Read this Please

Okay, first we forgot to turn of submissions this weekend and decided yesterday to leave them on since we forgot too late. 

We have now turned them off for  and they will be off for a few hours.

We just Received a multitude of  anti humans and anybody who plays humans must be racist  BULLSHIT  rebuttal submissions over the last confession about playing humans.

And the funny thing is….anonymous was off so I know who you are.

Don’t worry…we protect people’s privacy despite how trollish  and immature they can be.

That said…we will NOT be posting these submissionsdue to how vicious and nasty they were. And the people have been blocked.

Doing this blog, we have played ALL The races and have come to enjoy them all.

No offense but some of you really need to grow the hell up and learn to accept the fact that everyone has the right to play the game the way they WANT TO PLAY.

And people wonder why this fandom has a reputation.

Submissions will be turned on later.

-The Mods

EDIT: Took the Read More off because IT NEEDS TO BE READ.