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Dear Christian Dating Bloggers:

We all know this is bad:

“If you just follow Jesus he will make you wealthy!”

“Ask God and he will give you whatever your heart desires, be that a new house, a new boat, a high-paying job… name it and claim it!”

“You’re sick because God is punishing you.”

“God’s will is for you to be wealthy. If you follow God’s will you’ll be wealthy.”

So why is this okay?

“If you just follow Jesus he will give you a loving husband!”

“Ask God and he will give you the perfect man that your heart desires!”

“Your failed relationships are because God is punishing you.”

“God’s will is for you to have a great romantic relationship. If you follow God’s will, you’ll have a great romantic relationship.”

Christian bloggers… stop this.
Stop bribing young girls to Jesus with promises of finding a handsome prince. That is not what the gospel is about.

God did NOT say our relationships would be perfect, in fact he said that because of him family members would despise one another and that people would hate us for his name. In other words, you can do nothing wrong, and still have troubled relationships. Maybe even BECAUSE you are following the will of God. Why should that be any different for romantic relationships?

God never said there’s ONE perfect person out there and you’re bound to end up with that person. Show me that verse in the bible. (I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Josh Harris doesn’t count as a book of the Bible.) Many righteous people have a sad or downright tragic love life.

Consider that you shouldn’t have to be bribed into virtue with promises of an extra-special relationship. Obeying God is enough incentive to lead a pure lifestyle. By the way, “Pure” =/= “Virgin”. It’s never too late to start being pure. Purity is a lifestyle to be maintained, not a state of having never sinned. By the way, THAT is my problem with purity rings. Can you get a purity ring if you’ve already sinned? Jesus said if you lust after someone that’s just as bad as having had sex with them. Take off your purity rings, everyone. Throw them away. You don’t deserve them. No one does.

What about women who are abused by their husbands? Women whose first husband dies and they have to remarry? Women in Pakistan whose husband throws acid on them for being a Christian. Are they just not following God’s will? I wonder which part of God’s will Hosea failed to follow when he married a prostitute by God’s explicit instruction and then she cheated on him.

One other thing: the gospel isn’t about finding peace with being single, either. The gospel is about Jesus coming to earth and dying a horrible, bloody death to save your soul from hell. The gospel is not about your relationship status.

Helpless (M)

Originally posted by sugutie

Jimin x Reader

Plot: He won’t stop until you learn your lesson. // Dom!Jimin.
Warnings: Sexual content, M18 - It’s basically just porn
Words count: ~2000 words

I’ve tried my best to edit, but if it happens that you’ve found any mistakes I apologize~

Jimin’s jaw was clenching, the little bone popped out below his cheek for a second as he stood there and threw a glare at you. His phone was still gripped tight between his tensed fingers and it looked like he could easily crumble the device. Your scared nerves jerked up when he tossed that behind, let it thump on your black leather couch.

“Why did you do that?”, he grunted in his heated breath. You found yourself trembling, for you had never seen him like this before.

You knew that it wasn’t your fault but the guilt still built up to your neck. If you had known that you were filmed while being drunken asleep, on your sober work buddy’s shoulder, then you wouldn’t have drunk at all. If you knew he would be as nasty as massaging your breasts, while your brain was numb and you thought you had dreamt, you wouldn’t even have been sitting there and begged for more. The party last night with your work friends was a disaster that only humiliated you for being the most lustful person in the office and you already sensed being teased for your whining nature. Now you’d made your boyfriend pissed. You had no idea how to apologize to him.

“Jimin, I didn’t do anything,” you tried to reason. “I was drunk.”

He seemed not to be moved by your argument, the way his sulky expression, his dropped lids, still were freezing like a picture. He looked like thinking about something when his eyebrows pulled to clench. You were about to take a breath and please for an apology, but he suddenly busted out his uproarious sigh and marched away from you - direction upstairs. You felt your heart being torn with each of his steps.

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hello!!!! can i request a smut/ fluff (or fluff only if ya don't do smut) where min yoongi's girlfriend is feeling insecure about her body since she is wearing tight clothes (she normally wears loose + her body type is curvyish so larger chest + ass and a bit of tummy chub)& ppl r staring @her (but she thinks its negative) and as yoongi gets jealous and goes down on her she gets super insecure + they do it for the first time with lights on and she doesn't want him to see her stretch marks. TY!!


My Type:

“You look fine love, please stop looking at yourself.” Yoongi called out opening the bathroom door. Jutting out your lower lip you looked over at him, the black lace dress that hugged your frame made you feel self-conscious. You looked into the mirror one more, the lace hugging your arms in a long sheer sleeve. The black dress was in two parts, a darker black part was like a body suit hugging your body, the top layer was lace and long sleeved giving you a modest but sexy look. The dress rose around your neck to resemble something of a choker. Your hair was up in loose curls pinned together in a loose fitted bun with a few end strands falling into your eyes and framing your face. Your makeup was light around your base, the eyeshadow was something light to contrast against your face, and your lips were decorated with a light red lipstick. Yoongi chuckled letting his eyes roam over you starting at your feet. The black pumps you had on always seemed to make your legs stand out, his eyes continued upward looking over your plump thighs, how they pressed together, up towards your plump bottom that he knew looked so good but it was covered up sadly. He took notice of your little tummy that you hated, the main topic of discussion was your weight, but he didn’t understand you were beautiful in every way and he wished you would notice what you mean to him. He wasn’t with you for just your looks, it was your heart, your mind, your sexy aura. He just wanted you to know what you did to him, you were different from many other girls, and there was something about you that he couldn’t find anywhere else. You were his rock whenever he needed to be held down, and he was going to give you up because you couldn’t always see your worth, he was there to make it better and help you out along the way how you did him.

He let a deep chuckle slip past his reddened lips. Looking around he slipped inside of the bathroom, wrapping his arms around your waist as his eyes trailed up to your breast and your face that was staring back at him. The slight hint of the dampness there he pressed a soft kiss against your temple as he smiled at you humming.

“You are breathtakingly beautiful. If I didn’t think so, I would have never encouraged you to get that dress or to come with me today. I want you to be confident okay? You’re my girl, and I’m not going to let anyone hurt you.” He vowed kissing your left ear as he squeezed you close to him humming.

You were grateful for him, Yoongi had helped you calm down and take deep breaths. He grabbed at your hand making a joke about how you needed to get out before someone came in and caught you. He led you out of the bathroom and down the hallway going back into the restaurant you were both enjoying a date in sitting down with you across the table from him. A lot of people had been staring at you, and you didn’t think it was necessarily a good thing, but in Yoongi’s eyes it was different.

He had seen how those men looked at you, the first thing their eyes went to were your thighs, and then upwards. It infuriated him that you were being stared at like that, and he hated the looks that people gave him afterwards sizing him up and judging him. He bit on his bottom lip trying to keep his anger from spilling out but he would be glad to leave. Of course, you got some glares and looks from other women but he shrugged it off. He didn’t want them, he was never one to judge based on looks. You had been so shy around him and thinking that he wouldn’t fall for you that it drew him in more. He was in love with everything about you from the tiniest baby hair on the top of your head to your biggest toe on your foot. The thought alone made a goofy grin break out on his face as he tilted his head becoming a love-struck kid with a crush.

“What, Min Yoongi?” You asked with a nose wrinkle and a soft smile.

“Did you just call my full name?” He asked you softly, the tone he used made you straighten up as your face heated a few shades, stuttering over your words you tried to explain and Yoongi more than amused he sat back in his seat with that cocky ass smirk crossing his hands together in front of him.

“I. No. See what happened, I just. I wasn’t trying to mean nothing by it. It just sounded really good coming off my tongue.” You fidgeted trying to finish your food as you squirmed lightly in front of him, the dress tickling the middle of your thighs as you wriggled.

“Oh, is that so? Just like when you moan it then huh?” He asked causing you to almost choke on a piece of the fish you had, the smirk that was on his lips became wider as he tucked his lip between his teeth. He blew a kiss at you going back to his food the both of you eating in silence until you were both done.

Yoongi paid for the tab, he gripped at your hand pulling you out of the restaurant and waited for a cab as he held your hand, that is where it seemed to go downhill from there. People passing by gave you looks, and in your mind, everyone that was looking were judging you. Yoongi could tell you had self-doubt and he hated it so much. His anger started to slowly boil over, he could see it too. Some yes, they did judge you but the others, that looked at you with unspeakable thoughts of want. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up with how angry he was becoming. You were his, and you were never going to be anyone else’s because he wasn’t going to let you. Jerking you forward lightly, he pulled you into the cab holding onto you as he looked out of the window barking at the driver where to go. He knew he was acting out, but in the midst of all of this he was annoyed, upset and he wanted to shake sense into you. He was holding himself together, a poised expression covering his burning fire that was inside of him. When you got home he would make sure you knew it, he wouldn’t stop until you knew that you were beautiful, and loved. He was going to make sure you only remembered him and what he could do for you. His mind roamed with endless thoughts of what he could do to you, a tiny smirk ghosting on his lips as he got lost in his thoughts.

Arriving to your place, Yoongi paid for the fair, pulling you gently out of the cab he walked with you towards your apartment since he didn’t want to go back to the dorms today. Knowing the guys would be in, he wanted to make sure no one interrupted his plans with you. Yoongi grabbed at your keys unlocking your door, and you sat there wondering idly why he had been so distance, you knew he had to revolve around you and feeling guilty for not being able to hold yourself up you beat yourself up, escaping to your cruel thoughts that only harmed you and never helped you. Once you were inside, you took off your heels, and Yoongi took off his shoes as well and loosened his tie. You were about to walk past him but Yoongi gripped at your waist pushing you against the wall. His hand on your waist, he leaned close to you, slowly he inched, his breath cascading on your features and fanning your face as he continued to lean close. The world seemed to stop around you two, his eyes fluttered close slowly and his lips met yours causing your own eyes to shut. His lips pressed against yours with want and need. Each searing kiss left you breathless and clinging onto him to get more. His hands moved to trap your body against his. Yoongi could feel something spark inside of him, holding you close like this, feeling your hands come up his broad chest to tangle into his soft black locks. It was driving him on edge. He let his hands go down farther slowly, flicking across your bottom lip for entrance and when you gave it to him he slowly let his tongue enter into your mouth, his tongue roaming your mouth, over the insides of your jaw and the roof of your mouth. His tongue took the time to roam over your tongue and teeth, the kiss becoming sloppy somewhat but neither of you cared. Yoongi sucked on your tongue, pulling the wet muscle into his mouth before he would pull back with a pop smiling down at you. He pulled back to pick you up bridal style knowing that you didn’t like it because you felt you were too heavy for him, when he was stronger than you gave him credit for. You wanted to tell him not to, but when he was in this mode you knew better than to go against his word. Yoongi placed you on your king-sized bed, turning on the light to shine in the darkened room, he walked towards you, helping you sit up so that he could slowly take your dress off as his lips met against yours again in a slow dance. You reached up, trying to find the light switch so that you could turn the light off. Yoongi noticing this stopped your hand and pulled back from you causing you to give a puzzled look.

“But we always do it with the lights off..” You said softly feeling unsure in yourself.

“Not today, I want to see you baby.” Yoongi stated reaching his hand down to comb through your wild locks, with his anger died out he just wanted to treat you like a queen and make you focus on only him.

“I don’t know Yoongi-“ You stated even more nervous and he shushed you humming.

“Either you will, or we won’t have sex at all until you’re ready.” Yoongi stood his ground giving you an ultimatum looking in your eyes. He waited you out staring at you letting you decide what you wanted to do. After some time, you sighed, nodding your head as you gave in.

“Okay..  We can try it.” You said softly. You knew you had so much to lose, in your mind anyways. What if he didn’t like what he saw? What if it repulsed him so much that he stopped? Yoongi didn’t leave you alone with your thoughts too much, he helped you stripped down slowly until you were laying on your back in nothing under him. He gave a soft smile, stepping back he stripped for you as well, creating a puddle of clothes on the floor he crawled on the bed spreading your legs wide. He started at the crook of your neck and going downwards he pressed multiple kisses and hickeys onto your body, marking you as his. Your skin throbbed at the places you were bitten at or sucked on, and he made sure that with every hickey he made you whimper in pleasure. His mouth descended to paint your breast with his love bites and he kissed over your stomach, moving your hands that tried to hide your stretch marks. Yoongi licked over your stretch marks kissing them and letting his fingers brush against him as he nuzzled your stomach trying to be cute. It caused you to laugh and cringe, his whole face lit up seeing you smile even if it cost him his manly imagine. He spread your legs wide, his tongue circling around your heat. He pressed soft kisses against your soaking wet pussy. He let his tongue flick out against your clit, wrapping his lips around it soon after he gave you a few harsh sucks letting his tongue flick up and down around the wet pert bud. His nose inhaled your essence causing his mouth to water more as he focused on getting you off.

He moved to shove his tongue inside of your heat as well, curving it and instantly finding your spot because it had been mapped out in his head. His fingers came up to thrust in and out of you while others brushed against your wet clit, he was stretching you out and getting you ready for him. The sounds of you crying out in pleasure and clutching the sheets above your head for him, made his blood rush south and he was becoming needier for you by the second. His tongue changed paces from quick to slow, building you up and tearing you down until you were a begging mess under you. He pulled back rubbing your clit with two fingers.

“Tell me you’re beautiful.” He stated and you looked at him like he had just offended you, he smirked lazily slowing his fingers down before plunging two inside of you working you up.

“I. Can’t do that.” You struggled to get out between your moans. Yoongi let his fingers scissor you at a relentless pace before he pulled them out and tapped your clit, bringing you down from your high only to plunge his fingers back inside of you.

“Can’t or won’t?” He asked you as he repeated the same thing. You wanted to challenge him and see how long he would keep this up. First the lights now this? You shook your head thinking that if you could angle your hips you would make yourself cum. But Yoongi was smart giving you shallow thrusts and missing your spot completely teasing you and leaving you hanging at the same time.

“OKAY YOONGI! I’m beautiful!” You whined softly not liking the teasing game that he was playing with you.

“Good girl.” You cooed out removing his fingers from your heat. He sucked on his fingers as he moved to get between your legs aligning himself with your entrance. He kissed your lips slowly leaning over you as he sunk into your heat causing a moan to slip from both of your hips.

He held his hips steady letting you adjust to him, and once he felt you had, he started to slowly thrust in and out of you, letting you relish in the feeling of him stretching you. He was thick, and you loved it so much to feel it inside of you. Your hands moved down to grab at his hips and pull him closer, your eyes locking for a time as you took a deep breath. Yoongi leaned down to pepper your face in kisses gently chuckling at how needy you were being. He gripped at your hands with his gently moving them up above your head so that he could pick up the pace starting to slowly slam in and out of you. Your wet pussy wrapped around his walls, the juices sliding down from your slick folds onto his balls and the sheets under you. He shuddered enjoying the pleasure, hips meeting and rocking against one another. Your mind was going blank with just thoughts of him, his name rolling off your tongue as he fucked you slowly against the mattress. His speed picked up, drawing out with you looking so needy under him. He started to slam harshly into you causing the bed to shake as your hips met and touched one another. The sounds of your sex could be heard bouncing off the quiet wall, the room becoming hot as you grinded against each other on the sheets. Yoongi pressed his forehead against yours whispering a soft ‘I love you’ as he looked into your eyes. Freeing one of his hands he reached down to rub your clit in time with his thrusts helping to aid you.

“Yoongi- I’m going to cum.” You breathed out looking at him with water wetting your eyes from how good it felt.

“You know better.” He hissed in a deep voice leaning down to bite your bottom lip.

“Daddy can I please cum? Please daddy!” You begged as you felt your slick walls tightening around him, it wouldn’t be long and you knew it. Yoongi at first didn’t give in and listen to you, slamming his hips against yours pressing against your spot over and over again, but after seeing you convulse under him, he nodded his head burying his face in your neck. With the okay your eyes drifted shut as your hips snapped up to meet his pace, relishing in the feeling of him touching you and being inside of you, in no time you were cumming on his shaft spilling your essence out. Yoongi groaned biting on your soft flesh, giving you a few more pumps before he pulled out to stroke himself off letting it coat the lower part of your stomach. He hummed gently pausing above you to catch his breath.

Once he was calmed down he went to the bathroom to get a warm towel wiping you off with it. He made sure you were clean and put it into the dirty hamper moving to climb back on the bed and hold. Yoongi didn’t have to say much in the silence you knew that he loved you and he cared, so you stayed there in his arms letting him play in your hair until your eyelids were getting heavy and you were falling asleep.

What Do We Find Attractive?

Reblog this post if you find the ladies of long ago to still be beautiful in our modern 21st century!

In our era where thigh-high splits in skirts and navel-length necklines in dresses dominate the couture of what seems like nearly every female celebrity—not to mention many instances of very heavy makeup—one often has to wonder how our standards of the beauty ideal have changed. A century and more ago, Charles Dana Gibson developed what was considered for that era, the Ideal Woman. She had a sweet and wholesome look, and one of her biggest extravagancies was her pompadour hairdo, commonly referred to afterward as the “Gibson Girl” look.

A woman—if she wanted to retain the title of a true lady—would be dressed most respectably always, and if she dared to show her ankles among the company of men, oh, she was a hussy! When we realize what was considered proper in terms of dress in the Edwardian era (and what could really be inexplicably daring!), one often has to wonder how some vintage photos we look at now seemed in their heyday. By looking at this image below, the question that comes to mind is, Was Camille Clifford considered to appear “loose”? Although her gown was generous in length, the cut of her neckline seems to me to be a bit of an eyebrow-raiser in its day.

If Miss Clifford lived now and appeared on the red carpet, would she even be noticed for this? I’d say not at all! She would look exceptionally modest and would instead likely earn either high accolades of being most stylish (as I would tell her!) or be censured for being old-fashioned! It really is incredible how fashions change.
   When we are bombarded with more and more bold fashions and daring hair colors, one has to wonder if the glamour of long ago can last today.
   If you find such luminaries as Camille Clifford and Evelyn Nesbit (to name just a few; I’ve picture more well-known faces below), let me know by reblogging this post!

~ The Modern Edwardian

Above > Zena Dare

Above > Florence Evelyn Nesbit

Above > Ethel Barrymore

Experimentation: An Excerpt

Just to show you guys I am actually still writing this….

She doesn’t want to think about being jealous, or toners, or how her stomach ties itself into notes whenever Chloe gets too close. How her father thought they were dating or what it all means.

She just wants to make it through the night with minimal stress and embarrassment. That’s it. Can’t she have that?

It’s not until she’s back downstairs waiting and then watching as Chloe descends the staircase like some newly-beautiful teenager from one of Jesse’s treasured teen romance flicks that she realises she’s definitely out of luck.

Because the first thing her brain tells her after conjuring that analogy is that it doesn’t work; Chloe’s always been beautiful.

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Dude, how is your life so perfect? It really seems like you've got a guardian angel or something.

my ‘guardian angel’ is having been born into a loving, supportive, white middle class family with two parents who adore me and have always given me whatever I needed without a thought

my excellent education is a direct result of the privileges of my upbringing and the cool career opportunities I’ve gotten so far have been because I’ve made great connections at my university so it really all traces back to that same old thing

I’m not better than you or more deserving; in many ways I’m just playing the game of life on easy mode and I’m hyper-aware of that every day. if there was ever a month where I couldn’t pay my rent I wouldn’t feel afraid for a second because I know my parents would happily and easily take care of it and that’s the sole reason I’m able to do all these things

Night Falls: Chapter 18

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 5,284


A/N: Gird your lions, friends. I have a feeling you don’t know what’s coming. 

Wanna be tagged? Shot  @attractiverandomness a note and a “thank you” for being my tag master savior!

Night Falls Master List

You had decided to call it an early night that night, not wanting to face Dean any more than you had to. 

You got it. It was his job to protect you, and he wasn’t doing that when he was busy doing you. But if he was mad at himself, then that was his own problem, not yours. 

When he didn’t want you, sure, it made your chest tighten but you weren’t going to push him, risking what you thought would be further embarrassment. No one made him rush up those stairs after you and pin you against your door. He made that choice–whether good or bad–and he had to live with it.

And for Christ’s sake, it was sex. It wasn’t like you two had killed anyone. And no one had showed up to kill you, so all was fine.

Or so you thought.

Dean was gone by the time you woke up the next morning, and when Cas arrived for his night shift, he showed up with a new partner–Benjamin–a man older than Cas with ashy skin and graying hair. He spoke quietly but with surety, and when you asked Cas where Dean was, you were informed that he was working overtime at the bureau getting ready for the trial on Monday, making sure all necessary precautions were in place.


Not that you doubted that, but Cas had no idea that Dean was clearly trying to avoid you. 

It made your jaw clench and head shake. For the first time since it happened, you actually regretted sleeping with him. What had been such a great moment was squashed and destroyed by the fact that Dean didn’t want to even see you anymore. 

You should never have made a move. You should have let things be. Sure, he finished it, but you had started it, and clearly that was a mistake. Because whatever it was that seemed to be growing between you two was now dead. 

The saving grace to it all was that the trial was quickly approaching and this would all be over soon, and you would never have to see him again. 

But as the weekend rolled on, there was a constant a sense of dread in your stomach. Reality had finally set in about what would happen Monday morning as Cas explained protocols–from the moment you left this house, until you were on the stand, you would be in a bulletproof vest with the bold FBI letters stitched across it. Before you even arrived to the courthouse, you would change cars, and do so again once you left, making sure that you weren’t being followed. While waiting to give your testimony, there would be several FBI agents escorting you around the courthouse. There would even be several female agents around so that you were never alone, not even in the bathroom. 

By Sunday night, you were mere hours away from seeing Zazel again and being put on the stand. You forced yourself to replay the night in the parking garage, and the day at the flee market, remembering exactly what got you into this mess so that you could end it once and for all. You tried to once again find that fire that had burned inside you, the rage towards Zazel for ruining your life that helped you hold your head high and your will steel, but as the hours ticked by, your determination was waning.

You briefly wondered if Crowley would be there, but you doubted it. Though you had no idea what he looked like, you assumed the FBI did–but what if they didn’t? What if he sat in court as an unassuming spectator? What if he finally saw the woman who was threatening his empire–helping the man that had been trying to take him down since the moment his mother was murdered? Would he try anything? Or just stare you down while you were none the wiser?

You really didn’t know much about Crowley, though you knew enough by now that you were going to be challenging a man who had been spending the last three decades building a criminal empire that hadn’t been challenged until now. 

Way to put a fucking target on your back.

There was still no guarantee that once the trial was over, and Zazel was-assuming–found guilty, that you would be able to return to your normal life. There was no promise that just because you finally held up your end of the deal, that you would get the happy-ever-after you so naively believed was waiting for you at the end of this ordeal when you signed your witness statement. 

Because at the end of the day, you weren’t playing by the FBI’s rules. You were playing by Crowley’s. 

Tomorrow morning you would take the stand, revealing yourself to the world. There was a fair chance that Crowley would come after you, and if that happened, there would be no returning to your normal life. You would be thrown into witness protection, given a new name, a new job, a whole new life where Y/F/N Y/L/N never existed. 

You would never see your parents again, or be by your sister’s side once she finally got married, or sit on the sidelines and cheer her on as she walked across the stage as Doctor Lydia Y/L/N. You would miss Mike’s child–who was due only two months from now–or any nieces or nephews that would come after. Your life would be snatched away, with no chance of ever going back. 

And as you in bed that night, you can’t stop the tears from prickling your eyes. With no one around to be strong for, you let yourself be weak. Because once you leave this room, you had to show the world that Zazel didn’t scare you, that Crowley was nothing but a name, and you, without a single doubt in your mind, would be there to take them down. You Y/F/N Y/L/N.

But no matter how much you tried to reassure yourself that tomorrow would go exactly as Dean had been promising since the day he knocked on your door, that tomorrow would finally bring an end to this living nightmare, you couldn’t stop the gnawing fear in your stomach that this was far from over.

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Bang bang alley ~ Part one

This picture is not mine and I don’t know who the original owner is, please let me know so I can credit.

A/N ~ After seeing this photo I got an idea for a Bigbang mafia AU, it gets off to a slow start but please bare with it, I promise it will full of action as well as twists. Happy reading.

Theme ~ Mafia/Gangster AU

Pairing ~ Reader x Choi Seung hyun x Bigbang

Series one ~ | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Series two

“I’m really sorry honey, I know you’ve been look forward to it” Dong won, your boyfriend, said through the phone.

“It’s ok, really, I understand” You said cheerfully trying to hide the disappointment you felt inside.

“You’re so good to me. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks” the tone in his voice telling you he was smiling.

“Ok, I love you” you called in a sweet voice.

“We’re going into the meeting, I have to go” he said in a hurry and hung up before giving you a chance to respond.

You sighed as you put your phone on the bed beside you, you closed your eyes and lent your head back as the last remnants of the sun shone in from the large glass window you sat across from warming your skin as the light slowly faded.

He was always like this when he was away on a business trip, at least when he was at his work place he had his own office to talk to you in private in, he never backed away from telling you he loved you unless he was in front of his workers. You had teased him about it on many occasions and he always responded with the same thing, he was the boss and he couldn’t been seen to be soft, which is also why you were never allowed to visit him at his work. You had been dating for almost three years, the last twelve months you had spent living together and you hadn’t once been to his work or met anyone that he worked with but you just figured that was how it must be in the world of stock exchange.

You couldn’t complain, your life was anything less then perfect. You owned a successful fashion boutique in the heart of Seoul, you’re boyfriend spoiled you and his family accepted you even though you were a foreigner. His family was very traditional, you had thought that they would have taken one look at you and protested the relationship but they had been nothing but welcoming to you.

Your eyes snapped open with the sound of your phone ringing, the unique ringtone you had set for the caller letting you know exactly who it was.

“Hey” you said nonchalantly.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Hyorin asked.

“It’s Dong won, he has to stay in Busan for a few more weeks” you said with a sigh.

“Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry, I know you were looking forward to your anniversary”

“It’s ok, his work comes first”

“Oh that’s shit, you’ve been planning that day for so long now and you’ve put so much effort into it” she scoffed.

“Really, it’s fine” you said as you fidgeted with the hem of your shirt.

“Don’t you dare lie to me, I know you too well” she scolded you.

“It’s his job, what can I do about it?” you questioned throwing your hand in the air.

“Well…. You could get your mind off it by coming out with us tonight”

“I don’t know” you replied biting your lip.

“Oh come on, it’s just dinner and a few cocktails…. It’ll be fun”

“Ok, what time?”

“Half an hour, June is going to pick us up”

“See you soon then”

“Wear something sexy” Hyorin said and you giggled.

“You know me, when do I ever wear anything sexy?”

“Well at least wear a dress or something, see you soon babe”


You were right, you were never one to really wear anything deemed sexy or revealing. You were what a lot of people would call a plain Jane, it wasn’t that you didn’t get dressed up you just opted for a more modest look. Hyorin on the other hand was completely the opposite, she always wore the tightest fitting thing she could find and the more skin it exposed the better. Sometimes you wondered how you were such close friends but then maybe that’s why it worked, people do say that opposites attract, maybe that applied to best friends too.

You threw your phone back on the bed and wandered to your closet and pulled out your favourite dress, a baby doll cut covered in autumn shades of browns, reds and yellows, matched with your signature black flat slip on shoes. You left your hair in the bun you had put it in for work and retouched your make up, a plain stroke of eyeliner and some more mascara.

Just as you left the bathroom you heard a car honking, you knew without looking it was the girls. You grabbed your phone and your bag and headed out the door. When you got out side you were met with an excited screech followed by high pitched giggles, you smiled as you got in to Junes jeep knowing that you were in for a night fun.

“So where are we going?” June asked Hyorin.

“Well you remember that place I told you about?” Hyorin said with a sly smile.

“No, absolutely not” June said sternly.

“Oh come on, please” Hyorin pouted.

“What’s wrong?” you asked confused and June sighed back at you.

“She wants to take us to the ghetto” June said nonchalantly.

“It’s not the ghetto, this isn’t America” Hyorin laughed.

“Well it’s Seoul’s equivalent” June bit back.

“Come on, please” Hyorin pleaded as she battered her eyelashes.

“Fine, but if we get car jacked you’re buying me a new car”

June was right, the area did look bad, the buildings were all run down looking on the outside and covered in graffiti, the streets were dark, not a single street lamp was working. The cocktail bar on the other hand was a different story, on the inside at least, it looked like any other you had been in.

After dinner and a few cocktails the conversation turned to nostalgia.

“Ok, ok, ok, I’ve got one. My first was with my high school boyfriend at his parents house, he was this nerdy looking guy with big glasses and buck teeth, we did it in their lounge room and his parents caught us. I was absolutely mortified that his parents had seen me naked and I broke up with him so I wouldn’t have to see them again” June admitted as she shook her head and you all giggled.

“Mine was with the hottest bad boy, I lured him away from his girlfriend at a party one night and we did it in her car” Hyorin chuckled.

“That is so like you” June tisked.

“That’s not even the best part, I wanted him all for myself so I stuffed my underwear under her seat, it was two weeks before she even found them” Hyorin said before taking another sip on her drink.

“What about you _____?” June asked.

“Mine is boring compared to yours” you said as you twirled the stem of your glass.

“Come on just tell us” Hyorin said and you sighed.

“It was just after I moved here to go to college. I didn’t really know anyone so I put up a flyer offering English lessons, only one person turned up” you paused as you remembered the first time you laid eyes on him.

“Hi I’m Se…..” the young man that was stood at your door paused as he looked at you, his smile replaced with a look of shock.

“Is there something wrong?” you asked raising your eyebrows.

“No, I ah…. I just….. You’re not Korean” he stuttered.

“Is that a problem?” you questioned.

“No, not at all….. I was just expecting you to be” he said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Ok, well now we have that out of the way would you like to try and introduce yourself again?” you asked as you cocked your head making the man blush as he shifted uncomfortably, you had to bite your lip to suppress the giggle from erupting at how cute he looked when he was shy.

“Sorry, I’m Seung hyun” he said with a shy smile as he held his hand out.

“Nice to meet you Seung hyun, I’m _____” you smiled back as you took his hand to shake.

“Anyway” you said as you shook your head, trying to get rid of the memory you hadn’t thought about in years. “After a while we became close, one night he turned up on my door drunk and he confessed his love for me. I let him stay and I took care of him until he sobered up, I wanted to make sure he was genuine and that it wasn’t just the alcohol talking. When I told him that I felt the same one thing lead to another and well….”

“Aww that’s so sweet, so did you guys start dating?” June asked and you nodded your head. “How come you broke up?”.

“His family didn’t approve, they said that it was bringing shame to the family and that he should be with ‘one of his own kind'”

“Oh that’s so sad” June stated as she held her hands over her chest.

“Yeah” was all you said before downing the rest of your drink.

“Yah, why did we park so far away?” Hyorin whined as she trailed behind.

“Because there was no where else to park” June retorted.

The three of you had only walked two blocks and Hyorin was already tired on account of the enormous heels she decided to wear. When you turned on to the street that car was parked on the thud of a bass line hit you, you looked around trying to find evidence of a club or a car but there was nothing, only a half lit alley way with a handful of men standing around in it.

“Hey baby, where you goin?” one of the men shouted from the alley.

“Nowhere with you” Hyorin shouted back.

“Ah come on baby, let daddy show you how a real man does it” the man responded.

“You in the brown dress, you look like you need a good fuck to relieve some of that tension” another man yelled at you.

“No thank you” you responded as you kept walking.

“Stuck up bitch” he yelled and an eruption a laughter followed.

You weren’t sure what had gotten into you, normally you would have kept walking but something told you to give them a piece of your mind. You turned around and headed straight for the alley.

“So I’m stuck up because I won’t fuck a stranger who shouted at me from a dirty alley way?”

“See what I mean? Baby you’re way to tense, why don’t you let me help you with that?” the man with blonde hair said as he stepped closer to you. You scoffed and folded your arms across your chest.

“Baby you don’t look like you know the first thing about how to satisfy a woman.

Your eyes widened as you heard a familiar deep chuckle, one you hadn’t heard in years. You looked around at the men trying to find the source but none of them were him, your heart sank at the thought that the noise had just been in your head, until you saw a tall figure move in the dark. He stepped out from the dark corner as he took a drag of his cigarette, he looked so different from the man you had once know but his eyes were still the same.

“Seung hyun?” you called as you took a step closer.

He looked at you, his face painted with indifference and his eyes seemed to look straight through you.

“You know this stuck up bitch hyung?” the blonde man asked as he gave Seung hyun a tap on the arm.

Seung hyun looked at you silently for a moment as the corner of his jaw twitched, he never thought he would see you again after that night and here you were, standing in the same alley way, still as beautiful as he had remembered.

“Never seen her before” Seung hyun said sternly as he looked away from you and took another drag on his cigarette, he couldn’t bare to see the look of hurt that washed over your face with his words, even if you had hurt him in the past.

“We have to go” June said as she grabbed your arm and pulled you away from the alley.

“What is wrong with you?” you yelled as you pulled your arm out of her grip.

“What’s wrong with me, what the hell is wrong with you? Do you realise they are gang members?” she shouted back.

“What?” you asked visibly shocked.

“That is club Bang Bang, the alley way is the entrance, it’s the hang out of the Green Dragon gang…… Did you not see that tattoo on there hands?” Hyorin said almost scolding you.

“No, it couldn’t be” you said stunned.

You looked back to see Seung hyun staring at you, his hands in his pockets and look of almost sadness written on his face.

“Well it is, now get in” June said as she opened the door for you.

Seung hyun watched from the alley as you got inside the jeep and drove away, a feeling of guilt hit him in the chest as he thought about the look on your face when he denied knowing who you were. The truth was he had never stopped thinking about you since the day you left him, how could he, you were his first and only love.

“Hi, I’m Se…..” he paused as he laid his eyes on you, it was you, the one he had seen around campus, the only girl he had eyes for but was to shy to talk to.

“Is there something wrong?” you asked raising your eyebrows.

'How can I concentrate when she looks so cute?’ Seung hyun asked himself.

“No, I ah 'didn’t expect it to be you’…. I just 'have a massive crush on you’….. You’re not Korean” he stuttered trying to say the right thing and not make a fool of himself by blurting out what he really thought.

“Is that a problem?” you questioned.

'Shit, I fucked this up already’ Seung hyun scolded himself internally.

“No, not at all….. I was just expecting you to be” he said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Ok, well now we have that out of the way would you like to try and introduce yourself again?” you asked as you cocked your head.

Seung hyun felt his cheeks heat up out of embarrassment, he had only been talking to you for a few minutes and he already managed to fuck it up.

'God she looks so cute when she’s trying not to laugh’

“Sorry, I’m Seung hyun” he said with a shy smile as he held his hand out.

“Nice to meet you Seung hyun, I’m _____” you smiled back as you took his hand to shake.

himurakenshin25  asked:

Could you do the first 4 Jojo's with the s/o taking them to Build-a-Bear Workshop, with each of them making a bear or other animal they think the other would love?

•He’s a classy and sweet gentleman
•Gets you a big brown teddy bear!
•Extra stuffing
•It’s twice the size of every other bear in this store this thing is fucking huge
•He’s so proud of it too
•"Look! I didn’t put any clothes on it because you can hear his heart better!“
•He’s more excited than you are about the bear
•He hopes you got him one too because he’s really into this store
•He’s a goofball so of course he gives you a monkey
•He gives his cheeky grin and answers suavely, “Because I like to MONKEY AROUND”
•Get the fuck outta here Joseph you’re too much
•He takes a lot of time into decorating it and putting the right outfit on
•He names the monkey bobo as a play on his own nickname
•He doesn’t really have much insight on what others like or what they’re into in general
•So he goes with whatever people usually like
•So he also gets you a teddy bear
•Except its pink and wears a tiara
•He is a bit of a traditionalist so he did put a dress on it so it looked a bit more modest
•He looks directly into your soul as he hands you the build-a-bear bag
•Oh no
•He’s too sweet
•He thought long and hard about it, as it will clearly make or break the relationship
•He really likes you and doesn’t want to mess anything up so he’ll be in there for hours
•Finally he decides on getting you a panda that has extra stuffing
•"It’s cause I’m Asian and everybody loves pandas!“
•Every time you hug it or cuddle it he wants you to think it’s him
•He likes to think he’s a big ol panda when you guys snuggle up together
-Admin Jules╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

two bourbons too many // ~1k of zarry nonsense because I’ve been feeling all kinds of things today

Zayn drums his fingers off the tops of his thighs, legs sprawled out over the worn sofa. The half-empty glass of bourbon resting on his stomach is lukewarm, his hand wrapped loosely around it. He’s more playing with it than drinking it at this point. The bottle lies, discarded, somewhere on the carpeted floor nearby. It’s more than half empty.

On the screen in front of him, the credits start to roll. The text blurs in front of Zayn’s eyes. His head is fuzzy and a little sore; he’s drunk, and he’s hot, and he’s tired. He squints past the text and watches Harry’s smile break out, high definition dimples and all.

Zayn grunts, shifts, and the glass goes tumbling to the floor. Amber liquid splashes over the carpet and Zayn sighs. He scratches at his belly and sits up. The world tilts on its axis and he takes a deep breath. He scrubs his hands over his face. He hadn’t even realised that he’d been crying but his cheeks are damp to the touch and the corner of his mouth is salty where the tears have gathered.

Probably shouldn’t.

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