The image you see here is part of a series from a photoshoot I did a few weeks ago. It was the first photoshoot I did in a studio and that made everything feel like it had been elevated to another level… And made me very nervous! Mainly because I’m still getting used to being the person modeling instead of being behind the scenes, it’s a strange feeling changing roles like that! It was also because, like most people, I’m not 100% sure of myself. I didn’t know if I’d look any good in the images and what the photographer would think of my ‘modlelling’. But with my @atelierbordelle armour near by at all times I was reminded of why I’m doing this and what I am trying to do. Aside from having an incredibly fun time I want to be able to help people. I love helping my friends find lingerie they love or how to wear it out and through and Instagram I’m being able to do that for others too. I live an incredibly blessed life and I want to be able to spread some of that happiness and love around with others. The main reason I created the website is to give people a fun, safe and girly space to go to and getaway from the world for a moment and just get lost in lingerie!

This beautiful shot is by Ojo Magico Art he is a very talented and lovely man who put me at ease during this shoot! I’m wearing my high waisted briefs by @atelierbordelle of course! What else can help a girl muster her confidence like atelierbordelle lingerie? You can view the full photoshoot at