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tell me I’m your national anthem [fic preview]

red, white, blues in the skies
summer’s in the air and baby, heaven’s in your eyes…


Lexa Woods has the world at her feet.

Heir apparent to billionaire CEO Titus Woods and darling of East Coast high society, Lexa has one perfect Hamptons summer of galas and yacht parties before she is granted control of one of the wealthiest corporations in the world. 

Enter Clarke Griffin. The wealthy and irreverent daughter of West Coast tech boom entrepreneurs, she is the one girl who can threaten Lexa’s perfect summer.

And the only one she can’t resist. 


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anonymous asked:

I've been thinking a lot about Gladio going to a library and falling in kove with the girl that works there so if you still accepting requests I would be really glad if you did :D

I felt the only way I could write this was to make an OC. I hope that’s chill :o

This was a really cute idea and I thought on it a lot. So I hope it’s worth the wait and thought. Thanks for the request anon!

Yay Innocent Gladio stories. I really like flustered Gladio. It’s a rarity and I enjoy it. Yes. 

Also I couldn’t help but add a gif hehe <3

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The Librarian

Isabelle was there just like always. She stood before the one of the many wooden bookshelves, organizing them carefully. It was the time of day that she would clean up after the various kids that visited the library throughout the afternoon, completely ruining the organization of the dewey decimal system. It never angered her, nor did it ever annoy her. Isabelle always did her job with a grin on her red painted lips.

Her white buttoned up shirt covered her olive toned arms. Her long raven hair was pulled into a tight ponytail that rested up the top of her head. Her black pencil skirt reach the mid section of her short, thin legs. Her thick black framed glasses rested on her nose while her brown eyes scanned the numerous book spines displayed on the bookshelf. Despite the black heels she wore on her feet, she still was unable to reach the two top shelves of the towering wooden book case.

Gladio peeked up from his book and smiled to himself as he watched her. Reading at the library had become as much as a distraction as reading at home. While at home, he had Iris constantly poking at him and chatting… Isabelle made him drool like a hungry dog.

He’d become a regular visiter to the library over the past few month…

Gladiolus Amicitia has been labeled as a “ladies man” since his mid-teenaged years. He went from girl after girl. Only several times has he found a woman willing to start a serious relationship with. Of course, such relationships never lasted.

When he first set eyes on Isabelle, however…

He knew he was in trouble.

He wanted her. Not for a single night. Not for a physical fling. He wanted her to be his just as much as he wanted to be hers. She was intelligent, sweet… dorky in the most adorable way. She shared similar interests with Gladio in his selection of books.

They would sit and talk for hours. Even after the library was shut off to the public.

Every time he approached the library, he swore to himself he would ask Isabelle out on a date. Unexpectedly, when the appropriate time came, he chickened out.

That came as a major shock to Gladio. He was always so smooth with his words. He never got nervous around other women while asking them out for a date. But there was something about Isabelle that made Gladio weak in the knees.

“The big guy’s got it bad,” Noctis would tease, each and every time Gladio would bring up Isabelle into conversation… which happens more often than usual.

Now he sat stationary at his usual seat, watching Isabelle sort through the books with a light smile on her lips. She loved what she did and had no issue showing it. Gladiolus found that most attractive…

Gladio studied her carefully as Isabelle picked up a particular book off of her cart. Her smile vanished, a sudden distraught expression painting over her pretty features. With an audible sigh, she got on her tip toes.

Even in her high heeled shoes she stood steady, reaching up for one of the shelves that just laid out of her reach with no luck. “Ugh!” She grunted, stretching her self to her limit. She lowered her self back onto her heels, standing flat on the ground. Completely disgruntled, she stared down at the hardcover book. Gladio could easily tell she was devising a plan.

Her chocolate brown eyes searched for a near by chair.

That’s when Gladio got to his feet.

He devised a plan of his own.

“Need some help?” Gladiolus said in a voice only louder than a whisper as he approached her. Numerous people still dwelled inside the library. He knew if he spoke any louder, he would only elicit a scolding hush from Isabelle, who would then shoot him a wink and a grin

Isabelle’s smile up at the burly man as he approached her. “That would be very nice,” she sighed in relief. “I wish this library would invest in ladders. Or taller librarians,” she giggled.  “Have you considered a career in book keeping? You’ve definitely got the legs for it,” she stopped her sentence suddenly, her dark toned face flushing of her normal color. “That came out very… wrong.”

Gladio felt his heart flutter against his chest.

Damn. This girl had him wrapped around her finger… without even really doing anything.  He didn’t know if he was enjoying such a feeling or not…

He chuckled lowly. “It’s alright,” he assured. “What can I do for you?”

“This book is supposed to get on that shelf up there,” she pointed upward, gesturing to the second shelf from the very top. “In between 887.6 and 888.1,” she explained, offering the book out to Gladio.

It was time for his plan to come to flourishing.

“I have a better idea,” he gentle tapped the book backward, deeper into the young librarian’s grasp.

She looked up to Gladio curiously. “What’s that?” She questioned enthusiastically, hugging the hardcover book to her chest.

“I’ll give you lift,” he offered.

Isabelle smiled. “If you think that will work better! How can I say no to you, Mister Amicitia?” She turned to face the bookshelf, the color in cheeks still slightly flushed at the sound of his offer.

Gladio gingerly wrapped his arms around the petite woman’s waist. He took a quick second to inhale her scent or strawberries… admiring the comforting heat that radiated off her. Not wanting to seem too suspicious with his touch, he lifted her upward, finally allowing her to be face to face with the shelf she so desired to reach. 

Her small, skinny figure made her easy to lift. He held her upward without a wavering movement. “Got it!” She called down to him, cuing him to lower her back to the thin carpeted floor.

Gladio did as instructed, secretly wishing his hands wouldn’t have to leave the lady he was so infatuated with.

Her heeled shoes hit the carpet with a muffled click, but to Gladio’s surprise, she didn’t leave his grasp.

Gladio opened his lips to say something, but stopped suddenly as he watched Isabelle spin around in his arms. “Thank you for your help Gladio,” she smiled sincerely.

His calloused hands slowly left her body, leaving a lingering touch to her waist, covered by her modest pencil skirt.

“Anytime, Is,” he nodded, addressing her by the nickname he had given her over the several long months in which they got to know each other better.

Isabelle gulped, leaving an awkward silence between the two. Even though the silence lasted only matter of mere moments, it felt as if the quiet stabbed daggers in to both the man and woman standing before each other. “Listen,” Isabelle cleared her throat. “I’d… really like to thank you for all the times you’ve helped me out in the library,” she smiled sheepishly. “Not to mention coming to visit me every week. I know you’re a busy man… and I really appreciate you coming to the library,” her dark eyes averted to the floor. She clasped her hands together, beginning to fidget with her thumbs nervously. “Would you be opposed to me buying you a nice dinner tonight once I close?”

A feeling of a joyful surprise filled Gladiolus’s stomach. “I’d love to go out with you, but I couldn’t let a lady pay for me,” he smirked happily.

“How about splitting the bill?” She tried to compromise.

“Not happening, Is. I think I’d much rather take you out on a proper date. I’m buying,” he felt his usual confidence return to his aide.

Isabelle shyly put her lip. “I still can’t bring myself to say no to you, Mister Amicitia,” she smiled. “That sounds lovely.”

Happy Birthday

Request:  Hi!! I’m in love with your blog, I just found it and it’s amazing :) The stress reliever Jimin smut was sooo good and Jimin is my ultimate bias so I need more!! Can I request a Jimin smut where he offers to give the reader a full body massage as a birthday present and things get a little heated *wink wink* Thanks you’re amazing <3

Ahhhhh!!!! Thank you so much!! You have no idea what that means to me! I’m so glad you like my blog! The Stress Reliever Jimin smut is pretty popular. I’m glad you liked it and I hope you like this one just as much. I had a lot of fun writing it (Hence the length of it) and I hope you enjoy reading it! Sorry it took so long! 😬

Pairing: Park Jimin X Reader

Word Count: 3,386

Genre: Smut

Happy birthday, baby girl!!!

♡ , JIMIN 

Was scrawled out sloppily in Korean on a small card you found in a colorful bouquet of flowers that were placed in front of two helium balloons saying ‘happy birthday’ as well. A huge smile spread across your tired face as you read it.

Jimin always outdid himself when it came to special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Even when the two of you were weren’t together, he always had little surprises planned throughout the day for you.

“Jimin,” you whispered to yourself, shaking your head. Sadly, he had schedules most of the day, leaving you alone on your birthday. You understood and fully supported his career, but you couldn’t help being a little sad your mochi wouldn’t be with you for the day. Suddenly, your phone buzzed on the counter, turning your frown upside down.

'Happy birthday, my beautiful princess! I hope you like your gifts!’

'I love it, Chim! Thank you so much!’

You smiled as you typed the message, hitting send. You took in a deep breath, looking around your apartment for clues of other surprises he had planned when your phone went off again.

'You think I would hide your presents in the apartment? What kind of fool do you take me for?’


You giggled as you feigned innocence.

'I know you better than you think, baby. Enjoy your day without me. I’ll be home as soon as possible.’

You held your phone to your chest, swooning at how adorable your boyfriend was as you wandered back into your bedroom. You dropped yourself onto your king sized bed, pulling the expensive duvet up to your chin to take a nap even though you just got up, but it was your day.

About an hour later, you were awoken by an impatient Jimin. He gently slid his hand up your side, kissing your cheek. “Jagi… Jagiya!” He whispered, his lips brushing against your ear. A smile tugged on your lips as you woke up, but kept your eyes closed. “Oh come on, Jagi! I know you’re awake!” He giggled, rolling you onto your back. “I saw you smile!”

“I’m dreaming!” You smiled, keeping your eyes closed. You heard him laugh, his hand settling on your tummy.

“Oh yeah? What about?” He asked, curiosity in his voice. You cracked an eye open, looking over at him. He had his head propped up on his hand as his elbow was pressed into your memory foam mattress.

“Mmm” You hummed, closing your eye again. You heard him laughing at you as his hand on your stomach moved up in down. “I don’t know.” You smiled, sliding your hands around him under his jacket. You admired his handsome features before pulling back to look at his outfit. “Chim, what are you wearing?” You asked, noticing he was wearing a suit.

“It’s my girl’s birthday.” He whispered, brushing your hair back. “Can’t I look nice for her?” He asked, leaning closer. Your breath hitched as a smile developed on your face. You were about to close your eyes for a kiss when he quickly pulled away. You whined as he giggled, straightening his tie when he stood up.

“Jimiiiiin.” You whined loudly with a loud huff and thrashing a bit on your bed. He laughed, shaking his head at your little tantrum.

“Baby, calm down. Come here.” He smiled, leaning his knees on the end of your bed and holding his arms out. You faked a pout, crawling over to him.

You sat criss cross applesauce in front of him, crossing your arms. He sighed, tilting your chin up as he leaned down, kissing your lips. You smiled, your eyes still closed as he pulled away. “You’re such a baby.” He laughed, kissing your nose. “But you’re my baby. Get dressed, sweetheart!” He exclaimed, picking you up and placing you on the ground. You took in a deep breath, biting your lip as you examined the artwork before you that was your boyfriend of over two years.

“Park Jimin…” you trailed off, thinking. “What have you planned for me this time?” You asked, a rhetorical question, knowing he wouldn’t answer. He simply shrugged, biting his lip at the way you were looking at him.

“Keep looking at me like that and the only plans you’ll be looking at involve that bed of yours.” He winked. You popped your eyebrows, making an 'O’ shape with your lips. “Go get ready, princess.” He laughed, turning you toward the bathroom connected to your room and smacking your ass. You jumped before scurrying into the room, looking at yourself in the mirror.

You leaned your butt on the sink, pulling out your phone. You had a few birthday texts to return and you decided now was the best time to do it before Jimin stole all your attention for the remaining hours of the day.

Kookie: 'Happy Birthday!!!!!! I hope Jiminie hyung treats you well!’

TaeTae: 'Happy Birthday, Y/n! I miss you! I’ll give you your present later.’

Mom: 'Happy Birthday, sweetie! I miss you!’

Yoongi: 'Happy Birthday’

Jin: 'Happy Birthday, Y/n! I’ll make you food later!’

Joon: 'Y/n! You’re getting so old! Happy Birthday!’

Hobi: 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Y/N!!!!!!!!!!!!’

You smiled, saying your thank yous to everyone before putting your phone down. It was now 2:00 and you had no idea what his time schedule was for the day. “Chim, what should I wear?” You called, taking your curling iron out from its drawer. You plugged it in, looking at Jimin as he made his way over to the doorway. He grabbed the door handle and pulled it shut, revealing a beautiful burgundy dress hanging on the back of the door. You gasped, taking the fabric in your hands.

“Happy Birthday!” He exclaimed. You were so excited, you put it on, admiring the dress in your full length mirror. It hugged your chest perfectly with a modest neckline as the skirt popped out a little at your waist. You turned to your side then the other side, admiring how it complimented your body perfectly.

“I love it, Jimin!” You exclaimed, opening the door and jumping into his arms. He laughed, spinning you around.

“It looks amazing on you. You’re so beautiful.” He smiled, kissing your forehead.

“Ah! I need to do my make up!” You yelled, startling him as you ran back into the bathroom.

20 minutes later, you exited the bathroom with perfect hair and makeup. You were confident that you were ready for any situation he was going to throw at you. You did a twirl for him, showing off your whole look. “So? What do you think?” You asked, holding the skirt of your dress out. He smiled, moving closer to you and resting his hands on your hips.

“You’re stunning, Jagiya. Even without makeup.” He complimented, making you smile even bigger.

“Oh stop it.” You giggled, leaning up on your tiptoes to kiss him. “Where are we going?” You asked, tilting your head to the side. He just smiled in response as you put on your favorite black heels. “Where are we going?” You asked again. He laughed a little before taking your hand and leading you out of your apartment. “Jimin!” You whined as he pulled you behind him.

“Close your eyes, babe.” He said softly as he stopped, turning around to face you. You pouted, but did as you were told, closing your eyes.

He slipped his arm around your back, pulling you closer as you walked down the hallways of your apartment building a little more. Finally you came to a stop and heard a door open. You were confused, considering the exit to your building was in the opposite direction, but kept your eyes closed anyway. “Hold on, baby.” You heard him say as he stopped you and picked you up.

“Jimin!” You exclaimed, more shocked than anything. He chuckled as he carried you up the stairs bridal style, confusing you further. He smelled good, as always, and his breath fanning against your face comforted you. That’s when he put you down. You heard another door open and a warm breeze blew your dress slightly.

“Open them.” He said, excitement clear in his voice. You smiled as you opened your eyes, seeing twinkle lights set up around your friends as well as presents.

“Oh my….” You started, covering your mouth as you felt tears sting your eyes. “Chim…” You turned around, seeing him smiling at you.

“Happy birthday, princess.” He said simply as you hugged him tightly. You turned around seeing all of your friends watching you.

“Y/n!! Happy birthday!” Taehyung exclaimed, hugging you. You smiled, thanking him as you hugged him back.

The rest of the party had you smiling so much, your cheeks hurt. You had never been so genuinely happy in such a long time. Everyone was so happy to see you and wished you a happy birthday, handing you present after present. Jimin really outdid himself. You felt spoiled as he and the rest of BTS helped you carry your presents downstairs to your apartment after everyone else left, declaring the party over.

“Thank you so much, guys.” You smiled as the last of your things were brought down from the roof. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“We’re glad to help, Y/n.” Namjoon smiled, hugging you. “We should go though. Happy birthday.” He said one last time as he pulled away.

“Thank you.”

“Yeah, happy birthday, Y/n. I hope you like that ipod.” Jungkook smiled, pulling you in for a hug. You giggled.

“Yes, I do. Thank you, Kookie.” You replied. Next was Jin, giving you a hug and a kiss on the cheek as he wished you a happy birthday again. Then Yoongi giving you a tired smile as well as a weak hug. You laughed at the tired idol as he turned to go stand by the door. Hobi gave you that sunshine smile before hugging you tightly.

“Happy birthday, Y/n.” He exclaimed happily. Last was your’s and Jimin’s best friend, Taehyung. He smiled that box grin of his as you glared at him.

“Taehyung.” You groaned looking at the Gucci box in his hands. He handed it to you as you gave him a nervous look.

“Open it!”

You cracked it open, seeing a black and rose gold Gucci Diamantissima watch. It was simple and elegant, making you fall in love immediately.

“Tae, I can’t accept this.” You said softly, looking up at him. He smiled, knowing you loved it.

“Of course you can! It’s Gucci!” He exclaimed. You sighed, knowing he wouldn’t accept no for an answer.

“Thank you. So much.” You smiled, hugging him. He hugged you back, giggling softly in your ear.

“Put it on! I’ve been dying to take it out of the box since I bought it!” He almost yelled, too excited for his own good.

“Okay, okay!” You laughed, taking the watch out of the designer box. You handed it him, letting him buckle it on around your wrist. It looked magnificent. “Thank you, Tae. So much.” You smiled, admiring your new accessory.

“I’m glad you like it. Happy Birthday, Y/n.” He smiled,  joining the rest of the guys by the door.

“Happy birthday!” They all yelled with a few waves as they walked out the door. You smiled, waving back until Jimin shut the door behind them. You sighed happily as he walked back over to you.

“Thank you so much, Jimin.” You smiled as he admired your present from Taehyung.

“Anything for you, my love.” He whispered, looking up to your eyes as he pulled your hand to his lips, pressing a kiss to the back of it. He smiled sweetly, leading you back to your room. Once you walked through the doorway, he let go of your hand and shrugged his jacket off, throwing it on the bed. Next, he pulled on his tie, squeezing his eyes shut and showing off all of his teeth and making your laugh. Once he got the top button of his shirt undone, he sighed in relief.

You giggled as you leaned against the frame of the door, watching him. He sat on the edge of the bed, staring at you. “Want a massage, sweet heart?” He asked, eyes studying you. Your face lit up.

“Really?” You asked, excited. He nodded, standing up.

“Come here.”

You rushed over to him maybe a little too fast as he laughed at how eager you were. He shook his head, pulling the dress over your head. “Go lay down, baby.” He said, gesturing toward the bed as he went into the bathroom.

You kicked off your heels before crawling onto the bed in your bra and underwear, laying on your tummy and resting your head on your folded arms. When Jimin came back into the room, he had a bottle of massage oil in his hand. He smiled saying something about how cute you were and handing you a pillow to rest your head on. You felt him straddling your hips and then his chilly hands on your back, unhooking your bra.

“Ah, Chim! Your hands are freezing!” You squealed, making him giggle. “Did you put your hands in ice when you were in the bathroom?” He continued laughing until you felt his forehead resting on your shoulder.

“Shhh. No complaining!” He laughed, sitting up. You heard him open the bottle of oil, squeezing it in his hand. “They’ll warm up on your body.” He said, spreading the oil over your back. You jerked your shoulders at his cold hands on your skin again.

“Oppaaa.” You whined, making him giggle.

“I’m sorry, Jagi.” He whispered, kissing your back. You smiled at the sweet gesture, feeling his hands start massaging your back. You hummed, closing your eyes at the feeling. “You like that?” He asked, smirk plastered on his face. You didn’t even have to see him to know that’s exactly what he was doing.

A soft moan escaped your lips, making him chuckle. “Maybe you like that a little too much.” You shook your head when he stopped massaging you.

“No, don’t stop.” You whined.

“I think I’d rather be between your legs hearing you say that.” He said deeply, leaning down and kissing your neck.

“Aww you’re done already?” You asked.

“Oh, you won’t be saying that.” He smiled, flipping you over underneath him. You laughed, looking up at him and resting your hands on his biceps. His eyes were dark and full of lust as he trailed a finger over your chest, leaving a trail of oil. Your breathing sped up as he continued to excite you, licking the oil off of you before crashing his lips onto yours.

His tongue smoothly slipped into your mouth, tasting like strawberries. He pulled back, wiping some oil off his lip with his thumb, looking hot as hell. You quickly moved to undo the buttons on his shirt as he undid his belt and pants in a hurry. Soon enough, his clothes were gone and he was between your legs, hovering over you. The both of you were in nothing but your underwear, having tossed your bra as soon as you sat up to push his shirt off his shoulders.

“You’re so hot.” He whispered, kissing you. You couldn’t help but smile every time he gave you a compliment, which was often. He pulled away, kissing a trail from your lips to your hips. He pulled your black and pink lace panties down your legs until they found their way to the floor. You felt him bite your thigh gently before kissing it. You bit your lip, watching his hair as he sucked on the sensitive skin of your thigh.

After he left a few hickies on both of your legs, he looked up at you, winking before wasting no time and licking a long slow stripe between your legs. You moaned, your back arching at the wonderful feeling. You felt him smirk before continuing to eat you out like his life depended on it. Your legs started shaking as he continued to work his tongue around your clit. “Fuck, Jimin.” You moaned, pulling on his hair as he made you cum in his mouth. He quickly licked up your mess, watching your eyes drift shut momentarily.

“No, no, no, princess. Oppa isn’t done with you.” He said with a smile, his fingers slowly pressing shallowly into your heat as he leaned down. You whined, wiped out by your first orgasm, feeling him kiss your cheek.

“Jimin…” You started. He shoved his fingers into you completely.

“What was that?” He growled, gritting his teeth. You loved his dominant side in the bedroom. You cocked an eyebrow, thinking of a ways to get him going.

“Oppa.” You moaned, giving in to the feeling of his thumb on your oversensitive clit.

“That’s right, baby.” He said deeply, kissing your neck.

“Fuck me.” You moaned breathily.


“Fuck me, Jimin.” You demanded, needing him.

“What’d you say?” He asked, pulling away from your neck.

“Fuck. Me. Jimin.” You repeated slowly. You knew you were in for it just by the look in his eye and you couldn’t be more excited. You had to bit the inside of your cheek to keep from smiling. He smirked, shaking his head.

“Oh baby, you think you’re in charge just 'cause it’s your birthday? That’s not how it works, sweet girl.” He sat up, taking his boxer briefs off and dropping them on the floor. You had never talked back to him so much during sex and you couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do. He looked extremely hot, oil from the sheets on his abs, hair a wreck from you pulling on it earlier, dick standing tall against his perfect abs.

He took his position between your legs again, rubbing the head of his cock against your entrance to tease you. Your chest moved up and down as you breathed, wanting him to just fuck you already. “Chim ple-” You cut yourself off with a load moan as he slammed into you without warning.

“What did you just call me?” He asked, glaring at you.

“Chim..” You moaned out again as he slammed into you a second time.

“Tsk tsk tsk… You know that’s wrong, baby girl.” He reprimanded, halting all of his movement.

“Jimin please just move.” You whined, trying to move to get some kind of relief.

“Ah, ah, ah, Jagi.” He smirked. He had you right where he wanted you.

“Fuck, oppa, please.” You begged.

“Good girl.” He mumbled, snapping his hips into you. You gasped as he rocked in and out of you.

“Oppa, don’t stop.” You moaned, your nails digging into his arms.

“I couldn’t if I wanted to, baby.” He growled in your ear as he buried his face in your neck. You could feel the sweat in his hair and on his arms as he continued thrusting into you, rocking the entire bed. You felt your second orgasm building up as he kissed your neck and shoulder.

“I’m-” You just about screamed due to the pleasure he brought you, arching your back and dragging your nails down his biceps. You felt his teeth on your skin and heard him groan, the feeling of you finishing driving him over the edge. His sloppy, weak thrusts brought the both of you through your highs before he collapsed onto you.

You were both sweaty, heaving messes as he kissed your forehead, rolling on his side next to you. “Happy birthday, baby doll. I love you.” He breathed.

“I love you too.” You smiled, getting up.

“Where are you going?” He whined.

“I feel disgusting. I’m gonna take a shower.” You said like it was obvious. “Are you gonna come with me?”

“Hell yeah!” He exclaimed, jumping up and running by you into the bathroom. You giggled as he turned the water on before turning around and pulling you into him. “Did you have a good day, sweetie?” He asked.

“The best.” You responded with a smile.

“Good.” He smiled back before kissing you and pushing the door closed, ready for round two in the shower.

Snowed in

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To be snowed in with an extremely attractive man in a beat up SUV is a scenario that dreams are made of. The closeness of it all, no where else to go. And yet this ideal situation was enough to make you want to tear your eyes out.

“Luke for the love of god , i have been to Garcia’s house 78 times in the 13 plus years of working with her. I know you are going the wrong way” you groaned, turning towards him as he drove on.

“How could you know we’re going the wrong way? Everything is white it looks the same” he snapped back, taking a hand of the wheel and gesturing to the snow outside. He was right, you were probably in Alaska for all you knew.

“If we are late she’s going to kill me” you groaned.

“Why would she kill you? It’s me that she hates” he grumbled, shifting lanes passing a blue minivan.

“Because I’m the one who told her I don’t need her to drop me I’’ just ride with you cause you live closer to me. Because I’m the one who trusted you even though she specifically told me not to..”

“Okay Okay I get it we’re both screwed just give me a sec I swear we’ll make it on time” he sighed, focusing on the road again.

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Knee Jerk Reaction

Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: I was confident in my saying that I truly deserved this promotion, but if by some chance I didn’t get it, there was always next time. (No there wasn’t.)

Tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @lauraundeadmoon @ambrosegirlforever @blondekel77 @wrestlingnoob @deseraysmiththings @motleymoose

The sounds of a stack of paper being bounced off the table echo loudly throughout the conference room. With any luck, the announcement about who would be getting the promotion would be made during this meeting I had poured hours upon days upon months into my work life, and I was hopeful that it wouldn’t be all for naught. I was confident in my saying that I truly deserved this promotion, but if by some chance I didn’t get it, there was always next time.

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An: I couldn’t help myself. This AU is just so cute. :’)

Ben couldn’t fully understand the indulgence of celebrating a graduation from the first grade. He’d barely celebrated graduating high school. Yet, he had to smile at the efforts of Sam’s teacher. He was certain she had covered the costs of pizza and rootbeer floats herself, and though his son’s near-comatose state was more of an irritation than anything else, it was evident the party had been lively and well appreciated.

Most of Sam’s classmates had been picked up early. When Ben stood in the open doorway of Miss Rey’s classroom, there was only one other straggler, and already her mother was securing the girl’s backpack on her shoulders and rushing towards freedom. Sparing the slender, smiling teacher only a wave and a rushed thank you, the mother tugged her daughter out the door.

Sam was at his desk, arms crossed on the little tabletop and head nestled on top, the skin around his lips stained orange from pizza sauce. Ben snorted, brushing black curls away from his son’s forehead. The kid was out for the count.

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Heyo! It’s been a while, I know, but I’m back now. Got a lot planned this summer - learning to drive, writing, coding projects - but I’m determined to make some serious progress on this fic too don’t you worry. It’s not a huge chapter to return with but hopefully it’s still good. Enjoy, my darlings!

I’m really curious about what’s gonna happen in the next part of Tower!

‘The Tower’ (Part 5)

Part 4

The only sounds to fill the silence after Loki left were the crackle and spit of the fire. In retrospect, burning the man’s property for a little water might not have been the best idea but it was a necessary evil.

You stomped out the burning books and sighed. Such a waste. From the ashes, smoke began to fill the room, making your eyes water, so you retreated to the bedroom. With all other doors closed, the smoke was free to make its escape through the various windows. Meanwhile, you positioned yourself as comfortably as possible on the “mattress” and begged for sleep.

And, boy, did it come…

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