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Those who say “My child, my choice.”

really mean “My MALE child, my choice.”

And it’s highly unlikely they were protesting the loss of a mutilation ‘choice’ in 1997 [when the anti-FGM law went into effect in the U.S.]. They weren’t concerned about losing a 'choice’ they were not conditioned to expect or to consider as a 'parental right.’


P.S.  I’ve been asked why I sometimes post about adult circumcision.  "Fully-informed consent"– specifically the lack thereof– is the answer.

In the United States particularly, those lacking foreskins claim that having one… is a public health threat, or a social burden, or a defect, or simply an ugly physical feature… in all ways trivializing or denying the male prepuce’s features and functions.  

I know a few men who were circumcised as adults.  

They chose a cosmetic procedure (see here one reason why adult circ is considered (NSFW)) only because they were assured it wouldn’t affect their sex lives.  They were lied to.  They feel mutilated.

Those men deserved better too.


2011 Subaru STi 

Mod List

-EFI logics pro tuned Stage 2+ 93 octane
-300awhp 345awtq
-All Perrin dress up
-Perrin sway bar
-Invidia n1 street cat back exhuast 
-Invidia catless downpipe
-Perrin short ram intake 

-35% tint all around
-Black top aero CF front lip and side skirts
-Oem Subaru vortex generator 
-Perrin shorty antenna
-Rally Armor mudflaps (black with red logo) 

Wheel and Suspension: 
-Tanabe sustec coilovers PRO S-0C
-18x10 rota rt5’s (first GD STi on these wheels)
-245/40/18 Bridgestone G-forces

-Kenwood Navigation
-Alcantara wrapped center console 
-Alcantara shift boot/ brake boot
-flossy weighted black shift knob
-AEM air/fuel (digital) guage in a solid modifcations vent pod
-COBB Acessport
-SMY clusterMaker dual gauge Pod with pro sport boost and EGT guages