moe life


Soooo I did a thing

I imagined what the Instagrams of some of the characters from Miraculous would look like

I left the posts, followers, and following blank because 1.) I’m lazy and 2.) I’m lazy

I know these aren’t perfect, but it was the best I could do and honestly pretty fine considering I was bored out of my mind

Also, I know I used “.moc” instead of “.com”, but that’s because instagram was being a butt and didn’t let me.

Please give credit if you use them!


Marinette Dupain-Cheng / Ladybug : Aya Shalkar
Adrien Agreste / Cat (Chat) Noir : Tarjei Sandvik Moe
Nino Lahiffe : Jordan Fisher
Alya Cesaire : Liza Koshy
Chloe Bourgeois : Dove Cameron

Reasons why Eskild and Noora are basically Isak’s parents:

- Calling him lazy and telling him his room is a mess.

- Disscusing him as if he isn’t even in the same room as them.

- Always in the Know. 

- Sizing up his boy friend “Can’t I come in and say hello?”.

- Looking delightedly at Isak after being charmed by Even. 

- “Are you just gonna spend the whole day in your room?”.

- Playful teasing “Cute little innocent godchild kitten”.

-  Isak going to them for serious advise.

tarjei’s agenda:
school in the morning, award nominations in the afternoon, filming show 1 in the late afternoon, acting in his play at night, filming show 2 the next morning

my agenda:
trying to get a fanta stain out these pyjama pants i’ve been wearing for 3 days straight