From the sharp-suited Soho jazzmen of the 1950s to Bradley Wiggins, Mod is the British style that never seems to grow old. A uniquely British fusion of American, European and Caribbean music and fashion, Mod was the new look of cosmopolitan, affluent post-war Britain, designed to rebuke the prejudices of older Britons towards the Continent and the colonies, while remaining proud of the island on which those myriad influences were stitched together.

Originally calling themselves ‘Modernists’ after their love of modern jazz, the cult’s young founders emerged in London’s Soho around 1959. To the tight-fitting, colourful Italian suits of Brioni worn by Miles Davis, Mods added the ’pork pie’ hat of Jamaican immigrants, the Crombie overcoat from Scotland and the button-down shirts of the American company Brooks Brothers (which recently dressed the cast of the television series Mad Men); a more casual look combined the Harrington jacket from the States, Clark’s desert boots and, over time, a range of European sportswear from Fred Perry to Sergio Tacchini.
The cult went largely unnoticed until a 1962 feature in Town (a magazine then owned by the future Conservative cabinet minister Michael Heseltine) brought it to the nation’s attention. The Mod soundtrack changed from Miles Davis to the Who in the mid-1960s, but the style has never been attached to a particular band or brand, which has helped it maintain a wide appeal.
Mod is ambition made flesh and cloth; it is arguably the closest the British have come to articulating their own version of the American Dream. In the class-bound cities and suburbs of the mid-20th century, far beyond the celebrity world of Swinging London, the style was adopted by ambitious men and women who sensed the importance of being smart mentally and sartorially in order to make the most of their opportunities in a country where higher education, home ownership and foreign travel were coming within the reach of most people for the first time. 'We all wanted to be different,’ one early follower remembers, 'to get away from the council estates, the pits and the factories, all that cloth-capped bullshit.’

This was not the vulgar accumulation of goods for their own sake, but a cool acquisition of taste. As one Pimlico teenager told reporters in 1964, 'Being Mod is a frame of mind. You can’t just buy it off some geezer in a shop.’ Retaining that attitude meant that even if ambition was thwarted, style could still be your consoling saviour.

Mod is where taste meets testosterone – a combination that has sometimes fostered vanity and violence – most famously when Mods fought Rockers on the beaches of southern England in the mid-1960s, but also in the 1970s and 80s when gangs of skinheads and so-called football 'casuals’, who all developed aspects of Mod style, enjoyed terrorising the public. Yet unlike some other youth movements, Mod has never alienated middle-class opinion for long, perhaps because it is a flattering reflection of middle-class style and values, though one effected with a sardonic smile rather than a tug of the forelock. Mod has helped to bring a democratisation of taste, and has offered everyone the chance to have fun without dropping out. Unlike the back-to-nature ethos of most hippies or the spiky anarchism of punk, Mod has neither sought to escape the modern world nor spit in its face.
Mod has formed the DNA of British youth culture for more than 60 years, influencing cults from glam rock to Britpop and even rave, and it has enabled successive youngsters to forge their own identity, while creating a family of interrelated Mod styles accessed by all ages. A cult that once formed part of the baby boomers’ generational revolt has become something that unites the generations. One of the movement’s favourite brands, Ben Sherman, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with the phrase 'A Heritage of Modernism’.
For many men, Mod has become our national costume, and it still signifies British style from New York to Berlin and Tokyo, with Paul Smith and Ozwald Boateng among the designers successfully riffing on it around the world. Perhaps, in that sense, we are all Modernists now.

-R. Weight  Mod: A Very British Style


dragon age Dalish markings. (2 dalish 1 city elf)

for face 8 adornment 1, i haven’t decided if i want to release them yet because i’m still debating on which i want to use for him (they all look so good on his face!) i’ll probably end up releasing the 2 i don’t use.

Tattoos 1 and 2 have been released! for face 8 adornment 1. folder has both .DDS files so you can change eye colors and stuff to your liking. 3rd tattoo is being used for my elf so no file for those tattoos

I will accept requests for other dalish/city elf mods for other faces depending on how complicated the tattoo is!




Part two of, lbr, a long string of Anders mods to come.


1. Anders Friendship Romance Final Kiss

Adds a final kiss to the Anders Friendship Romance in the Gallows, as occurs in the Rivalry Romance.

2. Anders Tells Female Hawke About Karl

Adds an exchange about Karl to the female Hawke version of the Anders romance sex scene in the Estate.

3. Dissent Romance-Specific Line Flag Repair

Repairs the broken flag check at the end of the initial conversation with Anders in “Dissent” so as to fire off the romance-specific, mage/non-mage specific lines previously blocked.

No Rivalry for Not Flirting with Anders

Takes away the Rivalry gain for turning Anders down when he first flirts with you, because it’s hard enough to not accidentally romance the same character on a new playthrough, thank you.


The Vanilla version of this file contains all of the above features and no more. There is an alternate version of this mod containing all of the above features and several others that is known as the “Spork edit”, so named because it was loosely based on the edits suggested by @invisiblespork to even out some of the stranger gender-based differences between the f!Hawke and m!Hawke romance routes. 

While not all of the original requests were feasible, this edit does contain several features intended to make the f!Hawke romance route a bit less with the whole “this is going to be a disaster and you will only get hurt” thing. It also changes the Anders response to “Don’t tell me these things. I might have to lock you up to keep them off you” flirt for m!Hawkes to the line for f!Hawkes, as it was very strange that Anders just kind of skipped over that for m!Hawkes. If these features sound like ones that would appeal to you, you should instead install the “Spork edit” instead.


Unzip this folder into your “Override” folder. If you are not certain where to find this folder, go to your Documents folder, then find the Bioware folder, then find the Dragon Age 2 folder, then find the Packages folder, then the Core folder, and then the Override folder will be in here. If you do not see an Override folder and you are sure you are in the right place, you may create one. Please note that you should install this mod under the path available from your Documents folder and NOT under the path available through your Program Files folder, as that will NOT work. To verify, this is the same Dragon Age 2 folder that your user screenshots will be stored in.

NOTE: I will literally personally guide anyone who has trouble installing this mod through the installation steps if you need. Please don’t hesitate to message me or pop into my inbox if you have trouble, or, lbr, mention it in the tags on a reblog and I will mysteriously appear like someone who is definitely not note stalking this post.


If you have previously installed my Anders Friendship Romance Final Kiss mod, you MUST uninstall that before/overwrite the file when installing this mod. This mod DOES contain the Friendship Romance End Kiss, so you will NOT lose that functionality when installing this!


To complement this mod, I suggest a few additional mods:

  1. Hide Weapons Mod There is currently a small issue I have not been able to fix where Anders’ staff will suddenly appear during his Karl lines before disappearing again. I was advised to upload the mod even with this issue, as many people requested it, but if it bothers you then this mod should take care of it!
  2. Romance Outfit for Anders You may notice from my images and videos that Anders here has an Amell crest on his armband. This outfit, along with many other Anders features, is available as part and parcel of the Freedom’s Call mod. Currently, this outfit must be installed manually after the romance confirmation, but the ever-amazing @sapphim’s Timeskip Framework is intended to eventually include this as an automatic change, so keep an eye out for an automatic version in the not too distant future!


Many, many thanks go out to:

Thank you again, and enjoy!