Been working on a Master Modding page.

If you go to my blog and click the “Master Post (WIP)” link at the top, it’ll lead you to this page 

If you click on the category, it’ll show you all the mods of that category with a picture, title, link, and author.

It’s nowhere near done yet; only pages that are complete are the eyes, eyebrows, and crafting.

It’s still a work in progress, but since part of it is working, thought I might as well let you know. If you have any interest in helping me, either IM me or send an ask.


Still better than THPS5.


I didn’t know I needed this in my life until I installed the mod hehe

Thank you for 1000+ followers!!! (RAFFLE)

   Hello pals an’ gals! I’m Mod Fox (Scribble Mod), But I do speak for every other mod when I say Thank you all so much for 1000+ followers!!! That’s one big-ass number!! Really confused on how people enjoy our crazy adventures in this Thief AU, but I’m glad to hear people do!

   I feel like we just started this blog and it’s just simply grew in a flash- Is it because the innocence of Jon, TT and Scribs? The likability of Tom, Edd and Matt?? Eduardo and Mark being all flustered and fun to play with because of Jon?? All the characters being fun overall? Dunno myself! Which, for achieving this high number, we’ve made up our minds on making a Raffle as celebration!
   We have 3 categories

There will be 2 winners on each categories

Category 1:
Winners will get a full drawing! (Including colors, shade, colored backgrounds)
Limited to having 1-3 characters!
Mods for this category: Mod Scribble (SFW ONLY) & Mod Tom (SFW ONLY)

Category 2:
Winners will get a simple color drawing (No shading) and a simple color background!
Limited 1-2 Characters!
Mods for this category: Mod Mark (NSFW & SFW) & Mod Eduardo (SFW ONLY)

 Category 3:
Winners will get a story with maximum 1000 words. Ships allowed!

Mods for this category: Mod Tord (SFW ONLY) & Mod Patryk (SFW ONLY)


~ Must be following this blog
~ Reblog this post with the tag #thiefraffle
~ You’re entered!

Raffle ends on the 22nd of January. Thank you all for reading and we wish you the best of luck! 💝