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“How you turn my world

You precious thing.

You starve and near exhaust me.”

Custom Labyrinth hand-painted pleather vest, with hand stitched beading. Picture of a (rather adorable) movie outtake from the Jim Henson Archive. 

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I LOVE this fashion, but do you know of any ways this style can be incorporated into a more modern way...?

Great question! First of all, I’d like to point out that wearing hanfu does not require fancy hair, makeup, or accessories - it can be worn casually as you would any other clothing.

That said, there are many ways to incorporate hanfu styles in a more “modern” flavor. You can always mix-and-match hanfu separates into your usual wardrobe. There’s also an entire offshoot of hanfu called “hanyuansu/汉元素”, which refers to designs that utilize elements from traditional hanfu. Here are some of my suggestions/inspiration for incorporating hanfu style:

1) Shortening sleeves and/or hemlines can produce a more “modern” look.

2) Layer on a Beizi/褙子 (jacket) - Beizi are extremely versatile, and come in all lengths and materials, for all seasons. (note: the pics below are “hanyuansu”; real hanfu doesn’t have modern pockets)

3) Put on a Banbi/半臂 (half-sleeve jacket) or Bijia/比甲 (sleeveless jacket) - Similar to Beizi, but with shorter/no sleeves, these can be worn like cardigans/t-shirts/vests. 1st row: banbi, 2nd row: bijia.

4) Hanfu skirts - Try wearing a hanfu skirt with your outfit. Left: Ming Dynasty-style, Right: Tang Dynasty-style.

5) Song-style pants/宋裤 - These pants were popular with women during the Song Dynasty. Try adding them to your outfit. (note: the right pic is a modified, “shorts” version)

6) Doupeng/斗篷 (cloaks/capes) make a nice accessory during the colder months, and come in various lengths and designs.

These are only just a few ways to incorporate hanfu elements; there are a lot more ideas and designs out there. I hope this helps in providing inspiration :)

(edit: links to clothing are in this post)

Cardigan for Toddler Boys P01


Created for: The Sims 4

Cardigan for Toddler Boys
New item / 4 styles

I hope you like it :)

Creator Notes

Please don’t re-upload.
Please do not use my textures.
Please do not modify my clothes and claim them as your own.

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You do art tutorials OHMYGOSH ()sorry I'm new here. Can I ask how you draw your hair?

I..really don’t do tutorials ahaha, don’t think I’m that good explaining stuff, but I’d love to help if I can!

Hair is a very complicated thing, considering how many hairstyles there are.

Usually, what I look for in drawing hair (or designing hair) is making a recognizable shape! Something that makes you recognize the character’s hairstyle even without the character’s face being present.

Also, whatever you do, don’t draw the hair attached to the head!
It will look weird

oK so this is not a “tutorial” it’s more of a “don’ts” on hair ahaha

When dealing with long hair, I treat the longer/heavier strands as cloth, so the volume and weight are easier to deal with

depending on the type of hair, you can always modify the “cloth”, if it’s silky straight, just add hair texture to it, the curlier it gets, the more volume you need to add to it

Hope this helps you out, Anon! ♡

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Do you have a list of au's for people with disabled muses?

  • “Hey do you know when– oh you’re deaf? Okay cool, uhm, ‘time train arrive you know when? Correct?’” AU
  • Character A uses a mobility device, and while on using the elevator up to their apartment/class/office/etc., the elevator gets stuck and Character A is now in very close quarters with Character B until somebody can come get the two of them out.
  • Characters A and B both utilize American Sign Language, which comes in very handy when the two of them want to spill juicy gossip in the middle of a busy coffee shop. Character C is a barista who knows ASL and they’re secretly very invested in Character A and Character B’s drama.
  • “Hey, weird question, but I think I left my arm at your house last night? I remember taking it off, so could you look and see if it’s around anywhere?” AU
  • Character A was born legally blind, and through a friend of a friend, Character A learns about Character B, who recently became blind/visually impaired. Though Character B is working with a Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Center, they feel like they really need a friend who they can talk to…maybe somebody like Character A.
  • “Babe, I’m going to have to cancel our date. I’m having a really bad chronic pain day and I honestly need to stay home. Could we possibly have a quiet date night at my place?” AU
  • Because of their missing limb(s), Character A has learned how to modify their own clothes – everything from gym clothes to clubbing outfits – so that they’re easier to wear. Character B is an amputee and they ask Character A for sewing lessons so that they can also learn how to modify their clothing.

Island Paradise Base Game Compatible Clothing + Modified Lace Resort Top

A long time ago I uninstalled Island Paradise, but before I did I wanted some BG versions of some of my favorite outfits. Unfortunately, the hunt did not go so well. People made maternity defaults for them, teen versions, elder versions, but no one (that I could find) converted them to BG compatible for Young Adults/Adults. So, a little digging further I found a creator that did most of them, but she/he stated that she/he had issues with some of them (which is why she/he did not do all of them). Thus, very sadly, the ones I needed I could not find. Well my first attempts at making them BG compatible, I also experienced issues with the texture. It seemed as though it was linked to the EP itself, because it simply would not show up. Some trial and error later, viola.

  • Sims3Pack/Package Files Available
  • Everyday/Formal Categories
  • Custom Thumbnails

Lace Resort Top - 4 Color Presets

Modified Lace Resort Top (Included with Lace Resort Top as a Preset) - Removed weird buttons on Jacket / 4 Color Presets

Lace Boho Dress - 4 Color Presets

Strapless Dress - 4 Color Presets

Crimped Ruffled Top and Skirt - 4 Color Presets

Tied Shirt and Ruffled Skirt - 3 Color Presets

Download Whole Set

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I'm nonbinary and I want to look androgynous/gender neutral. I want people to look at me and not know what gender I am. All the "guides" I see everywhere on being androgynous are for "androgynous women" and they're all basically just advice for butch women. I want to look gender neutral, not like a butch women. Do any of you know resources I could use/tips for achieving this?

This is seriously a great question but a hard one!

In order to look completely androgynous, we should live in a society where the binary isn’t so deeply engraved in everything we do. When you meet random people on the street, they look at you and the first thing their try to figure out is whether you’re a boy or a girl. And when you go to a clothing store, the first choice you must make is whether you’re shopping for womenswear or menswear. To be honest, this sucks and makes it super hard to strive towards looking gender neutral.

Keeping this in mind, I can only come up with a few tips to help you look androgynous.

Option A: Avoid all gender markers.

  1. Start with your face. Do you have a face traditionally considered feminine/masculine? If so, this is the first thing you need to do. Certain parts of your face are most commonly the ones giving away false gender markers. Think about using makeup to shade the shape and bones of your face to look less feminine/masculine (there are multiple videos available on instructions to do this). This can also be done with a correct hairstyle that borders your face altering the shape of it. Another common gender marker are your eyebrows. Let them grow out or pluck them to a certain style to work as a counterweight for other gender markers of your face.
  2.  Write down a list of the body parts that give away gender markers as they are. Examples could be your hands, feet, waist, shoulders, chin… These are the problem areas you need to find ways to hide/alter/modify. Do this with clothes, compression garments, makeup. Let’s say your biggest problem area was your feet. Hide them with long and/or flowy pants. Choose whether letting your leg hair grow or shaving it off completely would better benefit your cause. Choose shoes that hide your toes, ankles, or other parts that give away markers. Write down a second list of different options and solutions to alter/hide your problem areas.
  3. When it comes to clothing, you’re probably going to have a few ideas already based on the lists created in the second step. If not, shop for unisex clothes. Choose to wear something bold and different, or something neutral and simple based on your personal style. If you manage to make your face and body work for you in a gender neutral way, the clothes will only work as further assets.

Option B: Use different gender markers to your benefit in order to confuse people.

  1. If you come to the conclusion that you don’t have enough unisex clothing stores available/your face will never look completely androgynous/you still get misgendered a lot, start spicing things up by intentionally adding small gender markers to your appearance. These markers are supposed to confuse people when they’re trying to figure out your gender. If your face is very masculine, make yourself look as androgynous as possible, and then add for example mascara/eye liner to confuse people even further. If your voice is quite feminine, use some more masculine pieces of clothing to balance the markers. It’s going to be extremely hard finding a presentation that stays completely neutral in the eyes of a passer-by. Don’t be afraid of using gender markers to your benefit.

I’m sorry I can’t do a better job in answering this. Does anyone else have better resources or tips to share?

Something I noticed with Gabriel Reyes, aka Reaper

He seems to like sewing…like a lot.

In the Halloween comic his costume looks homemade and made well too.

The costumes that Talon uses in the new comic are also very nice and seem to be referencing a lot through their designs. (I doubt any of the other members of Talon made those. Sombra doesn’t seem to care, Akande cares even less and Widowmaker /might/ be able to design something like that but she would probably only design it for herself)

So what I’m thinking is that Gabe probably wanted to be a fashion designer of some sort. He grew up in LA, which means he’d have a pretty good handle on the newest fashion trends. Also he is Hispanic and sewing our own clothes/modifying them by hand is also common so I can see where Gabe learned how to sew (if he didn’t teach himself). But I think instead of being able to pursue a career in fashion he was forced to join the military…and he just happened to be good at it.

Whether it was because of the Crisis, no one took his major seriously or because he couldn’t afford going to college he ended up being forced to enlist. After all Jack willingly signed up the second he could. It would be interesting if Gabe was forced to join and ended up getting into the ‘soldier enhancement program’ and it all snowballed from there.

I also like to think that, despite everything that’s happened to Gabe, and all the trauma he went through, he can find some solstice in sewing and designing clothes. Even if no one appreciates them.

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Hey Spooky, what advice do you have for overweight goths who are also poor and can't afford really expensive brands or items of clothing, let alone fit in most of the clothes sold at stores, to dress how they want? As a larger person, I can't find clothes I really like, or anything close to my size. I suffer with very large unisex t-shirts, jeans, and no makeup (because that too is too expensive), but never feel like I dress how I want. I want to dress goth,but it seems that it's weight limited.

Hmm, I’ve never had this issue myself so I can’t really answer with personal experience, but a few things come to mind:

  • Basic sewing skills are always great because they let you modify basic pieces of clothing into something that looks more “you”. If you know basic stitches, you’re not limited to finding that one perfect piece of clothing that both fits you and looks good, but you can find something in your size and then add or take out whatever it is that you want to express your style (e.g. lace or studs). Cut, add, take in, take out as you wish!
  • Never underestimate the power of bargain stores, second hand stores and eBay! There are also goth swap/give/buy/sell groups on pages like Facebook where you can make great finds if you keep your eyes open and act fast. The members are of every gender, size, and age, and the clothing comes from all over the world and from different years, so the selection isn’t as limited by trends and prominent brands.
  • One step further from basic modifying would be to learn how to sew clothing from scratch which would ensure correct fit and style every time. The price of the sewing machine pays itself back quite quickly (especially if you buy a used one), but I do understand this is not always possible for everyone.
  • Instead of spending money on creating a vast wardrobe, try investing in a few basic go-to outfits that you can wear on multiple occasions and alter the look of with accessories. For example, a basic velvet dress can be turned into so many different outfits depending on what you wear with it: a shawl, a hat, a belt, a collar or lots of jewellery all send out different vibes and the best part is that accessories like those are usually quite cheap.
    If you have trouble finding a basic piece of clothing like that, there are gothic brands that do big sizes. For example, @corvuscoronefashionphotography (or on Etsy) makes really nice gothy clothing and the sizes go up to UK 22 and bigger sizes are available custom made. They are a bit pricier than what you’d get at mainstream stores but they ensure a correct a size and the style is already there. Again, I know it’s not always possible to save up but even one really nice piece of clothing in your wardrobe can make you feel so much better about your style!

I’m sorry I can’t be of much more help and I don’t really know if that was helpful in the first place. There are a few blogs dedicated to plus size goths, so maybe the people who have submitted there will have better ideas and tips. I can’t access one of them (my browser blocks it for some reason) but the other blog is here: @plussizegoths.
Good luck! (: