mods are crying rn

wolfintheblizzard-deactivated20  asked:

i love your stories! If requests are still open, can i make a request for a Jasper x gem/stone reader (preferably something the show hasn't had yet as far as i know like obsidian or emerald) where the reader asks jasper to fuse with her instead of lapis?

Apologies in advance if this wasn’t quite what you were hoping for but I definitely think you’ll like it > u < 

As always, [Y/N] is where you insert your (or in this case, your gemsona’s) name. 

Enjoy ^^      -Mod Rose

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So a little while ago I was at Disney and I noticed this super cute girl with pink hair starring at me and she smiled so I smiled back then I heard her say to her friend "she is so beautiful" so her friend was like "go talk to her" and we were in a reptile room at animal kingdom so I'm just standing there looking at some snakeys and she stands next to me so I'm like ohgodohgod then she said "excuse me I just had to tell you how beautiful you are" and it made my day and I never saw her agAIN

😩😭 you really got me crying in the club rn

I rise from the depths of my unplanned break from internet. Dust rolls off my form. My lips part, and from them escapes a single word, long thought to be lost to the passages of time.