I don’t get Tumblr.

I mean they seem to fully understand the concept of triggers - stimuli that cause uncontrollable responses in a person’s body and make it hard for that person to control their thoughts or behaviors.

They also seem to understand turn ons, when a person is sexually stirred by stimuli.

Yet when a girl is wearing extremely revealing clothing, and it distracts a guy, he’s told to deal with it. Yeah, something as small as a bra strap isn’t that bad, and yes, you should always fight against bad impulses. But ask any guy and they’ll tell you it’s a struggle sometimes to think purely when around women wearing immodest clothing.

The world is full of stimuli, friends. Our bodies will always respond to stimuli. 

So if you can understand triggers and turn ons, you should be able to understand the concept of guys getting frustrated sometimes when they want to think purely but their own brains are working against them.


When i’m doing my research for that blog i see too many of this generally followed by “modest is hottest”. I know these people are well intentioned. I know they want to encourage girls and women to dress modestly. However i hate the way they do it. 

 You don’t need to promote modesty by scorning at women who don’t dress modestly. 

 You don’t need to promote modesty as sexy/hot. MODESTY ISN’T ABOUT BEING SEXY WITH A RELIGIOUS APPROVAL. 

 You don’t need to promote modesty based on how men will react. Your life doesn’t revolve around men. Look, if a man’s respect depends on how much clothes a woman is wearing then that man doesn’t worth your time.