modified dogs

Night Vale Gothic
  • The descriptions on everything are in English and Spanish, nothing else. You cannot find your school notes on modified sumerian anymore.
  • The dog park is not separated by high, smooth, black walls, but instead a fence. You can look inside. There are gates, and you can open them. There are people in the dog park, and dogs.
  • The librarians are human, and helpfull. There are automatic fire alarms, and doors, and windows. You cannot hide. Everyoine tells you you do not need to.
  • The Green Market is bustling, fresh produce and local farmers and visitors and hagglers.
  • There was a hole in the vacant lot, out back of the Ralph’s. You vividly remember playing there when you were younger, but it has been filled up now.
  • All mirrors are uncovered.
  • Station Management greets you every morning when you come in for your job.
  • City Hall is uncovered all times of the day.
  • There is no single chimney in sight.
  • The sky goes from black, to pink, to orange, to blue, to red, to black, unless there’s sandstorms (yellow) or cloudy (white, or grey). There are no other colours.

clearlyfreshkoala  asked:

I have a kind of outdoor cat, because we have a dog and a doggy door, is there anyway to get the cat to stay inside without it impacting the dog? (She's old with cancer so I want her to be as happy as possible)

It’s a pain in the butt to do, but you can. You might have to modify the dog door, though. The best options are a) get a dog door that is heavy/stiff enough that the cat can’t push it open but the dog can or b) get one of those doors that only unlocks when an RFID chip is close enough and then only put the chip on the dog’s collar. 

You might still have problems with the cat trying to bolt out after the dog once it figures out the game has changed. 

5 colored Mother 3 Dogfish. Gonna keep posting little pixelart things but also do more 3D stuff.

Also thank you guys for your responses. I actually started my choice before I posted that so I’m gonna do that one first but then I’ll probably do a couple from the suggestions.

3D Dogfish that I did