So the episode is out, and lots of stuff is going on. Lots of Premium stuff… that honestly make me feel pretty bad… sigh.

Anyway, there’s some interesting information here:

- We got Enchantress outfit which doesn’t seem to be a requirement to finish the episode, but it’s fairly easy to get, so get it quick!
- Jarvis is finally here, it’s story is great and his voice is beautiful. I cannnot wait a Second!
- The A.I… I love it… My god…
- Peggy and Modok are back! Modok is pretty pricy, but he gives plenty of bonus for both the coming episodes. Good on you for those who have him! As for Peggy, you have to buy her (a little less than 300 shards) and Then her outfit to get her bonuses and fighting capacities. She kicks major ass.
- As for the Ships… only Hydra’s one resets. So the reset only happens once, so much for the grinding…
- Lastly, the challenge for the shards is simple but easy to miss, if you haven’t trained Frigga or Odin, do it!

Leader is here to fight, and yes, it’s a mess… sigh.

What do you call a big head with tiny arms and legs?

@erasedh @mrevaunit42 it’s not digital, but it is shitty and it is a MODOK; so I guess it counts?

Surprisingly, he’s very interesting and fun to draw. Drawing his tiny arms when the entire drawing is already tiny is a pain in the ass though, that’s why I didn’t even try to give him fingers.

The tiny legs came out pretty good, though.