modified bjd


Yay! Dolly face up day is a success!
My first faceups in at least a year, and I think they were rather successful!
Neither of these boys have names yet, But what we have is a very friendly Itsy Bitsy spider (Modified Doll chateau Elisabeth) and a mer-Narhwal. (Soom zinc centaur, post-donation to another mod project)
The narhwal doesn’t have his tail built yet, otherwise it would be in the pic too. A little at a time!

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Fang Modded Minifee Celine par Leilah


Random close ups of my Mano trying on wigs, because I suck!

I was actually planning on sewing a top for him, but I misplaced the fabric I purchased a few years ago. I ended up searching for it for hours, with no luck. The wig in the first image with the two photos is a Monique Butter-cup in black with blue highlights. it belongs to my SD Paris. The wig in the second image is a JPop Kanalong in a shade called misery, it was the first wig I got for him ten years ago; it’s the closest to his actual hair color which is supposed to be midnight blue. The last wig is one I made for him - I gave it asymmetrical bangs, it’s the right length but the wrong color and hair style for him. I have another wig I made for him, with a blue-black mix of heat resistant fiber, it’s not my favorite but it’s also the right length and the closest to his actual hair style. However, I also seem to have misplaced that. I need to do some rearranging soon. DX


Modded Fairyline Sia par Leilah


Having been in the bjd hobby since 2008, I owed my inspiration to two OCs shelled both as the SOOM classics, MechaAngels Sabik and Meisa. Their oldschool beauty still enamors me, but I wanted to downsize (try to find props and clothes for an 80cm giant!), literally, reshelling my Yaret and Anna as smaller, SD-sized dolls. Since Soom has released a SG Sabik, Yaret wasn’t an issue, but finding a doll for Anna was tricky. In truth, Soom Meisa is “too pretty” for the character, whose beauty I always saw as unconventional and soulful in the way of Jennifer Connelly. When I saw Dollshe Aramis, I felt it could be reshaped just right for the character.

So, here she is, my new Anna Reilly, a Dollshe femAramis on Dollstown 18 y.o., modified by me.