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Modified Warrior II Pose

Raise your arms to the side to shoulder height, so they’re parallel to the floor. Your arms should be aligned directly over your legs. With your palms facing down, reach actively from fingertip to fingertip.

Keep your torso perpendicular to the floor, with your head directly over your tailbone. 

Turn your head to gaze out across the tip of your right middle finger. Broaden across your collarbones and lengthen the space between your shoulder blades. Engage your triceps. Drop your shoulders and lift your chest.Draw your belly in toward your spine.


Hm, interesting video! I like yoga moves modified into fitness/strenght kind of exercise! :) Also I love my family, but I really get her when she talks about hanging out with family on holiday omg.

It drives me crazy how many people dislike photographing yoga props. I can’t tell you how many professional shoots I’ve been on where someone has said something to the effect of, “So, what can you do without the props?” From an artistic stand point, I get it- theoretically, the photographer is trying to draw more attention to the human body rather than distracting props.

But I don’t think that’s all of it- I think there’s a stigma associated with modifying yoga asana. It’s almost like we’re expected to view props as a sign of weakness. Personally, I love props. Even in poses I’ve been practicing for ages. I mean, anyone who’s ever taken a class with me knows I’m the first person grabbing a block for #trikonasana and straps are forever helping me work a deeper shoulder rotation. Why do we throw shade at modifications when they actually teach us how to modify and adapt to changes off our mats as well?

When I shot with the silver fox @lydiahudgens, I told her I wanted to use as many “natural” props as possible- she cautioned me against climbing on these rocks because apparently it’s illegal, but I’m an outlaw and did it anyway.

You can modify #camelpose w/o rocks in the comfort of your own home by bracing your front body or toes on a wall space. #Ustrasana is a very common place of discomfort for many people, but I think a few props can make a hell of a difference.

Tomorrow’s my last day teaching at @durhamyoga until late February 😂😂😂- I’ll see you guys tomorrow at noon!

I’m honestly really sad to leave Durham County but I’m comforting myself with the thoughts of smiling #MyNameIsNola west coast students- I really can’t wait to meet you guys :)

Also, I’m about to be on the west coast for a considerable spell- where the good eats at, y'all? (Bonus points for the best ramen and taco recommendations.)

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Photo by @lydiahudgens

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