Scenario #5: If KnB characters had tumblr
  • Kuroko:Kuroko has thousands of followers and honestly no one cares who he is irl. He posts really good content such as trivia facts, relateables, edits, etc.
  • Kagami:Kagami follows a lot of basketball and motivation quotes blog and reposts most of their content. Back in America, some of his friends got him into kpop (EXO, BIGBANG, 2ne1, etc.) and posts some of that on his tumblr.
  • Kise:Kise posts a lot of photoshoots and reposts the fans aesthetic edits. Most of his (insert number here)k followers are his fans.
  • Kasamatsu:Kasamatsu's tumblr is a studyblr, reposting many pictures of study desks and reference materials. He thought making a studyblr would make Kise study. And, Kasamatsu's stuudyblr is one of the most known studyblrs on tumblr.
  • Midorima:Midorima's tumblr is a semi-studyblr where he posts, well, miscellanous stuff such as horoscopes, scenery, lucky pencils, etc. When Modorima reblogs things, he put around 5 tags for each post and usually doesn't put his own opinion in the captions unless it's Oha Asa.
  • Takao:Takao's blog is as miscellanous as Midorima's. He reblogs a lot of memes, edits, and kpop derps. Usually, when he reblogs "pictures for you and your squad" posts, Takao mentions Midorima. It explains why they change profile pictures around the same time...
  • Aomine:Gifs of anime girls with big boobs...'nuff said
  • Momoi:Lots of aesthetics, quotes, and art. And, lots of selfies and always reblogs from Kuroko. She has at least 800 followers which most of them are tumblr users... yeah...
  • Murasakibara:Food,people making or eating food, and anything to do with food.
  • Himuro:Himuro posts almost the same things as Kagami but less. Usually, Himuro stalks Kagami and scrolls through Kagami's profile: scrolling and judging. Most of his followers are his fangirls.
  • Akashi:Doesn't usually tumblr but his tumblr is mostly quotes of victory and videos of him playing the piano or violin or whatever instruments he plays. And, well... it's a really quiet tumblr where Akashi has at least 2k followers.