Neo-Oni Breed: African District

In the future, Body modication has lead to some legends to not only come back to life, but to also become militarized. Speed, strength, and skill all encompass this class of Super soldiers, repurposed as Anti-tank, anti-mech infantry. 

This is part two of my look into more afrocentric designs. This Time I combined characteristics from Oni/Japanese lore. Wanted to make sure I didnt exaggerate the wrong things, less it become to close to a “caricature”.

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Struthio Elixus - Boiled Ostrich

(Disclaimer: I did not actually eat any ostrich)


Black pepper

Handful of fresh mint

½ tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp celery seeds

3 dates

1 large tsp honey

1 tsp vinegar

1 tbsp grape juice (or raisin wine)

2 tsp fish sauce

1 tbsp olive oil

¼ cup water

1 tbsp flour

100g meat (theoretically ostrich meat. I used beef. Any lean red meat should do.)


Cover the meat in water, bring to the boil, and simmer with a lid until it is tender. (I can’t tell you how long this takes, because I didn’t cook mine for long enough. But for a while. Test it occasionally. IDK.)

While the meat is boiling, roast the cumin seeds in the bottom of a hot saucepan until they are brown. Then mix all the ingredients except the flour in a saucepan, and heat it until it is boiling. Turn it down, and while it does its thing, mix the flour with a little bit of cold water, to form a paste. Add a spoonful of the boiling mixture, and stir some more. When it is all nice and smooth, pour it into the pan and stir lots until it thickens.

Drain the meat, add the sauce, and put pepper on top. Pretend it is ostrich.Eat. 

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Mark April 14th in your diary! Because that’s the day Zooey Deschanel’s capsule collection (a collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger named “To Tommy, from Zooey”) launches at Macy’s. It’ll be full of vintage inspired dresses in a style that Zooey has dubbed “Modical” - the perfect blend of Mod and nautical! From the look of these sketches and photos of Zooey in her designs, the collection will not disappoint!


Team A:

  • Jernej Damjan
  • Nejc Dežman
  • Jaka Hvala
  • Robert Kranjec
  • Anže Lanišek
  • Domen Prevc 
  • Peter Prevc
  • Anže Semenič
  • Jurij Tepeš

Team B:

  • Cene Prevc (but he is training with Team A)
  • Matjaž Pungertar
  • Tomaž Naglič
  • Jure Šinkovec (otherwise Team A but training with Team B)
  • Miran Zupančič
  • Andraž Pograjc
  • Rok Justin
  • Ernest Prišlič
  • Andraž Modic (candidat for Team B)