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Fang Modded Minifee Celine par Leilah


Modded Fairyline Sia par Leilah


Perhaps you have a problem

With all manner of undead.

The lawn has been infested

With things that you do dread.

Ghasts, they may be listening

And skeletons abound.

You can hear the zombies creeping

As they claw out of the ground.

There is one who may help you

From this fearsome, loathsome plight;

A piper who takes terror

And plays it out of sight.

They say he keeps his soul

In a prison in his chest;

That a ghoul gnawed off an arm

But he would not let it rest.

From place to place he travels

With his flute and magic neumes,

Helping all who pay his price

From nocturnal, ghostly doom.

A word of warning you should hear

If his price be left betrayed:

The Necropiper knows the tune

For living to join the grave.

-”The Necropiper” by L. Buff

2015 Dragon Con Art Show


Yay! Dolly face up day is a success!
My first faceups in at least a year, and I think they were rather successful!
Neither of these boys have names yet, But what we have is a very friendly Itsy Bitsy spider (Modified Doll chateau Elisabeth) and a mer-Narhwal. (Soom zinc centaur, post-donation to another mod project)
The narhwal doesn’t have his tail built yet, otherwise it would be in the pic too. A little at a time!

Made with Flickr

Rindy sitting pretty par Leilah