the-replicator  asked:

30, 59, 85, 117 B)

30:Favourite band

It changes all the time! As for right now it’s probably combichrist. Or actually mabey death grips? I love both a lot. Or Slipknot. marilyn manson is good too( just the older stuff)

59:Do I have any strange phobias?

Hmm…. I can’t really think of any right that are strange. Sorry! I don’t have a lot phobias.

85:What would be a question I’d be afraid to tell the truth on?

The question would probably be “how much money have you spent on furry stuff?” Let me tell you. It’s a lot.

117:What concerts have I been to?

I went to the 2014 warped tour and saw a lot of bands. Then I’ve been to a modest mouse concert and a The Growlers concerts. I was going to go to the death grips one near me, but it was 21+ :(

Thank you for the asks!!!! :0


This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to shoot the band “Brand New” @brandnewrock when they came through Pittsburgh while on tour with Modest Mouse, here are some of my favorite shots, feel free to repost or follow here or on IG at