Download The Sim Manipulator

Aaroneous has done a small update to the Sim Manipulator (the mod). Firstly a bug was fixed that caused the Social menu version of setting the Social motive will no longer cause a error when using it on all sims on lot. And lastly the remove homework feature will also remove college assignments.  

I can’t live without the Manipulator…it’s a Must Have for me!

He’s also done a couple of new mods (I love that people are still modding for TS2!).

The first one is: No Restricted Food For MiniFridge, which allows any type of food to be taken out of the mini fridge and prepared.

The second one is: No Auto Grab Cake From Cow Plant.

They’re available at his site too!  

I don’t know if anyone has done this, but I thought I’d do this in case anyone wants to get into modding Mass Effect 3. Here are some links for cool mods (including Texmod, Gibbed Save Editor and ME3 Explorer). I mostly included mods that I tried out, you can check out more on Nexus Mods if you’re interested. Also consider that some of the mods might have an influence on your PC/laptop’s performance.
Note: All mods include installation guides and you need to have a Nexus Mods profile. I recommend to read what the mods do and what you need for them before downloading.


DLC Mods - you need the DLC patcher for most of these, you drop the two .dll files in …\Mass Effect 3\Binaries\Win32
the DLC packages go to …\Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC
You need to use the TOCBin Updater or AutoTOC for some of these (Included in ME3Explorer)



That’s enough for now, I might update it though I didn’t try all of these mods but they should work just fine, but if you have a slower PC/laptop I wouldn’t recommend it.

If I added a wrong link then please message me I’ll fix it!


I was bored. :3 I love Suicide squad,especially Harley and The Joker.

-You need the mesh :


- 9 Swatches

Hope you like it!

CC Used: Hair by @leahlillith / Eye Makeup and Lipstick by @fashionroyaltysims / Shorts by @missfortunesims