my mods folder: makeup

Since I’m in the process of trying to cut down my mods folder to about 1GB I figured that I would start sharing with you guys updated download links to everything that I keep in my game, all separated by folder. I’ll be starting with makeup since it is by far the smallest section (only 12 files! ah!) I already have my most used stuff linked on my Resources Page, but here’s the rest of it for you.

Alf-si Eyeliner 3-4 (by @alf-si)

Eye Shadow
Pretty When You Cry Eyeshadow (by @down-in-simsland)
Nightmare in Beige (by @catplnt)

Skin Detail & Glasses Version (by @kijiko-sims)

Blush 06 (by @pralinesims)
Blush Blush Blush (by @mayberries)

Burt’s Bees Lipsticks + Nude Add On (by @nolan-sims)
Mac Insp Matte Lipsticks (by @alyssajoltsims)
Ultra Satin Color Pop (by @nessiecc)
Au Naturel Lipstick (by @chiefwhiskers)
Grandma Lipsticks (by @ghardenia)