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(tw for drug use and marijuana) Is it an autisitic trait to feel like your symptoms of autism are enhanced by being high/smoking weed? I feel like it is, but also I think part of that is when I get high, I don't think clearly enough to put effort into hiding my autistic traits. usually I pass for neurotypical 99% of the time, but when I was high I openly displayed a lot more of my symptoms than usual.

–Yes, marijuana and other drugs will affect the way you present your autistic symptoms. Marijuana changes the way your brain acts and the way you perceive things when you’re high, and it’s not uncommon to feel things more intensely while high. Marijuana also lowers your inhibitions and makes you more relaxed so it makes sense that it would cause you to hide your autistic traits less. So yes. Your thinking is correct.

~Mod Brendon~

Shoutout to sapphics who take medications! Whether you take them for physical or mental health, there’s nothing wrong with it. If your meds improve your quality of life, then that’s great! Screw the people who say it makes you weak or that it’s a “crutch”. They aren’t worth your time! May you all find girlfriends who accept you and remind you to take your meds when you’re feeling forgetful.

So today I’m talking to J’s mom about college and while I’m mid sentence, his dad comes up and like…body checks me?? Like I didn’t fall over but I was wearing heals so I stumbled a bit. He laughed until he saw my face (I guess I looked confused) and he immediately goes “Wait…is that not something you do with girls? Is that a guy thing? I’m so sorry I do that with my sons and I um….yea”

I asked J and apparently that’s how his dad shows affection and I’ve been like completely accepted into the family now and it’s…a really good feeling??? Almost like I have a second family?? And I don’t know, this has never happened before??

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Just wondering, but, can we draw our own versions posts/scenes from this blog? The stuff on here is really funny :) Please and thank you!

not only can you ABSOLUTELY draw anything from here, but we will probably implode from happiness if you do!!! just remember to send us a link when you’re done so we can reblog it. happy drawing!! 💙

- mod nick 🌊

Ah yes. Here we have Bendy Chandler, the self-absorbed cartoon devil that’s an ash hole (But he’s still beautiful either way). Drawn by Host BebeSketch

Don’t forget that asks are open and you can ask any of our cast members (Even us Mods!) any Question! They’ll answer any question to the best of their extent. Don’t be afraid to ask any of our cast! -Mod BebeSketch

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why does mod ouma use ouma as a fc you know hes a nazi right ex dee

Another disclaimer.. this is my opinion, of course.

I’ll answer this one. While I understand where you’re coming from… he’s not. It’s as simple as that.

While in his official art, there are references to Nazism in most notably his hat and Fanta (I can elaborate for those wondering), there is no actual references to Nazism in his character.

Kodaka makes… several offensive jokes and references. This was merely a joke, while an offensive and insensitive one.. I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

🔎 Mod Saihara 🔎

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I accepted the fact I like girls (thank you, this blog helped me a lot!!) I'm bi but sometimes I feel so strange like "wtf how is it possible I like girls??"

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad our blog was able to help you yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜

And omg that’s so relatable though, I felt like that a lot when I first started allowing myself to actually like girls sdfkjghfdlkghfdkhkl

Sometimes, these things just take some getting used to.

Mod Wesley

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I don't get why people hate the word allo... it serves the same purpose as cis

Same tbh. It literally just means “not-aspec”. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the word. It’s not like we use it as an insult? Heck, I call myself alloromantic and my datemate allo.

Aphobes are literally the ones who acted like it was “dirty”. I mean, how many times in the dicourse have I seen “dirty allogay” used???

–Mod Mercy