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I was surprised how many people liked the sword I had at PAX East because it’s not actually the black knight sword (and for all you complainers out there, that’s why it’s too short XD)! It’s a cheap plastic sword I modified in a couple hours, when I realized I didn’t have time to make a sword from scratch. I intend to make some of the black knight weapons from the game for a future convention.

Anyway, here’s a general overview of the steps I took:

1) I used black worbla to change the overall shape of the sword, for example extending the cross guard to look more like the black knight sword. Worbla doesn’t stick to hard plastic very well, so I used a bit of hot glue for extra security (E6000 is probably better, but I was short on time and the next step secures everything in place anyway). Card board or foam would also work for this step.

2) Apoxie sculpt, apoxie sculpt, and more apoxie sculpt. And just in case that wasn’t enough, a bit more apoxie sculpt. This stuff adheres very well to hard plastic so you can use it to fill seams between the worbla and the base sword, add details, and enhance existing details. Detail spam away for more impressive results. (Random tip - if you want to sculpt both sides at the same time, suspend the sword between two tall containers, like i did in the picture. Then you can just rotate it to access both sides.)

3) Prime and paint your sword like you would any other prop. I found auto body primer adheres well to the hard plastic. Then I used the same paint scheme as the armor - metallic black spray paint with hand painted silver accents.

NSFW Holtzmann Headcannons

A/N: Here’s some NSFW Holtzmann headcannons, I’ve never written NSFW before so let me know what you think xx

Warnings: Sex

Words: 479

·         Holtzmann would be horny all the time

·         She’d be so dom, pretty much getting off by watching you

·         Super into kinks, especially tying you up and hair pulling

·         The rest of the Ghostbusters knowing your sex life better than you because Jillian is the Queen of telling them everything

·         Holtzmann would show her hickies to the world, she’d never cover them up

·         One time she wore an open neck shirt to one of the Mayor’s dinners

·         Abby ended up forcing her to button up her shirt properly

·         Sex everywhere

·         The girls would be so cautious walking into the firehouse after they’d left the two of you there alone

·         They’ve probably walked in on you too many times to count

·         She’d be so into over simulation

·         If you hadn’t had at least three orgasms she would consider it bad sex

·         You hardly ever have sex in an actual bed

·         On the rare occasions that you do it would be super slow

·         She would have an entire draw of (probably modified) sex toys

·         She would use these on you all the time

·         You’d both be so loud

·         The neighbours really hate the two of you

·         She’d love hearing you moan her name

·         This makes her try to get you to do it more

·         She’d leave you right on the edge of an orgasm sometimes loving seeing you frustrated

·         It turns her on even more

·         She would never get tired

·         Like ever

·         You’ve probably passed out from tiredness at some point

·         She wouldn’t just mark up your neck, you’d be covered in hickies, scratches and other marks in so many different places on your body

·         Shower sex all the time

·         There’s something about it that makes her super turned on

·         Jealous sex

·         If someone were to even look at you the wrong way she’d get jealous

·         This results in even more rough sex

·         She’d be the Queen of after care

·         As much as she loves seeing you with marks everywhere she also understands that sometimes it hurts and always checks to see if you’re okay with what she’s doing

·         Bubble baths all the time after  sex

·         Even though it normally results in more sex

·         Her living for sex in places you could get caught

·         Which has happened many times

·         You two would always be up for trying new things

·         You’d most likely try to wear lingerie but Holtz ripped most of it by pulling it off so you gave up in the end

·         She preferred you when you were wearing her clothes anyway

·         Most of your clothes getting mixed up so most mornings you walk into work wearing each other’s clothes which would not go unnoticed by the rest of the girls  

·         Kevin would be completely oblivious to how you two got bruises on your necks so he would ask in front of everyone

·         Patty ends up giving him a sex talk

*crawls out of a garbage pile* I CAN EXPLAIN

It started out as an idea of what Extreme Ghostbusters would have been like if the writters hadn’t been effing cowards, I mean, if they’d let Janine and Egon be married in the series. Then I was thinking about how Jillian looks like she’s related to Spengs. Then I was thinking about how upsetting the notion that the gang just split up and left Egon to himself in the firehouse for ten years has always been to me. And it ended up being like an AU in my head where it’s Extreme Ghostbusters except instead of Egon living alone and lowkey depressed for years on end, Janine and him get together, they get a kid, and the gang, albeit not being into the Ghostbusting business until the big comeback of 97′, still periodically visit each other and stay in each other’s lives. Cue Jillian being a little smartass thanks to the influence of Peter and her mom, owning a smol tool set courtesy of Ray, knowing how to use it both because of him and Winston and having sort of a mad scientist complex thanks to her dad, which results on her modifying toys and blowing up stuff periodically. And then the new kids come and EG happens.


*crawls back under the garbage pile*

A friend of mine wanted to see the photos I took of my Mano, while I modified him. I wanted to take progress photos this time because it was a larger modification all at once. I did modify my Mano substantially, but it was all a slow process (throughout the years, instead of all in one go). if something went wrong, I wanted to be able to go back a few steps, while having a visual of where I wanted to get back to.

I was thinking about making a tutorial, but then I remember I take horrible photos, and it would probably end up being as useful as rotten tomatoes, so I didn’t take enough photos for that. I just took a few photos before I sanded the modifications, after I did enough or felt I had done as much as I could for the day. It took me fourth months, mostly because I do work for a living and I am a lazy procrastinator. I’m getting old and sanding tiny faces is not necessarily the easiest on my hands (I already spend a good deal of the day typing on the computer, so I’m grateful I haven’t gotten tendonitis as of yet!).

Anyway, I compiled the photos I thought were clearer and showed the progress in a cohesive manner. So, I though I would share them everywhere! Yay! I am pretty happy with the size of the lips now, as I mentioned before in photos I shared on Flickr. I just wish I could have improved my miniature painting skills a bit. But I guess if I don’t actually practice any, I can’t actually get better at it. DX


[Image description: an infinity cube made of dark green, light green and light blue lego on a blue background. The words ‘Infinity Cube’ are written on the left side of the thumbnail with the word ‘Infinity’ in green and the word ‘Cube’ in white, all capitals and with two letters on each line, so that the letters form a square.]

Video has some music; the instructions are clear and use fairly common lego pieces. 

Let’s Do This also has another video on how to modify this into a toy resembling a snake puzzle:

[Image description: several purple, grey and black cubes connected by hinges, on a grey background. The text ‘Infinity Cube Hack’ is at the top of the thumbnail in white.]

Did They Give You A Name

Darcy is the BossLady in charge of Avengerss et al Ldt., as well as PR manager, and friend to pretty much all of them.  As seen in Avengers on Sesame Street

I’m expanding on that universe, bit by bit, and here’s how one lot of ‘first time meeting the new boss’ meetings went.

“So, did they give you a name along with all those rippling pectorals?” Darcy asked in her best impression of Meg from Disney’s Hercules.  She’d never be as willowy as the cartoon femme, but she did have the curves and the long brown curls.

Meg was Darcy’s favourite Disney (not really a) Princess.  In Darcy’s opinion, Meg had it up on almost all the other Disney heroines who had existed before her in that she actually had the life experience.

Though, granted, there had been a couple of really kick-ass ones since, and Esmerelda had just squeezed in ahead, which was why it was ‘almost all’ and not just 'all’.

So many of the girls in the princess crew had a driving force of wanting 'more’ in some way, shape, or form.  Meg, on the other hand, had already had her adventure, and her 'happily ever after’, and it hadn’t worked out in her favour.  She was not an innocent teenager looking for more.  She was a jaded adult (eighteen would definitely qualify as adult in Ancient Greece, and that’s only if she wasn’t the older of her and Hercules), making do and desperately trying to fix – and not repeat – her mistakes.

She was a grown woman making the best of her bad situation, with a boss that she didn’t like and co-workers that she liked even less than that.  Apart from the fact that the boss was Hades and the co-workers were imps, it really was the most realistic, relate-able situation.

Also?  Greek family on her mother’s side, so even though the legend was butchered almost beyond recognition for the sake of Disney plot, Darcy really didn’t care – and some day, she was going to get a pair of purple contact lenses in her prescription.

There were three men standing before her, and any one of them could have been worthy of that quote alone.  Together?  There were a lot of rippling pectorals.

The blonde one, with the same sort of proportions as… pretty much every Hercules ever (apart from the gone-to-seed one in Class of the Titans, but there was Harry to make up for that) stammered.

“Uh-huh, ah-ha, I’m – ah…”

Oh, that was just perfect, and judging from the smirk that Hot Chocolate was fighting back, not to mention the challengingly raised eyebrow, he wanted her to do the appropriate follow up.

And who was Darcy to deny a chance to do the follow up line for realzies?

“Are you always this articulate?” she teased.

“Around a classy dame?” checked the handsomely scruffy brunet, a devilish smirk on his face as bright blue eyes switched back and forth between the blond and Darcy.  “This is about standard for what I remember of the punk – and no, they didn’t give me one.  They called him Captain America though,” he added with a nod to his stuttering friend.

“Mr USA himself, huh?” Darcy said, and gave him a considering once-over.  “Sorry sweetheart, but it’s gentlemen that prefer blondes.  I’m neither, and I get the feeling you might be both.”

Spluttering overtook him again.

“Sam Wilson,” offered Hot Chocolate as he extended his hand to shake, grin on his face and shoulders (oh, the shoulders) shaking with barely suppressed laughter.

“Sam, huh?  Think I prefer Hot Chocolate,” Darcy kept going, even as she accepted the hand and shook it.

A full lower lip was pulled back and clamped down on by a set of pearly whites as he shook his head.  Yep, definitely fighting back laughter.  It looked like she had a fellow Disney fan.  Awesome-sauce.

With one last wink at the man, Darcy turned her attention back to the blue-eyed brunet who looked like he was hiding a killer jaw beneath that scruff.

“So, if you haven’t got a name, can I pick one out for you?” she asked.

“Doll, you can call me anything you like,” he said with a crooked little smile that was clearly just for her.  “But, apparently, not a gentleman,” he added, as he looked her up and down just the same way she’d done to Captain America.
Darcy grinned at that, and held out her hand to him to shake.

Which he didn’t.  Instead, he turned it over, caressed her fingers with his thumb, and kissed – actually kissed, not just bussing the air there – the back of her hand.

“Flirt,” Darcy decided, but there was no way she was keeping a straight face.  At least she was fairly confident that she wasn’t blushing.  “You are hereby dubbed TDH Flirt, until you find a name that you prefer.”

“TDH?” he and Hot Chocolate repeated, confused.  Mr USA just mouthed it, no sound coming out.

“Stands for Tall, Dark and Handsome, but that’s a mouthful, so, TDH,” Darcy explained with a red-painted smirk.

TDH Flirt grinned up at her, which was impressive considering he was taller than her, and it was somehow sharp at the same time as being boyishly innocent.  Darcy could tell right away, that smile was going to be so much trouble.  So, so much trouble.

“You should see him clean shaven,” Mr USA quipped lowly.

“Aha!  You can talk!” Darcy accused brightly – finger pointed and all, though with the hand that wasn’t still being held by Flirt – which promptly sent him back to stammering and blushing.

“So, if I’m TDH Flirt, does that mean I get to call you Gorgeous Dame all the time?” he countered, eyes bright and smile earnest.  “You still haven’t told us your name, Miss Dame.”

“My name, Mr Flirt, is Darcy Lewis,” she answered as she reclaimed her hand from him and set both onto cocked hips.  “Recently installed CEO of and PR Manager for The Avengers et al, Ldt.  Congratulations boys, your very tight tushies are mine hereafter.”

“CEO of -?” Hot Chocolate asked, surprise and confusion written across his handsome face.  “Two questions.  One: how’s that work?  And two: how’s a person get a job like that anyway?”

“It works because it has to, unless you like the idea of living out of Tony’s pocket.  It’s not a bad place to live, but he gets… proprietary,” Darcy explained delicately.

“And the other thing?” Hot Chocolate prompted.

“I filed all the initial paperwork,” Darcy answered with a shrug, “and then continued to file, filter, and funnel the paperwork that came after.  Officially, I own The Avengers et al, Ltd.  Which is you guys, Tony, Thor, a few others.  Your image is mine to raise to lofty heights or drag through the mud, and I can get on every- and anybody’s case if they say anything derogatory or untrue.  It makes you guys legal, rather than vigilante, and prevents any governmental bodies from stepping up and saying things like -” she put on a frowny face and lowered her voice to what she dubbed 'angry father pitch’.  “'You need to be controlled!'”

Flirt frowned with his whole face.  It was adorable.  Seriously, like a child who hasn’t learned how to filter and mask emotions.  Actually, he’d had a pretty open face the whole way through the conversation.

“Can they do that?” he asked.

“Without the nice business label and civilian-in-charge?” Darcy checked, slipping back out of the over-done character and into her own self again.  “They might try it, and probably sooner than later, depending on who you make twitchy.  With it though, with a contract in place, they can’t touch you,” she assured him.  “Speaking of which, if you gentlemen would follow me to my office, we need to make it all legal and official,” she added, and turned with a wave over her shoulder for them to follow her.

She smiled to herself as they fell in behind her, all very precise, military march following after her swaying hips and the decisive click of her low-heeled boots on the hard floor.

“I’m open to negotiation on any points of the contract, but so far everybody who has read it through hasn’t asked for any changes to be made,” Darcy said when they reached her office and produced three copies of the 'hero’ contract she had.  As opposed to the 'scientist’ contract, or the standard employment contract for the plebs like medical legal, accounting, janitorial, etcetera.

When she turned around, she was very pleased to see that all three men were staring around her office in surprised wonder.  Well, Hot Chocolate was less awed, but he probably had more experience of what modern offices could look like.  He still looked pretty impressed though.

Darcy herself was rather pleased with the big poster she had made herself and hung on the back wall behind her desk.  It said: I am not River Tam.  I cannot Kill You with my Brain.  I am Darcy Lewis. There are Worse Things than Death.  That poster hung over the truly beautiful cutlass her uncle had gifted her about a week after the Dark Elf incident – which, unlike what happened in New Mexico, SHEILD hadn’t been able to cover up.

Then again, it might have been her large collection of customised Nerf guns, along with all their ammo, that lined another of her office walls that had them so impressed.

“Can you use all these?” Mr USA asked as he inspected her black-and-silver Nerf Maverick.

Mr Flirt was ghosting his hand less than an inch away from her Longshot, which she’d painted up to look like a proper rifle – except for the orange tip, as with all of her Nerfs.

“They’re toy guns, modified to fire better, but still toys.  Of course I can use them,” Darcy answered plainly as she handed out the contracts.  “I go to war against Clint with them every April, have since I met him out in New Mexico when Thor first touched down.  Can we get back to your contracts though, please?  I don’t have to have them signed today, you can take your time to read over them, but before the end of the week, if you could.”

“Yes Ma'am,” the trio of handsome men agreed.

~The End~


COSplay MODE, May 2015 issue,
Modifying a toy sword into a tantou and naginata + extra sword info pages

I don’t understand japanese so I have no idea  what the 2 non tutorial pages are talking about but I figured I’d just throw it in. 

Other Touken Ranbu related pages in this issue:
Sword posing guide/tips!
Honebami’s Coat tutorial
Tsurumaru’s Armour tutorial
Cosplay Photo spreads


Someone brought in a modified toy car for their whippet and all the dogs LOVE IT. #video #dog park #whippet #basenji #dog #puppy #pets #animals #basenjisofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #Kaeda #kaedathebasenji #Apollo #apollothebasenji

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“Give me back my face!!”
I’m pretty sure most everyone would agree that Rorschach is one hell of an epic badass.
I put this cosplay together for the Ottawa PopExpo. i didn;tactually make anything. I did however, alter the jacket to fit me and to look more like his, painted the hat to match the jacket, and modified a toy gun into a grappling gun using worbla, foam and paint. This is my femme Rorschach. My way of paying homage to a character that left a very lasting impression on me and many others.

See more of my cosplays here: