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Fluffy as cotton candy Aus

because we all need some that make us warm and fuzzy inside sometimes :)

  • “I’m looking for my favourite kind of tea/hot chocolate/keurig coffee cup things and I spot two boxes on the shelf and I take one and oh hi, you like it too?”

  • Alternatively: There’s only 1 box
  • also imagine: Them enjoying the tea together

  • i’m taking pictures of the sunset here because it’s really pretty and I see you drawing the sunset and it’s such a great photo opportunity let me just- oh shit the flash was on um, hi?

  • alternatively: I come to this spot to draw the sunset all the time and I just saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. I look and someone’s pointing a camera at me. what the hell?

  • I decide to go swimming at night because there’s less people but there’s a group of people having a bonfire at my normal spot what now (OT+ friendly!)

  • I’m asking if the library has a book that I’ve been waiting for and you happen to return it just then

  • I’m low on cash by a few cents/forgot my wallet/card and you pay for my drink order at this coffee place hey thank you so much

  • I always come to this coffee shop to draw bc I love the atmosphere and someone asks to sit here sure I guess??

  • Alternatively: Everytime I come in here you’re drawing and they always look so pretty so I muster up the courage to ask to sit with you and you said yes shit now what

  • *insert obligatory one is sick here* but then person A taking care of person B gets sick and person B just laughs and said I warned you

  • imagine sleepy cuddles early in the morning or late at night or the middle of a sleepy afternoon please

  • teasing one when they can’t reach something on a high shelf so they climb the counter out of spite and then sit on the counter

  • friendly teasing in general especially if it leads to kissing i mean what

annnnnnd I’m gonna stop here because I just realized how long this was ^^’ Have fun with these and have a wonderful day!!
~Mod Karissa


Dear Diary:

the egg hatched!! (*´▽`*)

wiz said… wiz said she’s gonna be just fine (*^ω^*)

a baby chocobo… have you ever seen anything so precious?! (☆^ー^☆)

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Philippa Georgiou wants to remind you that it’s good to stand up for what you believe is right, but don’t allow that to blind you to any alternative. Listen when someone you respect speaks. See what they have to say. You may find your position changes, or you may find a compromise between your two ideas.

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Guess I can join the pining over ur best friend train w/ rich n mike, I am so gay 4 my bestie, but like idk if she's even into girls and I wouldn't wanna ruin the friendship

//Don’t worry anon the ‘Pining For Ur Bff’ club has cookie and blankets they accept u with open arms!

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Honestly I fucking hate Nagito. He's easily my least favourite Dangan Ronpa character and his fangirls make it worse.

Ok, so, before I go into anything I just want to state for the record: I love Nagito and think he’s a really interesting character, and I appreciate the fandom. I’m not specifically calling anybody out here.

Right. First things first, Nagito is in no way ‘innocent’ or a ‘pure cinnamon roll who did nothing wrong’ cause like… No. Nagito blew up the gymnasium, knowing that there were innocent people inside, just so his friends wouldn’t have to take a test. He literally never showed any concern for the other people there. He also killed himself in order to kill his classmates, purposefully impeded investigations that he full well knew the consequences of, initiated the first killing, and played mind games with people to the point of despair. And he caused basically every bad thing to happen in DR:AE.

Aswell as that, he thinks or at least used to think that people without talent are worthless and must be completely subservient to those with talent.

That being said, Nagito has severe mental issues. His luck, which is basically a curse, has made his life hell and isolated him from society. It’s near impossible for him to have stable relationships, platonic or romantic, with others because of his luck and inexperience. He actively distances himself emotionally from people so they wont be effected by his luck. He lost his parents and his dog (who held great significance to him). He was kidnapped and then left for dead when his kidnapper realised nobody was left to pay the ransom. His actions, while not justified, are caused by his mental condition and inexperience with other people due to his luck.

So, yeah, you need to consider the fact that while Nagito is in no way innocent, he has been shown as wanting to apologise and atone for his actions. In DR3 the 77th class have even forgiven him to some extent. Nagito is on his way to reformation. I understand why you wouldn’t like him as a character, but I think his haters don’t give him enough slack.

Now onto the fangirls. This is, by the way, only talking about some of the ‘Nagito fangirls’, so please don’t come for me. As I said before, a lot of his fangirls try to dismiss all the bad things he did. Aswell as this, many of them totally over-sexualise him to the point that they don’t actually care about his character, just the fact that he’s a “cute twink!!!1!1!11!” Or whatever the fuck. Just like… No. You love Nagito for all of Nagito, that includes the fucked up parts.

But, yeah, that’s my take on the matter.

~Mod Yoyo

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Prompto.. how do you feel about yourself? No holding back.

that’s… that’s a pretty complicated question, you know! (・:゚д゚:・)



sometimes i kind of feel like i don’t fit in! i mean, noct is a prince and he’s known gladio and iggy since they were kids and i’m just… some commoner no one, you know~? (;^ω^)

but… well… noct wants me around, and he thinks i’m worthwhile… so… i’m trying to think that too 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

sometimes… sometimes it’s really hard, though… 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

and… i’m pretty good at cheering people up, right? and… that… that makes me happy too~ (*^ω^*)