Alright, pheeew. Done!
Modded the “lady in red”  outfit for my castie and for yarongs slayer.
I think they look amazing now. :3
About the ‘can we have it pls?’ - I will be making separate mods for ‘white magic’ and ‘black magic’ for both castanics and elves in the next few days. 
I will only recolor the ‘Lady in red’ white/black. Leotards and cat suit require more work and i honestly dont want to kill another day just to figure it out.
Sadly i cant remember who made the ‘white magic’ originally, but this recolor isnt mine. I was just experimenting since the original mod was for elves and elins only and was replacing ‘Black magic’ (which i dun have sadly). So if anything, yea. Its not originally mine. I just played around with the files a bit to make a castie one.


First Impression of Get to School.

It’s a really good mod! Though I have only tried the elementary school so far. I like that the creator made it so we can follow kids and teens which has never been done before (well university don’t count). It’s a fantastic mod for storytellers and people who want a full “life” experience. 

Though If you forget to place a school (like me..) all the small children will end up on your lot and they won’t leave until like 5pm. 

Also I noticed that I never had any goals I just kept completing activities like drawing, science, motor skill and it gave me a little bit of progress but ultimately I didn’t have any goals. Maybe it’s just a bug, maybe it’s just me I’m not sure.

I am super excited to make a school though ;)

Edit: onemoreordinarysimblr - Thank you for the info! :)

It took me several hours to understand why its there and how this annoying lil’ spot is removed. i was sure i’m doing something wrong the whole time,  because it’s my first attempt and i’m probably just being a herp-derp. turned out its FUCKING BHS FUCK YOU. JUST. FUCK. YOU. OKAY. 

-cries in a corner-