Ah yeah… I’m sorry to be absent and didn’t update my WT and WU blogs. I’m busy as heck lately because I’m moving this sunday.

Hope everything turns well so I’ll come back soon, maybe next week.

So please be patient my dear friends that I’ll continue updating after I’m in the new place.

Wish me luck, ‘cause I really need it! *scared jackielope*

I’m homesick and felt so damn sad this morning and talked with mom. She told me that Cuca can help me to don’t feel sad and to pray, so the first thing I did was to spend time with the dog. I did the same thing I use to do with Filomena the creephuahua days ago before I moved here.

Dogs like me to give them massage with my feet.

So enjoy this horrible clip with Cuca and my nasty smelly feet! Huuuuur!