modest wedding

I went to school with @hodasal so I was flattered she asked me to help hijabify her for her wedding. She chose beautiful grey tones for her dress and for her hijab she wanted a look where her forehead would be covered. The best thing for that is to wear a cap that is lowered, but for your wedding you want to keep it classy so I suggested a skull cap made of lace. Her talented mum and Aunty sewed her dress and made the cap out of lace from the dress and the result was perfection MashAllah

These days I’ve been recommending veils made of a silk chiffon or any similar semi transparent fabric instead of a tulle veil. If your wedding dress isn’t not very traditional, why should your veil be? Keeping it long adds elegance and height.

Photography: Timmy Smalls
A Changed Tommy

word count: 2826 

context: set just before series 1

A Changed Tommy- 

You and Thomas were childhood sweet hearts ever since you were 5 years old in the narrow backstreet of Small Heath when a boisterous yet innocent Tommy gave you a stone he carved a heart into.

He had always been so sweet and caring towards you especially in his youth where the innocence of childhood made him so loving and unafraid to share all of his emotions to you, this soon changed following his return from the War.

August 14th 1914 the Great War began the turning of events for everyone but especially Thomas Shelby. ‘I’m volunteering and I leave tomorrow but I promise you that when I come back I’m going to marry you’ Thomas said as he held you in his arms with his chin resting on your head.

‘Damn you Tommy, I don’t want you to go even if it is to defend your fuckin’ country. What if you never come back’ you sobbed as you clung onto him with your head burrowed into his chest, you stood there crying for another 5 minutes as he stayed silent. The thought of him leaving you when he was all that you had scared you. Not once did a day pass by that you weren’t in each other’s company so to have him leave so abruptly scared you to say the least to live alone without him beside you as it was always had been.

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