I’ve seen a lot of stuff on Instagram and Tumblr about ‘tattoo stealing’ so I thought I’d re-make this post (lost the original I did haha) to help shed some light.  Now now, I know I’m not the most special snowflake in the world with a Shadow the Hedgehog tattoo, but as you can see in the comparison images the 'thief’ has copied the exact image and background from my full sleeve.  He also copied the Triforces and decided to make the courage part of the left (our right) trifroce red.. which makes no sense if you actually played Ocarina of Time.   

Anyway.  I see tons of people commenting on pictures of my sleeve “I’m getting these!”  "I really want these tattoos!“  Please don’t.  My artist drew up my sleeves from an example sleeve I brought to her, and the example was a sleeve SHE HAD PREVIOUSLY DONE HERSELF.  If you admire the way a tattoo is done, take it as a REFERENCE image to the artist, say you want something LIKEit.  Unless it’s a flash image, you shouldn’t have a direct copy.  And if you’re in the mentality of "Well if it’s on the Internet I can do what I want!” then you my friend can suck a big bag of dicks.