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Just giving you a heads-up, because this is what my weeks will look like for the next three months, at least.

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu: action/fantasy set in the pro-/anti-shogunate era.

Koi to Uso: drama/romance/school life set in a near future where love is forbidden.

Shoukoku no Altair: adventure/historical/drama/fantasy about a young man caught in political intrigue and an imminent war.

Hitorijime My Hero: slice of life/school/shounen ai about young delinquents and old friends.

Ballroom e Youkoso: comedy/sports/drama/romance/school about a professional dancer and an introvert.

Ikemen Sengoku: historical/romance. I don’t know what to say about this one. Every episode is 5’ long, so you can imagine.

(I miss Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine TwT)

so, i made a post about this a few years ago, but with the resurgence of people charging for rp graphics/commissions, i thought i, a professional in the design industry, would pop in and say my piece again.

straight up, no doubts about it: 

charging someone for graphics that include photos you don’t have the rights to is illegal.

charging someone for graphics that include fonts you don’t have the rights to is illegal.

charging someone for graphics that include textures you don’t have the rights to is illegal.

i’ve seen the first argument: “i’m not charging for the final product, but for the time that went into making it.” that doesn’t matter. if what you’re handing off to a client includes stolen imagery (because that’s what those celebrity photos you found on google are — stolen), you’re profiting off of that stolen art, and that’s illegal. you’re re-selling an image that doesn’t belong to you, no matter how much you modified it. if someone in the design industry were to use a photo of nina dobrev that they don’t own in an advertisement and sell that to a client, who put it up on a billboard, they could face legal action. no matter how much smaller the scale is here, it’s the same kind of transaction, and you can’t do it.

i know, i know: “so, jade, does that mean all rp graphics are illegal?” i mean.. it’s definitely not awesome ethically to be using other peoples’ photos in this capacity, which leaves rp graphics as a whole in a bit of a grey area, but i think the line is drawn at profit. if you’re giving these graphics away for free, or making them for personal use, that’s one thing — it’s when you get to the point of making money off of other peoples’ work like this that you start getting into dangerous territory.

think of it this way: you know how upset you get if someone reposts an edit or a gif that you made, without crediting you, right? how would you feel if that person not only reposted, but was making money off of your work? and you weren’t? not cool, right?

here’s argument number two: “but jade, i’ve included a disclaimer for my commissions letting people know that i don’t own any of the images in the graphic!” again — doesn’t matter. that would be the equivalent of me hand-knitting you a scarf, but delivering it to you in a purse that i stole from a store window, then telling you: “you’re giving me money, and i’m giving you the scarf and the purse in exchange, but just so you know, i don’t own the purse! i only made the scarf! $20 please!” admitting a lack of ownership over someone else’s property doesn’t change the fact that it’s stolen.

ok, so now i bet you’re thinking: “but, commissions really help me out with a bit of extra money. is there any way i can do them legally?” the answer is, yes! here’s what you need:

  • open source fonts: just a quick google of this phrase will show you countless fonts that are open source, meaning they’re free for the world to use and modify, including for commercial use — remember, selling your graphics means you’re now into the territory of commercial use, so avoid materials that are okayed for personal use but not commercial.
  • creative commons images: flickr and google, among other sources of photography, offer filters for creative commons, which is a license that allows you to use a creator’s images under certain conditions. there are many types of creative commons licenses, but what you’ll need is one that allows you to modify images for commercial use.
  • royalty free images: there are plenty of websites that provide you with stock images that can be used royalty-free, at no cost to you. 

what’s missing here? those images of celebrities that we all seem to rely on, which is the one thing i don’t have an alternative for. what i do have, though, is a workaround: rather than selling a full set of completed graphics, you could easily sell a template: the psd file, which does not include any celebrity images. you could include royalty free or creative commons images as placeholders, or a simple box that says “your image here” — what your client dies with the file once it’s in their hands is for their own personal use, and not part of your transaction.

to make a long story short: stop selling images that aren’t yours. it’s not cool.

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What's the post that people are talking about? I'm really confused bc I didn't see it (I assume you deleted it)

in the new game, Dream Daddy, you’re able to play as a trans man, and there was a post of people getting excited about it (for obvious reasons).

the top middle body reminded me of a character from a TV show named carl, so I modified the image a bit to this

people were upset because they felt I was trying to detract from the post, so I deleted it cuz i didnt care enough about the joke to try to defend myself if people were upset by it.

in my defense, it wasn’t even on one of the trans bodies (the trans bodies are the ones on the bottom row). regardless, yea it’s gone.


Alpha Centauri, Beta Centauri and Proxima Centauri Our Nearest Stellar Neighbour - April 13, 2017 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken from Savannah Skies Observatory using a modified Canon 40D camera and 135-mm Digital Cinema Lens on a Software Bisque PME Mount 1 x 3 min exposure NOTE Proxima Centauri forms a third component of the Alpha Centauri binary star system, currently with a separation of about 13000 AU and an orbital period of 550,000 years] Proxima centauri is marked in the center of the circle on the lower edge of the image. Alpha centauri is left and beta centauri is right. LINKS Info about alpha centauri or Rigil Kentaurus : Info about beta centuri or Hadar: Info about proxima centauri:

You really can’t beat fan-sites when it comes to information on the books, so here’s the 17th Shard’s metrics for the size etc. of Urithiru.


  • There are 10 tiers of 18 levels each, seemingly carved into the mountain.
  • Each level is larger than the one above it, at least by the width of a balcony.
  • The whole thing looks like
  • The roof of the top level is ~100 yards across.
  • The lowest level has a large plateau in front with the 10 oathgate platforms
  • The oathgate platforms are raised 10 feet over surroundings, and are large enough to hold three armies worth of Everstorm survivors
  • The lowest level also has large gardens/farms surrounding it.

Assumptions: We have to make a lot of these. I’ll update them as we get more information, or as others make convincing arguments, but for now let’s go with:

  • A Rosharan yard is close to 1 meter.
  • Each balcony is 1.5 meters wide.
  • Each new tier extends 20m 50m past the bottom of the one above, to accommodate gardens.
  • Each floor is 4.5m 5.5m high, including the thickness of stone that supports the floor above.
  • 20,000 people crowded onto the oathgate plateau at the end of WoR. (Does someone have a better number for this?) They pack closely but don’t stab each other, about ~4 people/sq meter. This gives us an 80 meter diameter platform. The plateau is described as several hundred yards across, so we’ll assume 300m for now.

Conclusions: Using these numbers, we get a tower that is 1.5km wide at the base, and 1km high. Here’s how that looks when compared to tall buildings on Earth (modified from this image on Wikipedia). A circular arrangement of ten 300m Oathgate platforms has an inner diameter of ^700m, and an outer diameter >1300m.

I was searching for some info on Urithiru’s dimensions, because for some asinine reason I dreamed it was a spaceship.

ive seen some people claiming that lapis and peridot’s palettes haven’t changed at all, which is completely untrue & the ‘proof’ for which ive seen has been cherrypicked or even falsified

apologies if this is confusing, lapis’s right image is her current palette but peridot’s left image is her current palette

now, obviously the difference is minor, but its still there. & i wouldnt doubt that viewers have still picked up on this change, minor though its been, & thats where many of the complaints stem

similarly, the backgrounds of su have also grown more saturated, which seems to make things look generally more “neon” as well.

but regardless of that, i’ve got some more proof / image analysis below the cut:

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The Roots of This Tree by frak-all

“You can exist without your soul, you know, as long as your brain and heart are still working. But you’ll have no sense of self anymore, no memory, no… anything. There’s no chance at all of recovery. You’ll just exist. As an empty shell.” 
Remus Lupin, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


Star Dress: Scorpio Form

This is my second entry for #unifriendcomp2

@oldfriend7876 @unisonraidd

I decided to edit an entire page, for convenience I divided into three images. Only in the frist panel i’ve modified the image (I deleted the balloon). Then I colored the images adding some effect. 


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i tried googling answers to this but i genuinely dont know where to start and you seem to have a near to unlimited amount of knowledge from what ive seen so im going to take a shot in the dark and ask if you know how to explain how 8-bit colors work? is the 256 limited color palette like a cut from a bigger palette? or just in general if you want to, is it possible to explain in a really short way how bit colors work?? thank you

Yep, you’ve got it basically right. It can vary a bit depending on what kind of display you’re talking about (in particular, video designed for old-school CRT televisions may specify colours in a different way), but in general it’s just a subset of 24-bit colour: each colour is specified in standard RGB format (i.e., 8 bits for the red channel, 8 bits for the green channel, and 8 bits for the blue channel), then placed in a colour table with up to 256 entries.

Each pixel in the image then specifies an index number rather than a colour code; this index number is looked up in the colour table to determine what colour to paint that pixel. This lets you access the full 24-bit RGB colour space while only using 8 bits per of memory per pixel, at the cost of having to set aside some extra memory for the colour table - provided that you never use more than 256 colours per image (and fewer is better, because it lets you get away with a smaller colour table).

One of the most interesting features of eight-bit colour is that it lets you perform certain types of animations at a very low cost in processing power using a technique called palette cycling. This basically involves modifying the entire image at once with only a tiny handful of memory accesses by fiddling with the entries in the image’s colour table rather than fiddling with the image itself. For example, when you see blinking lights or flowing water in the background in an NES game, that’s palette cycling you’re looking at - the background is a static image, with the appearance of motion achieved via colour table manipulation.

(For a truly virtuoso demonstration of the technique, check out Mark Ferrari’s gallery. The guy is probably one of the best pixel artists in the world, and the gallery has a neat little interface that shows you exactly what colour table maniplations were used to achieve each effect - just click the “Show Options” button at the upper right. )

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Hello, Voltage Party! Is it allowed to share CGs from Samurai Love Ballad: Party? I was playing the Japanese version, and we were told that it was forbidden to share the CGs there. Does the rule apply to the English version? Or are we allowed to share, but only in Tumblr, just like with the other Voltage apps? Thank you!


First of all, thank you for listening in regard to sharing the CGs from the Japanese version. We truly appreciate your cooperation! 

In regard to the CGs (aka Portraits) from Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY, as we are offering the option in-game to download them to your device, please refrain from sharing the unedited Portraits. We wish to offer them as a special bonus to encourage people to check out all the stories! 

However, we are aware that one of the greatest parts of Tumblr is the ability to share things that you have enjoyed, and that Tumblr’s interface is geared toward images in particular. So, as long as they are not for profit, we do allow the following in regard to Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY: 

★Edited/modified portrait images. For example, Tumblr or blog layouts for personal/fandom use that are distributed in the fandom on a not-for-profit basis which use the portraits as a base, but without using entire portrait images, image-based memes and captions (written directly on the image and unable to be modified), gifsets, icons…we are trusting you to use your personal judgement in this arena. However, please do understand that we reserve the right to do the same, and if it is discovered that this allowance is being abused, we may revoke the right to share even edited portraits on Tumblr.

If you do decide to make an edit of our images in this way, we would greatly appreciate credit for Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY in the post that it is made. Ideally, we would like links to the app download from the Apple App Store and/or Google Play on posts which contain modified portrait images, or at the very least a link to us here at @voltageparty  (though this is not mandatory, just a courtesy to us).

★In-Game Screencaptures (including Story Sections)

We know that one of the most fun parts about having a Tumblr about our games is to share parts of the story you found interesting, exciting or moving–and we do not wish to stop you! You are free to share screencaptures from the story as you wish, as long as spoilers are tagged appropriately and full story sections are not shared (for example, the entirety of an ending, Main Story, Event Story, or Tea Garden story). 

Of course, we would appreciate game credits using the links above on these posts as well, but it is not mandatory! 

You are absolutely free (and encouraged)! to share in this way, whether it be snippets of story or showing off your in-game character/Fashion Items/Castle/Home Screen! 

We love to see how our users are enjoying Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY, which characters and features are favorites, and see that our work is being enjoyed and discussed by our fans! 

We hope that this answers all of your questions, and please enjoy Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY! 

Some assembly required (part 2)

Here’s part 2 of a yet still incomplete collection of Wonder Woman and Superman, Superman and Wonder Woman,  images I’ve modified somehow from the original. Only the two of them without background, a solid color in its stead.

Here’s part 1.

Here’s part 3.

No particular order.

These too were a ton of fun doing them. I hope you enjoy.

I defy you to find the originals, the ones I took the basis for the first manip (some are too easy). Those posted on my Grand Theft Artist series are not valid. Don’t cheat.

To be continued…I think.