“Imperfection is Beautiful”

In high school I always thought I had to be a certain way because all the girls around me were blonde bombshells who played sports and had hunky boyfriends. I never accepted myself. I downed diet pills instead of meals, sometimes I skipped food all together. I bleached my hair, made my mom buy me contacts instead of my glasses. I made her sign me up for softball. I was never accepted, bullied in school and my homelife. I always thought I had to be “perfect”. Everything in my past was taken away with that tattoo. Everything that ultimately destroyed me, made me stronger. Here I am 26 years later, owning my sexuality, my body, my life. Owning who I am. Proving everyone who doubts me wrong. Fuck what people think or say, it’s what YOU feel about yourself that matters. If people can’t accept it, that’s their problem.