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Groceries in the 2040s | The Future of Food

Short video essay by Adam Dylewski presents ideas about how food and shopping could be like in the future, illustrated using the virtual reality art tool Oculus Quill:

What might a trip to the grocery store be like in the 2040s? This episode looks at how cultured meat, genetically modified produce, augmented reality, vertical farming and automation might transform the future of food. 



How to easily modify a MAM baby button pacifier to be an adult pacifier!

1. Take the pacifier with the nipple you want to use apart

2. Cut the nipple off of your MAM baby pacifier (not required but makes it easier)

3. Take a tiny flathead screw driver and locate the tiny hole on the rim where the button of your pacifier meets the shield, it’s on the side, push gently in at that spot with the flathead screwdriver so the flathead gets a teeny bit between the shield and the button, now gently pry up, it should half pop off and you should be able to then gently pry the button off with your hands. Remove the end of the nipple from the button or shield, You should now have four pieces, button, shield and two pieces of nipple, discard the nipple.

4. Now take the nipple from your big one and put the ring at the end through the front of your shield

5. Pull the nipple through until it gets to the point where it starts widening then, cut two small slits in the ring of the nipple on the sides (they should line up with the slits in the side of the shield, this is so that the button can fasten probably again)

6. Pull the nipple back down so that the ring is setting in the well of the shield

7. Take the button and put it back on, to attach it you want to press pretty hard, to avoid damaging the button i personally step on it with the heel of my foot, you will likely get it half way on, press again with your heel but giving more pressure to the side that’s not on and you will hear a pop/click when it’s back in place!

Now you’re all set! Just remember to clean it before and after modding it!

Btw I took apart Two MAM Button Pacifiers and used the glow button from one and the lighter shield from the other!!
Hope this helps someone’s!!

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