This is the second set of screenshots from Tamriel Rebuilt’s Northern Velothi Mountains. If you missed the first set, you can find it here.

The Northern Velothi Mountains of Morrowind’s mainland is truly a sight to behold, a rough and frigid landscape full of towering mountains, scenic valley lakes, and tumultuous mountain streams that cascade down to the coast. A land rich with civilization and history, the Northern Velothi Mountains boasts many ruins from the constant struggles between Morrowind and the bordering land of Skyrim. To this day, the region itself is fairly diverse, with Redoran cities dominating the landscape but Nordic and Imperial cities also quite in evidence among the steep cliffs and hilly coastlines of this north-western most region of Morrowind.

Tamriel Rebuilt released the Northern Velothi Mountains region as part of the Tamriel Rebuilt Alpha back in August of 2014. We recently released a trailer of the Northern Velothi Mountains showing off the majestic beauty of this amazing landscape.

You can download the Tamriel Rebuilt Alpha here and check out this stunning region for yourself. Or you can join the Tamriel Rebuilt team and help to make the mainland of Morrowind a reality for all to visit.

“So I recently got a mod that lets you turn into a dragon and, just for kicks, decided to burn down Darkwater Crossing. Now, I’ve always thought that adopting children after killing their parents was weird, but I changed my mind after Hrefna punched me in the nose and told me to go away. Maybe it’s wrong, but I couldn’t help it. She’s the coolest kid!“


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Resources ML - Mods

So here’s a list of my currently installed mods, which will be subject to change if I run across new to add to my game, or anything I might have missed. They’re all separated in easy to find categories depending on their purpose in game.

When installing any mod, I suggest you read ALL the instructions and details the creator has given, and to make sure nothing conflicts or hiccups in game, run delphy’s Sims 3 Dashboard just to make sure everything is square prior to launching your game.

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Visual Enhancements


Hey, guys! I made a master post of sorts of some interesting mods for Skyrim. They have been organized into some categories for you all, but other than that they are in no particular order. I have chosen not to include NSFW mods because…well, this list would be way too long. I might make a separate post with some funny NSFW mods later. I may also add more to this list in the future, so please send me your recommendations. Also, if you come across a broken link or one that does not go where it should, please let me know. Here goes!

Ridiculously Unnecessary Mods

HQ Paper- makes all the paper in the game ridiculously detailed and textured

Finer Dust- smaller, re-textured, higher resolution dust

Detailed Chests Texture Replacers- super detailed, high resolution chests

Silly Level of Detail- Potions and Poisons- choose from five different texture styles for super detailed bottles and labels

Silly Level of Detail - Wine Cellar- makes your alcohol bottles and labels super detailed  

Septim HD- gives all the septims (coins) in the game overly detailed, high quality textures

Silent Block- mutes the shield sound made during battles

Invisible Gauldur Amulet- makes only the Gauldur amulet invisible

Get All Misc Items- .txt that gives you all the items in the miscellaneous category

FUS RO DAH In Your Hands- makes Unrelenting Force come out of your hands instead of your mouth

Eyebrow Dog- gives the dogs in Skyrim darker eyebrows 

Completely Change the Game Mods

Tamriel Under Water- the game looks like it’s under water…sort of

Tropical Skyrim- well done mod that replaces snowy Skyrim with sunny Skyrim

Virus- huge mod that turns Skyrim into an entirely different horror game

WTF Mods

Animated Shout Farting- player farts during Shouts

Singing Autotune Bears- bears sing while attacking

WereChair- turn into a chair and eat people

Crimes Against Nature- I can’t explain this mod.

Explosive Chickens- chickens explode when attacked

Macho Dragons- turns ALL dragons into wacky Randy Savages

Potato Arrows- fire potatoes and explosive potatoes from your bow

Posh Mudcrabs- gives all mudcrabs a top hat and monocle

Call of Madness- a Shout worthy of Sheogorath

Wacky Followers Mods

Goatfrey- surprisingly useful goat follower

Sofia - The Funny Fully Voiced Follower- she’s just cool and funny

Craftable Followers, NPCs, and Playable Race- wooden followers

Dovahbit- Dragonborn rabbit

Pop Culture Mods

A Trolling Troll with Trololol Song- gives trolls a troll meme face

Spongebob Themed Guard Shields- replaces guards’ shield textures with Spongebob themed ones

Naruto Ultimate Overhaul- adds Naruto eyes, spells, and weapons

Harry Potter Wands- adds Harry Potter wands

Katniss Everdeen Follower- make The Girl on Fire your companion

Batman Moon- moon becomes bat signal

The Elder Scrolls V MIDDLE-EARTH- turns Tamriel into Middle-Earth

Horse texture - My Little Pony FiM- gives horses funny My Little Pony textures

Nyan Cat- barely works, but does something related to nyan cat

Diamond Sword- adds Minecraft diamond sword   

“People ask how people can play on the console version of Skyrim. Though, like always, I’m the opposite, how can people play on PC version of Skyrim???? Sitting in a chair, whilst being able to get every item at a touch of a button? Having weird mods that change the look of the game? I don’t get it..“


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