moe gijinka

ddistilled  asked:

Do you happen to have any original characters? What do you like to draw other than hetalia? :0

Yes! I do :D

I mostly draw gijinka and other anime fanart when I do not draw Hetalia haha.

I love to draw Kaneki-kun a lot recently, I also occassionally draw web browser gijinka….

Touken Ranbu (because I love the designs), SnK parodies because the show is too gloomy lately haha…

Celestial personifications and comics for my Solar System and Friends series….

Chicken bishies! haha…

…and gijinka in general

oh, also some weird stuff like this.

Falafel-chan in Pita bread

When I got the Gijinka quest on Canvas Tutor for the third time, I was compelled to draw Falafel-chan again. I didn’t quite have the time to color her until now, though.

So today I decided to focus on that instead of doing the daily quest. After a month and a half of not missing a day, it’s time to take that game down a notch. From now on, I’ll only do Canvas Tutor quests if I have nothing else planned.

If anyone wants a mascot for a Falafel joint, I’m willing to talk business. :P

Request drawing of Polaris, the current Northern Pole Star on Earth

(Apologies to the requester, I accidentally sent it as private!)

He’s very shy and stays at the same place, that’s why Earth think he’s a recluse. He has two brothers (α UMi B and α UMi Ab) who looks almost like him. Sometimes they switch places when no one’s looking haha

His blanket has the pattern of the stars on the Northern Celestial sphere