Q&A With Mod Radio: Putting the ‘Rad’ In Radios (And More)

If there’s one classic song that captures the gist of Mod Radio’s mission, it’s “Stayin’ Alive,” by the Bee Gees. Armed with experience in electronics and fiber optics, founder Jon Almeda enables outdated objects to “stay alive” by rewiring them as speaker systems that hook up to mp3 players and iPods. And the encore? Every speaker preserves the special, retro design details that vintage collectors know and love. It’s tantamount to having your cake and eating it, too.


In addition to classic radios, Mod Radio also works magic on relics like cameras and globes—all of which are available here on Fab. Tune in to our conversation with Almeda, the rock star who makes it all possible.

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Count Five - Psychotic Reaction (by 60otaku3)

Thank god for…I needed to listen to something today that didn’t make me feel like I live in the middle of nowhere. It has been socked in with fog all day and trying to snow. I forgot how much I loved this song.

I’ve been waiting all day for this to go live! #Modradio is on @jonalmeda has worked so hard to make enough original radios for a flash sale this week. Look under the “vintage” tab to see all the goodies available. #modradio #vintage #cameras #globes #radios