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Fluffy as cotton candy Aus

because we all need some that make us warm and fuzzy inside sometimes :)

  • “I’m looking for my favourite kind of tea/hot chocolate/keurig coffee cup things and I spot two boxes on the shelf and I take one and oh hi, you like it too?”

  • Alternatively: There’s only 1 box
  • also imagine: Them enjoying the tea together

  • i’m taking pictures of the sunset here because it’s really pretty and I see you drawing the sunset and it’s such a great photo opportunity let me just- oh shit the flash was on um, hi?

  • alternatively: I come to this spot to draw the sunset all the time and I just saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. I look and someone’s pointing a camera at me. what the hell?

  • I decide to go swimming at night because there’s less people but there’s a group of people having a bonfire at my normal spot what now (OT+ friendly!)

  • I’m asking if the library has a book that I’ve been waiting for and you happen to return it just then

  • I’m low on cash by a few cents/forgot my wallet/card and you pay for my drink order at this coffee place hey thank you so much

  • I always come to this coffee shop to draw bc I love the atmosphere and someone asks to sit here sure I guess??

  • Alternatively: Everytime I come in here you’re drawing and they always look so pretty so I muster up the courage to ask to sit with you and you said yes shit now what

  • *insert obligatory one is sick here* but then person A taking care of person B gets sick and person B just laughs and said I warned you

  • imagine sleepy cuddles early in the morning or late at night or the middle of a sleepy afternoon please

  • teasing one when they can’t reach something on a high shelf so they climb the counter out of spite and then sit on the counter

  • friendly teasing in general especially if it leads to kissing i mean what

annnnnnd I’m gonna stop here because I just realized how long this was ^^’ Have fun with these and have a wonderful day!!
~Mod Karissa

The 2p as Hamilton Characters

2p! America: Thomas Jefferson

“I’ve been in Paris meeting lot of different ladies, I guess I’ve basically missed the late eighties.”

2p! China: John Laurens

“2 pints of Sam Adams but I’m working on 3!”

2p! England: King George III

“I’ll kill your friends and family to remind you of my love. <3″

2p! France: Maria Reynolds 

“She turned red she led me to her bed let her legs spread and said-”


2p! Russia: Aaron Burr

“Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.”

2p! Canada: George Washington

“I want to talk about neutrality.”

2p! Italy: Alexander Hamilton

“I’m past patiently waiting, I’m passionately smashing every expectation, every action’s an act of creation. I’m laughing in the face of casualties and sorrow, for the first time I’m thinking past tomorrow.”

2p! Romano: Angelica Schuyler

“I will never be satisfied.”

2p! Germany: Hercules Mulligan

“Lock up your daughters and horses of corse it’s hard to have intercourse over 4 sets of corsets.”

2p! Japan: James Madison

“James Madison won’t talk to me that’s a non-starter.”

2p! Prussia: Elizabeth Schuyler 

“You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind.”

2p! Austria: Marquis de Lafayette

“And I’m never gonna stop ‘till I make um drop, burn um up and scatter the remains!”


Dear Diary:

so we made it back to hammerhead~ o((*^▽^*))o

safe and sound and only a little smelly 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

and… and then cid called… (*゚ー゚)ゞ

the… the boat’s ready. to… to take us to altissa… (・:゚д゚:・)

altissia… and lady luna… (*´▽`*)

but… all… all the fun we’ve been having… (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

iggy said we ought to spend the night thinking about if there was anything we wanted to do before we left (・・。)ゞ

but… but what if i want to do everything? (;へ:)

You know, instead of using Flashpoint to erase Sara Diggle and replace her with John Jr. aka Discount Connor, maybe they should’ve erased Samantha and William Clayton and replaced them with actual Sandra and Connor Hawke.

And while they were at it replace literally every whitewashed/misrepresented character in this whole gross DCTV-verse with their actual counterparts.

Hey y'all!

So I have 9 requests left, and they’re all scenario requests. I should hopefully get through them pretty quickly, idk I’ll see!

Also, my moms computer broke, so I’m probably? Not going to be able to update the master list for a bit, because its a pain to do on my tablet. (It’ll happen eventually, I just need to make time for it)


some very early doodles of a character in TPoH that you won’t meet for a little while but I still like these drawings and because I love torturing you guys with anticipation (she’ll look a bit different in the comic but you get the gist)

I wanted to make her have the potential to feel enormous, greedy, judgmental and sadistic while still being mostly like an overbearing grandmother

So, if we’re doing mod memories, I’ll share some from my current kinshift! Monaka!!

Remember that Lil’ Ultimate Hope Monaka who worked with Izuru to create the robot Miaya Gekkogahara and the Neo World Program to reform his old school buddies? That was meeee! 

However, I do remember getting separated from the Warriors of Hope and when I finally got in contact with them, they wanted to stay and help Big Sis Komaru and Big Sis Toko as an apology for attacking them! I don’t remember much else about the Towa City situation, but I do know it was most of the Servant’s doing, as well as the Junko AI. I also remember Big Bro Izuru rolling me out of Towa City with Kurokuma and Shirokuma, as well as a totally passed out Servant! Monaka actually did need that wheelchair in her canon, so she couldn’t walk.

I think during the Neo World Program I took control of Usami sometimes. I also think that little pep talk from Miss Chiaki was me taking control of the AI ( I think I let her talk on her own? I was mostly just controlling keeping her together at that point, with the Junko AI utterly destroying the very code). I think I forgave Mister Nagito? Even if I didn’t, I do now, since it wasn’t entirely his fault!

Bleh, that’s it for my Monaka memories! I don’t remember much from the Future Foundation other than Tengan gave Monaka bad vibes and that she thought something was fishy there!!

- Mod Miaya, who, when prompted, loves talking about her canon

>since im tired and kinda out of character and owe u all some posts, i also just wanna say, if u got any questions about things u can always feel free to ask
>i try my best to answer any n all questions/concerns u may have
>unfortunately i can’t answer alllll asks tho because i get quite a lot n sometimes it’s just hard for me to come up with a good enough response for them

Lady Layton has been announced!

First reaction: Where’s my son Alfendi?

Second reaction: Wait, how many children does Hershel have and who is their mother? Or has he just accumulated them as he solves mysteries? Because if we count Flora, and if we assume that Alfendi does actually have a brother that isn’t his split personality, that means he has four children. Four!

Third reaction: Hot damn, I hope we finally get to see old Hershel!

Fourth reaction: Alfendi is a canon part of the Layton universe and I will not stand for youtube comments that suggest otherwise.

Fifth reaction: Okay but seriously, if I don’t get answers about Alfendi’s past in a game where the protagonist is his sister, I’m gonna work my ass off, get employed by Level-5, and write a Mystery Room sequel all on my own.

Sixth reaction: Still, this game feels more like a Layton game than LB;MR did, which could be really, really nice.

Seventh reaction: …Goddamn, now I have to change all my headcanons about Alfendi’s upbringing to include this mysterious new sister, don’t I?


えふいふろぐ7 | すなぎもこるり

※  Permission was given by artist, do not remove caption.H

I hate how Tumblr deals with “representation”.

I mean, I’m in like a dozen marginalised minority groups or whatever - and I can’t stand the representation we’re getting because of Tumblr. “Look! I’m trans! Look how trans I am! I am the perfect trans! So trans! Dictionary definition of trans! Hella trans! Hey, did I tell you that I’m trans!”

It makes me so mad.

But if you make a character that isn’t the perfect mascot of whatever, if you make one that’s flawed or likes sex or doesn’t give two shits about that part of themselves, you’re “problematic”.

My character isn’t there to be your fucking mascot. My character isn’t there for you to look at and go “omg it’s exactly me yay I’m normal”. My character isn’t there for you to parade about like a trophy. And my character certainly isn’t there to be like “look how much sex I don’t have, nope I don’t have sex because I’m a good trans and it would be awful for me to be having all that sex”.

My characters are themselves. If they want to fuck themselves stupid, they will - and it’s not me “fetishising” them, it’s not me “objectifying” them, it’s just who they are. My characters are flawed, my characters are unique, they are not models of their demographic’s most common experience.

Characters represent themselves, not you, not their author, not “societal systems”, themselves.

The only bad representation is when they’re a hollow 2D shell, put there to appease people’s desire for representation. Good representation is when they’re a person, themselves, first and foremost - a complicated person.

So when a character has atypical dysphoria, or has sex a lot, or is violent, it is not in any way saying “THIS IS HOW ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE” - it’s saying “this is how this character is”. The fact that Tumblr can’t get that difference is fucking disheartening.

~ Vaporeon