged menace of the other, and gets riled up when her viewpoint is challenged. The major difference is that Byakuren thinks youkai need to be saved from humans, while Miko thinks humans need to be saved from youkai. So why did one of them get much more fan support than the other? It may be a by-product of related characters - the Buddhists are a much more interesting ‘family’ than the Taoists, and Kogasa is like an extra Ace of Spades -  but I imagine the majority of it is the fact that Touhou is written so the consumer is sympathetic to youkai rather than humans. (This is another discussion entirely that is best left to a different post, though I think it is fairly self-evident.) Byakuren’s fighting the good fight, while Miko’s just a jerk.

Time passes, and the Buddhists and Taoists get their slapfight on. We get character development/exposure from SoPM, HM, and WaHH, among other places; specifically, both faction leaders are shown to be pretty sleazy. Still, Byakuren stays consistently more popular than Miko, and is consistently portrayed as more saintly than the actual saint. They have a kid together, and Miko gets to be the wacky, ambitious, know-nothing, useless dad while Byakuren is the wise, dependable, proper mom. Alongside all of this, in a bizarre divergence from the “good guy” image, OC that features direct conflict between the two factions tends to feature the Buddhists coming out ahead of the Taoists through simply beating them up (or other physical intimidation). The Buddhism vs. Taoism pool on Danbooru, for example, is rather one-sided when it comes to images where there’s a clear winner. It has become harder and harder to justify “Byakuren good Miko bad” as they are shown to be very similar people more and more, and yet people still do it. Because hey, Byakuren wants peace and harmony, right?

I suppose I should say at this point that this is not meant to be an anti-Byakuren diatribe. Frankly, I find her character quite interesting, particularly in the wake of SoPM. What I take issue with is do-no-wrong saintly Byakuren, because not only is it demonstrably false, it’s hideously boring character design. I’d even go so far as to say that Byakuren needs the flaws that SoPM shone a light on to be a better character. Maybe I’m alone in this opinion? I dunno. It does remind me of how John Cena has spent the last decade of his life, though.

Anyway, then comes ULiL, where everything gets turned on its head. Those of you that have read Clarste’s summary will remember that Miko spends the game trying to collect the occult balls someplace where they won’t scatter, so they can be studied and properly dealt with. I actually asked Clarste a couple of clarifying questions about the role Byakuren and Ichirin play in the game (since I found it odd that Miko would be worth mentioning heavily in the plot summary while the non-Mamzoop Buddhists got no spotlight at all), and it turns out that Byakuren agrees with Miko that the occult balls are a problem that requires addressing, but she thinks instead that they should simply be sealed away. It is also worth noting that these balls are punching holes in the barrier, and yet Reimu doesn’t actually do anything about it until the very end, when the crisis level of the incident is amped up by the revelation of the Lunar Capital ball. Everyone else in the game has their own motives for getting involved and/or is some degree of selfish jerk (and/or is simply there because why the hell not).

What this means is that Miko is the only person that spends the game actually trying to fix the issue of the barrier getting destroyed, an issue that affects Gensokyo’s humans AND youkai. She’s trying to find a cure for a rather substantial problem that Byakuren thinks only needs a bandage and Reimu barely registers as a problem at all. (Side note: Where the hell was the Yakumo family during all this?) This was unthinkable natural law just a couple of years ago, when UFO and then later TD were made, but now Miko’s the good guy, while Byakuren is well-intentioned-but-lazy at absolute best (and more likely to be dangerously short-sighted).

But we’re all too busy laughing at Byakuren on a Kawasaki for anyone to notice.

Now, yes, there isn’t a full translation for all of the routes and endings out yet. But let’s not kid ourselves. When people play or talk about this game, they aren’t going to take away Miko being the unsung hero. They’re going to take away Wild Hog Byakuren, KOISHI WAS PHONE, Mamizou in a suit, and other such silly things. If they take away anything about Miko, it’s not even going to be anything amusing and memetic related to her urban legend, because she got a pretty boring/brutal one in the grand scheme of things. It’s going to be Moe Moe Miko wrapped up in her cloak like it’s a Snuggie, which is just about the polar opposite of her role in the game and her character in general.

I’m not going to lie; I’ve been waiting for this since TD came out, not just because of how much I like Miko, but also because I spent a good amount of time arguing about Byakuren’s good-guy-ness in the wake of UFO, before Miko was even a thing. So to see Miko getting her redemption in a perfect storm of no-one-cares-ness is more than a little grating.