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Yo what are those mods i need them your Hawke looks so cool???

the Handers mods of the appearance mods? :DDD WELL I CAN LIST BOTH.

I haaaave

aaand I have some other cool DA2 mods that I mean to install before I go further as soon as I remember my password for Nexus. xD


Been working on a Master Modding page.

If you go to my blog and click the “Master Post (WIP)” link at the top, it’ll lead you to this page 

If you click on the category, it’ll show you all the mods of that category with a picture, title, link, and author.

It’s nowhere near done yet; only pages that are complete are the eyes, eyebrows, and crafting.

It’s still a work in progress, but since part of it is working, thought I might as well let you know. If you have any interest in helping me, either IM me or send an ask.


Updated my ReShade page with two new presets that are ported from my TW3 ReShades. They are both darker than the others overall so they’ll suit people who don’t like blown out highlights. I am also working on getting my original Instagram ReShade to be less glowy, detail be damned. I miss it.

The top two are from the “Somber” preset and the bottom two are from the “Dutch School” preset.

 @daimodder if you could please reblog, I’d appreciate.


Still better than THPS5.