Hello once again folks, here’s our final set of screenshots from my playthrough of Mass Effect 2 with the Re-Shade mod.

I’ve officially completed the game (again) and will be moving on to Mass Effect 3 starting tomorrow. I’ll be using the Re-Shade mod with that game as well and I’ll have screenshots as I play it.

Happy gaming folks!

-Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

At numerous requests, I spread personal mods.

For the 7th person of 1 subtype, 1 hairdress.

Making mod:

The unique person for Elin:
- Shooters and white shadows are added.
- The diadem is added.
- Ears are added by “Elf”.
- The texture of the person is completely clarified.
- Lips of gentle color.

- The bang is truncated.
- A hair color - beige.
- In a zachesa, a hairdress with more dark hair (gray).

- The texture of a body is clarified and improved.
- Fingers of hands now with normal color.
- White patterns on all body are added.
- On nails, a white varnish.

Perhaps you will find couple more of surprises in mod :)
Do not change mods, without my permission.


The legendary blade, the blade of evil’s bane, the Master Sword, has found it’s way into Grand Theft Auto V on PC. PC games’ greatest strength is that the community is generally allowed to create as many mods for these games as they want, with several often bringing elements from other games into the one they are modifying. In this case, the Master Sword has found its way into this very different world. It’s not inherently a new or unique item to the world, as it replaces the hatchet. You’ll notice the similarities in the hatchet and Master Sword’s attack pattern in the video above.

What’s more interesting is the player is going to try and get Link’s legendary tunic into the game, though it may not be as easy as it seems that similar-looking clothing already has to exist. You can try out this mod yourself right here.

- See more at: http://www.zeldainformer.com/news/gta-v-master-sword-mod-in-action#sthash.R2C6QG9s.dpuf

witcheress asked:

can I ask you what mods do you use for bg1 & bg2? :> (story-wise and character-wise, you don't need to mention the mechanics-related ones)

Oh, sure! I use a lot of mods, but these are the best:



New Vegas Railroads is now out!

You ever find it funny that even though the NCR canonically have working railroads, and New Vegas is a high-profile area, there’s no working trains, freight or otherwise?

I did. And because I’m the best, I’ve decided to add some actual trains to New Vegas.
But then I decided to go the extra mile.
Welcome to New Vegas Railroads. A worldspace/immersion mod that aims to get the Mojave moving a little bit, by expanding upon the NCR’s often mentioned but little seen railroading endeavors.
With this, the player may travel to the town of Bullhead, the major NCR railroad hub in the Mojave, and help them get New Vegas’ railroads back up and running.
But even if they choose to ignore that, Bullhead Railyard is full of things to do, with tons of unique weapons, equipment, and secrets scattered about.

-A new worldspace, Bullhead Depot, the major rail hub for all westbound freight in the NCR, connected to the Mojave via tunnel. With a massive amount of little features, secret areas, and more!
-Bullhead features working signal lights, trains configurations changing as the day goes on (but only if you get the trains running), working lifts, and much, much more.
-New equipment, all train themed of course! From railway rifles, crossing-gate melee weapons, and a locomotive-themed powerfist, plus much, MUCH more.
-After the player saves Sloan from the deathclaws, and deals with the Powder Gangers, they can head to Colonel Hammer, the overseer at Bullhead, and inform him the tracks are clear.
-Once they do this, trains will start traveling along the Bullhead-Sloan-Boulder City rail line, with set schedules!
-The ability to catch a train out of Bullhead, and ride it across the wasteland to Sloan, Boulder, or the Follower’s trainyard!
-A multitude of trains, most of them are standard Barstow diesels, but we have a special massive steam locomotive, the Twohead Flyer, ready for action.
-Ability to watch the Twohead Flyer depart Bullhead and arrive in Boulder. It even crushes NPCs on the way!
-Four fully voiced, unique NPCs.


Ow, my brain.


Found some awesome light. I know I was supossed to take caps of ardent blossom texture but I just can’t leave her like that :D

Oh, and I’m going just leave here something:
Awesome Blossom download on Nexus


I’m just gonna go ahead and declare these pj mods as my favourites. they all look great in game and I can never decide which one to keep!! they’re made by luna1124 and you can download them from the nexus here!! (there’s also another blue colour with some floral embroidery which is gorgeous as well!)

The Best Mods for The Sims 4

A Height Slider, New Active Careers, Functional Hotels, Functional Schools and MORE!


The Sims 4: Turbo Careers Mod Pack


For players who have The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack, Turbo Careers turns all closed adult careers into open ones, as well as two of the teen careers (Fast Food and Barista).



Height Slider and Shorter Teens Mod


This mod adds a height slider for teens, young adults, adults and elders. It works very well and only the kissing animation is warped when Sims of different heights try to kiss.


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