So the episode is out, and lots of stuff is going on. Lots of Premium stuff… that honestly make me feel pretty bad… sigh.

Anyway, there’s some interesting information here:

- We got Enchantress outfit which doesn’t seem to be a requirement to finish the episode, but it’s fairly easy to get, so get it quick!
- Jarvis is finally here, it’s story is great and his voice is beautiful. I cannnot wait a Second!
- The A.I… I love it… My god…
- Peggy and Modok are back! Modok is pretty pricy, but he gives plenty of bonus for both the coming episodes. Good on you for those who have him! As for Peggy, you have to buy her (a little less than 300 shards) and Then her outfit to get her bonuses and fighting capacities. She kicks major ass.
- As for the Ships… only Hydra’s one resets. So the reset only happens once, so much for the grinding…
- Lastly, the challenge for the shards is simple but easy to miss, if you haven’t trained Frigga or Odin, do it!

Leader is here to fight, and yes, it’s a mess… sigh.

anonymous asked:

hi there! may i ask, if i buy modok, madame hydra, hank pym, or peggy, will they also give me boosted missions? thank you :)

The only one who is possible to give you boosted credit missions, for regular missions, is Hank because the other characters were free at one point. And not all premium characters give boosted credit missions unfortunately 🙃

From The Line It Is Drawn, Week 326:

Based on Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s classic “four panel”/”eight words” origin for Superman from “All Star Superman” #1, name a comic book character and our artists will do a four panel/eight word origin for that character.

Twitter follower, KeithAlanMorgan suggested: MODOK.  I loves me a MODOK suggestion.

Check out the other talented Liners’ 4-panel, 8-word origins here.



- M.O.D.O.K. and the Announcer, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Capcom)


MODOK: End this quickly! We don’t want every broken hero lining up to –

Carol: Broken? Who’s broken?

Jessica: I’m a little broken.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #0 by Brian Michael Bendis & Frank Cho

Did you know Wanda and Jessica Drew grew up right next to each other and somehow still aren’t best friends? This makes no sense.