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Huh….it’s almost as if these women just want to the petrol station to get petrol, pay for petrol, maybe have a polite bit of chat, and leave. Strange.

BTS REACTS TO: their s/o loving their flat chest

Anon Asked: can i get a bts reacts to their s/o being super proud of her flat chest? like she never wears a bra, constantly rocking sideboob, loves wearing plunge neck tops/dresses, etc.

So from what I understand, you want a BTS reaction to me? - Admin Dayna


In the beginning of the relationship, he’d steal glances, making up his face, trying to cover you up. You were his jagiya! Only he could see you like that! It was just far too much skin! After a while, he learned to back off and let you dress and do as you pleased. It’s a bold move for you to be walking around as the living embodiment of #FreeTheNip, and much as Jin was an avid fan of you and your body, he’d low key but honestly high key still wanted you to cover up - especially when the boys were around or whenever you went out in public. He’d praise your outfit, but then slide a suggestion that’s a bit more on the modest side.

“Ahh~! You look gorgeous, jagi~”

“Don’t you think it’ll be a little chilly?”

“You should probably wear a jacket over that. Just in case.”

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Title: A New Day | Chapter One

Warning: Blood Mention

Your head pounded as you slowly clawed your way to consciousness. Mind fuzzy, your skin pricked from the cool beach air seeping through the open balcony door, wind blowing the drawn curtains. Throat raw and dry, you groaned in pain, a heavy hand coming up to gingerly touch your aching skull. Shuffling against the smooth, silk sheets you laid on, before you froze.
Silk sheets….balcony door…waves…
You eyes snapped open, your blurry vision just barely taking in the unfamiliar room you were in. You blinked rapidly, trying to forcefully clear your vision as you took in your new surroundings. Stone walls surrounded you, only adding to the cold atmosphere that pricked your skin. The room was bare, aside from a desk, the bed you laid on, and a chest at the foot of the bed. The room was very modest in look, what small contents the room had had a very vintage feel.
Shakily pushing yourself to sit up, you glance down at the bed. In the dimming dusk light, the dark red silk sheets slipped from you, leaving you in a foreign night slip. Forcing your legs to work, you shifted off the bed, taking unstable steps towards the open balcony door over looking the sea. Leaning against the stone door way for support, you scanned the empty beach, not a soul to be seen on the sand or in the rolling waves, not even a bird in the sky as the sun slowly sank into the sea as it did every night.
“I see you’re awake.” The smooth voice seemed to boom through the empty room, making you spin to face the sound, only to gasp and grasp your forehead as dizziness over took you again. “Don’t move so suddenly, you’re fairly weak, you lost quite a bit of blood.”
Slowly opening your eyes again, you looked to the dark figure standing in the slightly ajar bedroom door. The unfamiliar man had a semi amused look on his face, while he watch your unstable movements when your grasped the door way for support. Soft hair brushed back out of his face, giving a clear look of his slight smirk and shining dark eyes. Dressed in black pants, and a loose white tunic, left untucked from his pants, and barefoot, despite the cold marble floor. He appeared calm, soothed, and at home, his presence almost put you at ease as well. 
“You can get back in bed,” The man motioned casually to the messy bed you once resided in. “I’m not going to hurt you, and you look like you can barely stand as it is.”
“Who are you?” You croaked, voice hoarse from who knows how many hours it went unused. “Where am I?”
Sighing, the man took a few steps into the room, his bare feet making a gentle pat pat pat sound as he came to sit at the desk. “My name is Taeyong, you’re in my maker’s castle. Please sit down, I promise you’ll be okay.”
He didn’t appear threatening, perhaps you were under the spell of his gentle voice, but never the less you obeyed, and stumbled back to the bed, happy to be off your aching feet. “Your…maker?”
“Yes, my maker. Or as it seems now, our maker.” Taeyong said, crossing one leg over the other as his eyes scanned you from top to bottom, halting at your neck. “More about that will be explained later, though. For now, I just need to make sure you’re alright. May I approach?”
“For what?” You asked, eyeing him although he hadn’t moved an inch yet.
“I need to check you for any injuries, and to see just how weak he made you. May I?” Taeyong said patiently. Seeing no ill intention in his explanation, you nodded slowly, watching as he stood again and briskly walked over to you on the bed.
Watching for your reaction, his hand brushed your hair from your neck, and gently prodded at the base, just at your jugular vain. “Does this hurt?”
“No.” You answered. Truthfully, you hadn’t even felt his touch on your neck, nothing but a slight chill from his cold fingers.
“You’re still numb, then.” Taeyong mumbled, more so to himself as he bit his lip in thought, moving his touch down your arm, grasping your hand lightly. “Are you cold? Or are you still shaking from being weak? Do you feel like you could pass out?”
“I feel a bit light headed.” You admitted. “But I am cold too, stone isn’t exactly the best insulator.”
Taeyong’s quiet chuckle as almost musical as he shook his head at your words, “For someone weak and in a foreign place with a complete stranger, you seem fairly calm. Shall I write that off from the blood loss or do you trust me already?”
“Blood loss?” You scrunched your eyebrows together in confusion. “What happened to me?”
“I’m afraid our maker isn’t a cautious one.” Taeyong sighed quietly, poking at your still trembling thigh, before reaching to pull the silk sheets back over you. “He can be quite careless, often taking much more than needed. Leaves his ‘children’ in far worse condition than they need be.”
“What are you talking about?” You frowned, confused, not resisting as Taeyong gently pushed you to lay back down, tucking the blanket around your shivering body. “Our maker? His children? I don’t understand.”
“I’ll explain everything further tomorrow, you need to rest more. All you need to know is that you’re safe, and I’m here, and no one is going to harm you, I won’t allow it. You’ve got a lot to learn, and a lot to recover from.” Taeyong brushed a hair away from your face before pressing his hand softly to your forehead. “Now, sleep.”
In an instant, you were out like a candle in the wind.