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For the fic prompt thing Baze/Chirrut #46!

“Where are you? I’m lost in IKEA.”

“And I’m the blind one,” Chirrut mutters, shifting the phone against his ear as he puts down the colander he’d been considering.

“I heard that,” Baze says on the other end of the line.

“You were supposed to,” Chirrut shoots back. “What section are you in?”

Baze’s scowl is audible in a way Chirrut’s stopped questioning after twenty-four years of marriage. “I don’t know,” Baze grouses, then, “There’re lamps.”

“Oh my god,” Chirrut says, already heading to the nearest shortcut. “How did you get all the way to lighting?”

“I don’t know,” Baze says, and to an untrained ear he sounds ready to kill a man over it. Chirrut’s ear is far from untrained. He ups his pace, skirting a family of four and only narrowly avoiding tripping up a suddenly redirected child with his cane. 

“I’m three minutes away,” he says, smiling off a parent’s hasty apologies. “Is K2 with you?”

“He’s a service dog, where else would he be?”

True. “I don’t know, maybe he got hung up in the storage section,” Chirrut says. “I know I always do.”

Baze snorts, and Chirrut feels his spine loosen slightly.

“You are the least organised person I know,” Baze says and well, fair.

Even so, “Because you won’t let me buy a sixteen cube modular storage organiser,” Chirrut says, pushing an extra mournful note into his voice for the show of the thing.

Baze hums, and he already sounds worlds better, thank goodness. “You get us out of this crowded hell labyrinth and you can buy all the stupid cubes you want.”

Chirrut smiles as he rounds the corner into the lighting section.

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I have a big space (10x10 with tables on two sides), and I am going to be using a grid pattern to make a vertical wall so people can see prints on both sides. I've found that this would be the easiest/best option for me for this convention. I was wondering if you knew any way to set it up on the bottom to make sure that it won't wobble everywhere and will be stable? I'm debating a lot of options in my head, but I'd like to ask you to see if you have any ideas to help! Thank you!

Kiriska: I recommend getting actual retail grid walls, which usually have feet, in this scenario, rather than relying on the modular grid cubes most artists use on tables. 

If you must use the latter, you can do something like this:

Pieces flat on the ground and on the side will really help with stability. If you can build the side wall up as high as the rest, that will help even more. You can also stack heavy items or boxes on the pieces that are on the ground, to hold them there.

Nattosoup:  I’m going to switch over to retail grids for local shows, but this is what I used for my 10x10 tent at the Cherry Blossom Festival.  I double secured it with these grid connecters from Daiso and zip ties, and we used weights (like weight lifting weights) to hold down the bottom.    This was an outside event, so the wind would catch the wall when it had frames on it, but for an indoor event, with just lightweight prints, you should be fine I think.  Although I second Kiri on using retail grids- I do know that’s not modular enough to fly with.

#nextarch by @david_umemoto #next_top_architects Soma Cube no.6 | Variation on the 3x3 cube
Modular concrete sculpture inspired by the Soma cube geometry made of 7 different polycubes. There are 240 possible solutions to create a 3x3 cube. They can also be assembled freely to create various 3D shapes.
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