modest street wear

I want a game called Walk Down The Street

It’s a video game, and its main protagonist is a female in New York or some other city trying to walk home. You never see the protagonist. You’re armed with your keys, your wallet or purse, a phone that may or may not be dead, whatever a female might have trying to walk home.

Here’s the kicker.

It’s at night.

It’s styled like a first person shooter, but physically the character cannot defend themselves like a video game character usually can. You can’t knock down enemies before they’re enemies–they’ll defeat you and it’s game over. There’s a paranoia meter. If you get caught in a situation, you can only use the limited amount of self defense your character has to hopefully escape, but sometimes it’s not possible. There’s also a meter for endurance and public image. You can’t just full out sprint home–the walk is too far and you’ll not only run out of steam, but your public image goes down. If your paranoia is up, you can run longer faster without any penalty from public image. Public image is important because it can effect game play and what attention you might bring to yourself. You have to not stare at anyone, particularly makes, too long or they might turn out to be enemies. You might encounter another female or male in a bad situation and have to choose whether to proceed walking home or get involved. You also have ‘friends’, who are technically strangers, and if you’re in a situation (or they tell you you’re in a situation even if you didn’t realize it), you may have to choose whether you accept their help or not. They’re strangers. They might just be enemies trying to get close. You can yell for help, but it might not work.

Make too many 'wrong’ mistakes, you lose and end up in a newspaper as a dead/missing person. This might not happen immediately–as in, you might gain a stalker. On your walk, you might be stalked. You might be grabbed. You might be groped. You might not have an incident at all. If you get through the night, your reward is to do it all over again. The full game is a full week (seven days/nights) of doing this.

This is a kind of a horror game, yes. The real horror is the fact that this is someone’s life.

Have fun gaming.