modular advanced aluminum rifle

BCM European Arms

M.A.A.R. Modular Advanced  Aluminum Rifle 

Our proven 17/4 ph with a two locking-lugs bolt,  this time is applied to a stock of our conception and realization. The stocks is being made with a completely modular concept and it is made up of 3 main sections: the buttstock (if necessary also in folding or take down version), the chassis of the action and the forend. All these components are interchangeable, in order to be able to set up the same mechanics for different needs: in fact, if we don’t change the central chassis,  either the stock for the sniper shooting (i.e. without the help of any rest) or the one with tubolar holder for F-Class competitions will be assembled. As well we can assemble the light forend  to be used with a bipod, or that 76 mm wide for a steady backing on the rest. So the chassis can be available both for our single shot action or repeating actions, which, in this case are equipped with an AICS magazine. The whole is completed by an AR15 handgrip of T.D.I. Arms and by an Accuracy International buttplates. It is prearranged for swivel attachment and bipod.

We use Jewell BR (doubtless quality pack) as a trigger. We could also provide it with a HVRS pack, which has a lower safety.The barrels we use are all best choice quality between Border, Pac Nor or Broughton trade marks. According to the caliber needed by customers, we can give our advise for the best  supplier in that particular chambering.

 Calibers and barrels lenghts :

Versione Monocolpo

- 223 Rem barrels 660 mm

- 6 BR Norma  barrels 610 mm

- 6.5x47 Lapua  barrels  610,660,710 mm

- 6.5/284 Norma barrels 650 e 710 mm

- 308 Win. barrels 610,  660 e 710 mm

- 300 WSM barrels 660 mm (esclused muzzle brake)

Versione con caricatore:

Action Standard:

- 6.5x47 Lapua  barrels  610 mm

- 223 Rem. barrels  500, 610 ,660 mm

- 308 Win. barrels 500, 550, 610, 660 mm

Action Magnum(esclused muzzle brake):

- 7 Rem. Mag. barrels  610 e 660 mm

- 300 Win. Mag. barrels  610 e 660 mm

- 300 Rem. Ultra Mag. barrels 660 mm

- 338 L.M. barrels  660 mm