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Fluffy as cotton candy Aus

because we all need some that make us warm and fuzzy inside sometimes :)

  • “I’m looking for my favourite kind of tea/hot chocolate/keurig coffee cup things and I spot two boxes on the shelf and I take one and oh hi, you like it too?”

  • Alternatively: There’s only 1 box
  • also imagine: Them enjoying the tea together

  • i’m taking pictures of the sunset here because it’s really pretty and I see you drawing the sunset and it’s such a great photo opportunity let me just- oh shit the flash was on um, hi?

  • alternatively: I come to this spot to draw the sunset all the time and I just saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. I look and someone’s pointing a camera at me. what the hell?

  • I decide to go swimming at night because there’s less people but there’s a group of people having a bonfire at my normal spot what now (OT+ friendly!)

  • I’m asking if the library has a book that I’ve been waiting for and you happen to return it just then

  • I’m low on cash by a few cents/forgot my wallet/card and you pay for my drink order at this coffee place hey thank you so much

  • I always come to this coffee shop to draw bc I love the atmosphere and someone asks to sit here sure I guess??

  • Alternatively: Everytime I come in here you’re drawing and they always look so pretty so I muster up the courage to ask to sit with you and you said yes shit now what

  • *insert obligatory one is sick here* but then person A taking care of person B gets sick and person B just laughs and said I warned you

  • imagine sleepy cuddles early in the morning or late at night or the middle of a sleepy afternoon please

  • teasing one when they can’t reach something on a high shelf so they climb the counter out of spite and then sit on the counter

  • friendly teasing in general especially if it leads to kissing i mean what

annnnnnd I’m gonna stop here because I just realized how long this was ^^’ Have fun with these and have a wonderful day!!
~Mod Karissa


Dear Diary:

the egg hatched!! (*´▽`*)

wiz said… wiz said she’s gonna be just fine (*^ω^*)

a baby chocobo… have you ever seen anything so precious?! (☆^ー^☆)

anonymous asked:

Prompto.. how do you feel about yourself? No holding back.

that’s… that’s a pretty complicated question, you know! (・:゚д゚:・)



sometimes i kind of feel like i don’t fit in! i mean, noct is a prince and he’s known gladio and iggy since they were kids and i’m just… some commoner no one, you know~? (;^ω^)

but… well… noct wants me around, and he thinks i’m worthwhile… so… i’m trying to think that too 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

sometimes… sometimes it’s really hard, though… 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

and… i’m pretty good at cheering people up, right? and… that… that makes me happy too~ (*^ω^*)

“Did you know that magic actually asked ben out on a date”
“What? No way”
“Yeah, to his festival.”
“By the sun, that took almost long enough to tell a prophet to make this day a holiday for the humans.”
“I’m pretty sure he used the excuse that most gods turn down these invitations but it’s harder to say no to a date or something like that. But it counts.”
“It absolutely does”

Appartiently the divine plane is boring enough that your own family member becomes the best gossip material. I’m just gonna assume god-flings aren’t as common as you might think and those who have those usually don’t make them as much of a big deal as these do.

AESTHETIC BOARD: Blood on the Ice ( for x. )

↳ if i die young, let me fall amongst my peers.
   let me go with a smile on my face and a beer
   in my hand. let me go laughing with the ones
   who give me lasting memories and understanding.
   if i die young, let them live longer to carry on
   the memories that ended with me.

the companions of fallout 4 according to nexus (whitewashing cw)










and dogmeat:

The 2p as Hamilton Characters

2p! America: Thomas Jefferson

“I’ve been in Paris meeting lot of different ladies, I guess I’ve basically missed the late eighties.”

2p! China: John Laurens

“2 pints of Sam Adams but I’m working on 3!”

2p! England: King George III

“I’ll kill your friends and family to remind you of my love. <3″

2p! France: Maria Reynolds 

“She turned red she led me to her bed let her legs spread and said-”


2p! Russia: Aaron Burr

“Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.”

2p! Canada: George Washington

“I want to talk about neutrality.”

2p! Italy: Alexander Hamilton

“I’m past patiently waiting, I’m passionately smashing every expectation, every action’s an act of creation. I’m laughing in the face of casualties and sorrow, for the first time I’m thinking past tomorrow.”

2p! Romano: Angelica Schuyler

“I will never be satisfied.”

2p! Germany: Hercules Mulligan

“Lock up your daughters and horses of corse it’s hard to have intercourse over 4 sets of corsets.”

2p! Japan: James Madison

“James Madison won’t talk to me that’s a non-starter.”

2p! Prussia: Elizabeth Schuyler 

“You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind.”

2p! Austria: Marquis de Lafayette

“And I’m never gonna stop ‘till I make um drop, burn um up and scatter the remains!”

You know, instead of using Flashpoint to erase Sara Diggle and replace her with John Jr. aka Discount Connor, maybe they should’ve erased Samantha and William Clayton and replaced them with actual Sandra and Connor Hawke.

And while they were at it replace literally every whitewashed/misrepresented character in this whole gross DCTV-verse with their actual counterparts.

mysterious and 2spooky sorcery-types in my fairy tale? why wouldn’t there be?

also for those asking I’m probably going to begin posting this story when the website is completed- as I can’t really see the point in starting posting it on smackjeeves or the like with that in the works- and as I don’t actually know when that’ll happen I can’t actually say when you’ll get to see it BUT it means I have the chance to work up a bit of a buffer so I might be able to post two pages at a time or something nice like that

so yes as always sorry and thanks for your patience!


TFMR Starscream, outside: I want to overthrow Megatron so I can be the supreme leader of the Decepticons!!!

TFMR Starscream, inside: I don’t care about being a leader. I just want to see that fragger suffer, and that is all. If I do become a leader by any chance, then I’d disband everyone and fly off to Primus knows where. If Megatron ruined my life and everything I stood for, then I have all the rights to do the same.