Animation so far! Don’t worry it’ll look a lot different than this at the end! But chuffed so far! #art #illustration #flash #cartoon #wacom #jacksepticeye #markiplier #uni #module



Apollo 7, launched on October 11 1968, was the first mission in the Apollo program to carry a crew into space. The Apollo 7 crew was commanded by Walter M. Schirra, with Command Module Pilot Donn F. Eisele, and Lunar Module Pilot R. Walter Cunningham. Their mission was an 11-day Earth-orbital test flight to check out the redesigned Module with a crew on board. Despite tension between the crew and ground controllers, the mission was a complete technical success, giving NASA the confidence to launch Apollo 8 around the Moon two months later.

Analog Drum Kit M01 - Sampleism: snacks for your samplers
Community Based Sample Libraries, Loops, Software and Kontakt Kits. Upload and sell your sounds. Check out the sound of this Analog Drum Kit M01 sample kit! Try it for free: 'Analog Drum Kit Generator' (model 1) is a vintage inspired drum module plugin! It contains 10 kick sounds, 10, snare sounds, 4 hi hats along with additional noise & snap sound generators. It has an unprocessed sound, so you'll have the opportunity to shape its sound using your favorite plugins. FEATURES - Unique Samples - Straightforward Interface - Round Robin Playback - 10 kicks, 10 snares, 4 hi-hats - Noise generators, 'Wide Snap' functionality - 32/64bit Audio Unit & VST Mac/Win compatibility
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