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Hello Bendy! What's your favorite thing to do? (I've never asked a question on a ask blog before so sorry if this question is kinda boring)

B: i only like you for your alcohol
MM: so… you still like me.
B: Piss off.

(FUN FACT: Back in the good ol’ mafia days,  if a gang wanted control over a business they would ask for half or more of the entire profit, bleed the business dry, and burn the place down if/when they went bankrupt. If the business owner did not comply to begin with, they would go after the owners family and torture/kill them, and if THAT didn’t go through to the owner, they would be assassinated. Or “whacked” as they liked to put it lmao. But the thing that Moon Man and Bendy have goin on is sort of a special case.
-Mod Moon Man)


okay so this got out of hand but anyway

 Thank You for the 100+ Followers!!!

Here’s some Bad End 3 Yooran. They ‘bout to drop a sick album. xD

We’re all so grateful for the support we’ve gotten for this event, from every single one of you. ;-; 

These boys deserve to be celebrated. <3

We hope that you enjoy the week as much as we loved planning it and organizing it!!!

And as always, feel free to drop us asks or messages or anything. We’re more than willing to interact and fangirl and scream talk about this ship and answer any queries you might have. ^-^

From the mods at yooranweek-

Art by Mod Andi ( @11daysofhell)


y’all asking me who my fav Persona 3 character is like you don’t know the answer already bonus close up because hey why not

also real talk wtf is with the Kirijo Group asking a bunch of teenagers to repeatedly risk their lives and not paying them jack shit I mean



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any tips for how to draw something more asethetically looking?(i cant spell very well sorry..)

well aesthetic is kinda personal but one way to give your drawings a “softer” feeling is what I call the “sunset effect”
basically what u do is like take a drawing thats almost finished

and add a layer of those sweet sweet sunset colours (damn look at this shit don’t u wanna eat it hot damn)

and then put that shit on multiply

“wow shit bro that already looks a lot softer” yea it takes 5 seconds but tbh? life saver

then I added some extra light from the window and bam u got those sweet sunset feelings

this also works with non sunset colours like 

do urself a favor and try it -mod mint