That’s how you know he’s your love

Usual Evak in an unusual style for me in AU where Even works at a flower shop instead of KB and wouldn’t stop giving Isak flowers when the sky is gray. Pink roses would be a natural choice for a little special day.

Inspired by “That’s How You Know”, one of my favorite numbers from Enchanted (2007) :D

The Skamily strikes again!

The manus auction to support P3 aksjonen and UNICEF was won by a large group of Skam fans (app. 200).

It is amazing how Skam continues to bring people together and spread love.

The original manus will be donated to “Skeivt arkiv” (The not-straight archeive) or The National Library. It will also be scanned and distributed to the people who contributed.

Julie Andem found out and wrote:
It is one of the most amazing thing I have heard. If the people who won the auction contacts me, your can get two more manus, and choose which episodes you would like.
Coolest fanbase in earth.

anonymous asked:

I almost never recognize this super girly moe megane certain people draw in their fanarts so I wanna thank you for giving my fave the justice they deserve

haha no problem but thats just fanart you know :p hanji is still hanji ^^ thank you for the compliment tho!

Well well… I was preparing to write a very positive post about how we’ve gotten almost no fan pics in October and not a single one from Hartvig Nissen. 

(Today’s fan pics are taken by the Briskeby tram stop, literally only one street away from the school…)

All in all, I guess it’s moving in the right direction. Either fans approach him much less or they no longer feel comfortable sharing it on SoMe.

picture this,

Allen and Kanda walking in the miserable goddamn rain, their arguments drowned out by the rain, dry banter and scattered laughter. and settled contentment.

faint smiles, and they both give up on hiding from the pouring, relentless rain, and just drown in it. but they’re glad to be there with each other.

when they return home, they just fall into each other’s warmth. a quiet sleep in the comfort of their counterpart’s arms.