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Why you need to start using Modularity.

Anyone who has been involved in game development knows making games is a hell of a lot of work, so who wouldn’t want to speed up the process a bit, and whilst we’re at it, let the Quasi-Random chance run free?

Yes, you won’t get the personal touch with modularity, but it can truly add an awesome element of endless mystery and chaos. I’m extremely intrigued by it, and if you’re like me, you are too.

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This gives you an idea of how the @brugger_and_thomet GHM9 Gen 2 is evolving into an extremely modular system. A detailed video to come. To those existing GHM9 owners, you are not forgotten. 👍 #Swiss #doesittakeglockmags @coppercustom #gunssavelives #triggerpuller #pewpew #guns #mac #2amendment #2a #molonlabe #tactical #firearms #merica #freedom #gunlife #shooting #militaryarms #military #gunporn @brownellsinc #brownells @cameraman.mac #goa #gunownersofamerica @forgedfromfreedom #forgedfromfreedom

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Day 5 of 5, Throwback Art Meme.

As you may have noticed this post is rather late and truth is I had planned a different post featuring my involvement in a certain upcoming indie title.
Bad news: I am no longer involved. Good News: Oppidum Returns (Sooner rather than later!) I hope you’ll forgive the delay and not so throwback nature of the current post :)

I still wanted to include some free art resources however; let’s call it an offering towards good luck! There’s a process PSD Walkthrough available through the link below of the 1st image, a full resolution .tiff of the 3rd and a full 2hr process video of the 2nd. The video features modular sketching for my newest Oppidum Prototype.

Image and PSD download: Click!
10 minute process timelapse is below; here is a link to the full 2hrs if you’re curious:

Here’s Day 1, Day 2,  Day 3. and Day 4. Thanks everyone, it’s been fun!