The Start of Something Good (hopefully!) - HijabonitaBOX

Okay so, I know I haven’t been posting on this blog too often recently and that was really because I needed a break from social media. That being said I realise this may not be read by a lot of people, but I’m just gonna put this out there anyway and it would mean so much to me if you did :)

So for years - and I mean literally YEARS - I have wanted to start a brand with the name HIJABONITA specialising in modest but chic clothing and hijabs for Muslim women. I had this idea at a time in my life where I was prevented by various circumstances and limits put upon me and my freedom to pursue what I was passionate about. And so unfortunately I never had the chance to make this dream a reality. Until now. But these days there are so many places you can look to find modest clothing, not like how it was when I first came up with the idea - back then Islamic clothing stores seemed to sell exclusively bin bags.  I wanted to make chic modest fashion accessible for Muslim women who also didn’t have hundreds of pounds to spend to get actual classy attire. Now we have places like Inaya etc who cater for this very well.

However! I have been musing about a new direction in which to take my dream and that is through a subscription box, but purely aimed at you guys - hijabis or just Muslims, mainly girls, who want something personal to them, something different.

Now this box won’t just be a hijab, some hijab pins, etc etc etc - I’ll aim to go beyond that. For now I can’t tell exactly what the boxes will contain, but I just want to put some feelers out to see what you guys think. These boxes will be tailored to the needs of the modern Muslimah who wants to live life to the fullest but in a halal way.

I’m coming up with names, and right now I’m going for HijabonitaBOX. Because Hijabonita has been my idenity and my baby for so long so I feel like it should be part of the name. However if any of you would like to suggest names then I would be so happy to consider them!

So yeah, anyway, I would just like to know what you guys - potential box receivers - think of this idea :)

Peace <3