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Romanian AK variant widely found on the U.S market. Considered a cheap entry level AK that for the most part will work but still carry the stigma of poor quality. This was due to the the whole sunset of the original Assault Weapons Ban. With the restrictions lifted, Romanian AK’s that were originally single stack only, were modified to use standard double stack mags. This led to either very loose or very tight magwells and reliability issues as importers and even some gun shops tried to get rifles back into their original configurations to meet the demand. (GRH)

Yay! Almost done with the game I'm making!

All I need to do is add character stands art style and the npc/side characters… For side character choices I have

Me- Xavier… Well yes I am a side character! I’m a demon/reaper and i am prince of the hell King satin. My name as prince is death, I have a sniper and the bullets are made of dark magic.

@gemstoneblitz- she is a angelic/guardian, princess of of the angel King and protector of the angel King, she has the powerful sword Excalibur

@shay-the-succubus- she’s a demon/reaper. She’s known as the protector of the demon race, protector of the prince of demons, and protector of the King of demons. She has a dark magic scythe that was given to her by death, she modified it to a double edged scythe made of terratainum, the magic in the scythe isn’t any ordinary magic it’s life magic, basically it’s a witches broom but deadly and more alive.

(If you want to be in my game then ask and I’ll ask you some questions about your character like class,race, and name… For the people above I need your names you will be known as in the game…)


New Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport for the Track

Porsche has added a new race-ready sports car to its fleet: The Cayman GT4 Clubsport celebrated its world premiere today at the L.A. Auto Show. The 283 kW (385 hp) mid-engine racer for motorsport newcomers, which is not road homologated, is based on the street-legal Cayman GT4 sports car. 

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Sparks Nevada: the probably unique instance of a cowboy who constantly uses “ain’t” and other folksy speak and yet periodically corrects people (including his horse) on using redundant modifiers and double negatives.