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Saturns gift to you🕯⌛️(Episode 6)

* Saturn in the 6th house-(the gift of life)🦎🦈🐫🐎these natives feel Saturn in their earthly presence. He’s a thick and almost suffocating presence littered in their everyday life. He forces them to work much harder at “maintenance” that many of us usually have the choice of giving head too.The tediousness of washing ones face and grooming ones hair. The repetition of making breakfast in the morning. That tiresome 9-5. The test you must diligently study for. The birthday party you must plan for. All of these task many people take for granted-these individuals can not. It becomes a necessary evil keeping up with such task otherwise their life can easily fly of the rails.Saturn not only forces these natives to pay attention to these aspects of life with a magnifying glass but very much so punishes these individuals for even daring to skip even the smallest of steps. Saturn forces these individuals to develop a routine a day to day schedule that serves to structure these individuals. Their health also tends to be very fragile and sensitive to any “changes” in said day-to-day schedule. Many tend to suffer from sensitive skin as well as sensitive immune systems. Bones are and have a tendency to be a bit on the fragile side even if the individual is bigger in their frame. And many are fairly sensitive to their environment much like the massive planet it’s self Saturn in the 6th house individuals tend to be thrown many crisis and unforeseen upheavals in their schedule that test them and their ability to maintain and stabilize any cracks that do appear in their way of life. Saturn eagerly test these natives and their ability to stand tall and become a pillar of fortitude capable of creating a means of living without reliance on those around them. Being able to remain unmoved by any minor nuances in their daily routine. Many with Saturn in the 6th house have a melancholic and studious nature when it comes down to things. They can be he goofiest and silliest people and be full of air in their chart or fire or water and I promise you they will be some of the most serious and intense people when it comes to their daily schedule and they absolutely loathe anyone who inconveniences this schedule for any reason at all.

Reward: Saturn rewards these natives with the ability of inner stability! Much like 4th house Saturn natives these individuals grow not only to be self sufficient but they are also able to create their own routine out of chaos itself. They can put anything in shape no matter what it is. Be it an animal. A house. A person. Or their own relationship with another. Anything that is out of order becomes their project. Their not only capable but their immensely versatile and adaptable. Saturn grants these natives a seemingly intuitive and perceptive nature capable of assessing and calculating the many variables involved in creating a life schedule. They grow to gain a quiet and cool nature one that is more observant than impulsive. They are the “watchers” of the world and tend to sit back and build. (Keanu reeves/lady Gaga/Jennifer Anniston/Adele/osama bin laden/kourtney Kardashian) all of these natives prefer to stay out of the lime light and have all spent more time into building for themselves a stable and honest means of living. Kourteny is the most “un-modified kardashian” lady Gaga tends to vocalize her many “human” flaws and often tries to interact with her fans on an intimate level via pop ups and outright showing up at every day stores to show her fans that she’s an ordinary human being and sees herself as such. Adele whom always remains both humble and realistic of her own capabilities and whom values both her privacy and absolutely hates being compared to other musicians and even hated being compared to Beyoncé out of the immense amount of respect she felt for Beyoncé. There is a quiet nature to these individuals and many prefer not to be to focused on the public scene and spend more time cultivating on their more private lives.

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Submitted from this DnD campaign a while ago, where the group has special powers each. The only important one to know for this is our tank shield fighter can morph in to a basilisk. First session since coming back to college and they’re traveling through an underground passage.

DM(Me): You come across a shadow figure in the distance. It’s large, but low to the ground.
Basilisk Lady:Perception check!
(She’s very excited to do so because she just leveled up in Perception. She rolls her die and gets a nat 20.)
Basilisk Lady: Ooo, what do I see? Can I see through it? Do I see its bones?
Rest of group: Does she see a weakness, perhaps?
DM: Yes, you see a basilisk and she will receive a bonus damage modifier. Roll initiative!
Basilisk Lady: Another basilisk! I leadership it!
(Before I can say anything she rolls and gets a 1, group explodes laughing.)
DM: You yell at it to sit and it growls back at you. You are compelled to sit down and are unable to be part of this fight.

Guide to Overwatch characters

Bastion: Transformer/ robot in disguise(?) Doesn’t like to move. Annoying. Has a cute little birdy.

D. Va: She’s a movie star or something. Also uses robot. Good luck with this one.

Genji: Cool ninja guy. Screams in Japanese a lot. Ninja stars and sword. People like to shoot him even when he reflects the bullets right back.

Hanzo: Cool archer guy. Also screams in Japanese a lot. Can basically kill you in one hit.

Junkrat: Mad Max: Fury Tire. What is this? If you hear the sound of an engine, run as far as you can. Explodes upon death.

Lucio: DJ I think. Definition of swag. He makes you run fast and stuff. 100% ship with Tracer.

McCree: I think he’s Chuck Norris + Clint Eastwood. If you hear him say something about noon, you’re probably already dead.

Mei: Devil incarnate. Literal death. Do not approach. The only thing colder than her ice is her heart.

Mercy: She’s an angel. It’s always nice to have her around. I don’t know much about her. She revives people.

Pharah: It’s time to duel. All around badass. Death rains from above. Heart of the cards. Beware of her rocket barrage.

Reaper: He’s pretty cool. Quoth the raven. If you play this character, you probably don’t know how to play any of the others. Soul eater.

Reinhardt: Cool shield. Sometimes forgets that there are other people behind the shield. Not that scary if you get behind him. Don Quixote.

Roadhog: The one man apocalypse. Madder Max. My fav

Soldier: 76: Mysterious soldier guy. I think he faked his death or something?

Symmetra: Fancy turrets and stuff. She can shield people if she remembers.

Torbjorn: Dwarf/biker/pirate. He probably gets drunk a lot. He doesn’t really do much other than setting up a turret.

Tracer: Preppy Brit. She gets excited a lot. Her and Winston are adorable. 100% ship with Lucio.

Widowmaker: Genetically modified spider sniper lady. Kinda keeps to herself a lot. I’m not at good sniper…

Winston: He’s a cool gorilla. He’s like the leader of the group.  You won’t like him when he’s angry.

Zarya: I’m sorry, I don’t like her. She doesn’t really have many good abilities in my opinion. She’s Russian and stuff.

Zenyatta: He’s really cool. Yin yang and what not. HE HAS A SOUL TOO. Stronger than you think, do not ignore him.

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Scanlan is always either right on point for an episode or completely screwing up everything. He either holds everyone and everything together and points out better ideas than the others come up with, or he pays 15x more money than he should on seasoning and tries to cast Modify Memory on Lady Kima after telling her he would do it.