Fetch Modus ideas

So I asked around for some interesting fetch modus kinds
Here is what I heard!

Bundle modus
You can place 2-3 objects at once and take out 2-3 objects at once.
You can not take out or place a single item.
If you want to place a single item or remove a single item, you must make a 1:1 trade.

Critical modus
To place or remove items the user is given a mental board game. The game is in a critical moment where they could win or lose in a few more turns.
They must win the game in order to place or remove an item.
Failing the game will eject a random object.

Maze modus
In your mind you see a maze puzzle with all your items inside of it.
To retrieve an item you have to navigate to it in the maze and exit the maze.
You can retrieve multiple items in one fell swoop if you navigate properly. Alternatively you might accidentally cross paths with other items and remove them too.

Melody modus
Each item is given a melody. The melody can be seen hovering next to the item.
You must recreate the melody to retrieve that item.
This can be done via instrument weapons, humming, or singing.
Additionally, melodies can be grouped together to make a new, complex song that will dispense those items.

Peace modus
This modus can only hold items the user enjoys or at the very least, made peace with.
The user can not store an item they are uncertain about, unsure of it’s use, or don’t feel at ease being around.
(Only unlocked by severe depression + anxiety)

Soda modus
The user has 6 soda cans. Each soda can has a flavor that differs according to the item types inside of it. The can only hold it’s assigned, specific flavor. To store different kinds of objects you have to rename the flavor.
The cans change size and weight depending on it’s contents.
Mini cans, normal cans, 2 liter bottles, etc.
To remove an item you crack open the container and select which item you’d like.

“Shit. I want to store this bomb. Ok, I’ll put in the Blueberry can (blue items) but rename Bombastic Blueberry (now holds blue and explosive items)

Value modus
The modus is dependent on desire and ascribed value.
You must describe your intentions for the item and it’s worth before you can store it.
To remove an item you must think about how it will be of value. If you can’t say the importance of you having it then you can not use the item.
The modus auto ejects all relevant items if you have a particularly powerful desire.

“Oh my god I am starving
*auto ejects all stored food items*

More speculation on nature of the Green Sun.

Rose is trolled by 3 trolls as she approaches a green monolith bearing the visage of the Green Sun. The shape of the slab (a captchalogue card) suggests part of its nature: fetch modii are abstract representations of thought and memory, so if the Green Sun can be contained within a (massive) catchalogue card, it too can be seen through the lens of thought/memory.

The scene’s blocking offers further clues: Rose transitions from the base of the monolith to its peak as she progresses through her conversations. But in non-physical terms, she is getting closer to the concept of the Green Sun with each conversation, in which she deals with various personal demons. The ultimate demon, who manifests from Rose’s subconscious when she is closest to the sun? Nepeta, who wishes to talk to Rose’s dead cat.

In the same way that the Green Sun is the power source for the First Guardians, the scene visually suggests that the death of Jaspers is somehow a core part of Rose’s being. (There could also be traces of motherly sentiment, since Nepeta is seeking a reminder of her lusus, but that’s a whole other line of thought)

Fast forward to Jadesprite:

The literal brightness of the Green Sun is a metaphor for the painful memories it brings back: overwhelming and awful. Jadesprite is no longer able to forget or repress her suffering as she returns to the waking world – she sees the Green Sun wherever she goes.

I’m trying very hard not to jump to conclusions or reduce the Green Sun to a more basic symbol than it is, but it definitely has strong links to trauma. This is consistent with the idea that the Green Sun is created by combining the conscious/subconscious realms of the B1/A2 universes.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm not sure if this question exactly fits in the blog, but I will try. How do you feel about fanventures (mainly Homestuck/fantrolls & fankids/SBURB centered) that aren't drawn in the traditional HS Hero Mode style? I've been wondering about making my own, I can draw, but I swear the style is really hard to imitate. Do you think a fanventure must follow the canon style, or can creators use their own style instead? Thank you!

The simple answer is yes, do whatever you want, but if you want my personal opinion on this, and whether I would read it, I think it depends on the style. If you’re sticking to the same format otherwise in terms of the text, fetch modii, strife specibus’ etc, I think spritemode is important, and because of that it could throw me off if the style following panels with that bear no similarity (inclusion of noses/ears not binary, defined head shapes, etc) could throw me off (I know Hussie does this occasionally in the comic but I think it’s alright on occasion). I know some people who sort of merge or modify their styles (keeping it binary, simplifying some stuff) so it isn’t so much of a throw and that works out nice I think.

If your style is a lot different or you don’t want to use spritemode at all (and you care about whether I, personally, would enjoy reading it, I guess), I would definitely switch up the format itself and make it completely your own !

if there was ever a homestuck live-action movie, it should be done in the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World movie’s style- that would capture the “game” feel of it and it would give a great opportunity for captchalogue modii, the pesterchum interface, opportunities for hussie to narrate, strife specibii, strifes, etc. 


okay so, if you missed husky’s birthday stream let me sum it up for you 8D

one bottle of wine: its ‘ight. jaming to birthday songs and playing LoL.

two bottles of wine: singing disney songs.

½ of the third bottle:

“lets play a game! every time husky says 'im drunk’ take a shot!”

“but the whole stream will get turnt in a few minutes!”


haha! happy birthday husky! the stream was great from start to finish! i hope he gets some sleep cause shoot, he had fun tonight XD

funny story about the last one: i said “brandon you’re drunk” and he said “im not drunk hdawg, why don’t you draw us drunk.” so i did.

does that count as a request?….

and i saved the WIP of the husky let it go drawing cause im going to do a think with them.

KAY! thats what! (im really not sure about uploading the drunk mudkipz. i’ll remove them if i have to)