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Episode 5 of the Modest Film Podcast (It feels like we’ve done a lot more than 5) is on Werner Herzog’s The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser. It has one of my favorite scenes with a cat in it that I’ve seen.

We talk about Herzog, the ghost of Harmony Korine that haunts our show, and I think I bring up how I may or may not drink too much, sometimes, and I feel embarassed that I brought that up.

But, mostly, we did this a week ago and I’ve forgotten everything that’s in here. We’ll be having a special guest soon! It’s going to be soooo fun!

Stay tuned or something.

Ever seen a film that has everything going for it but feels like a half-cooked waste of time? These are my strong words for The Living Wake, Co-written and staring Mike O'Connell and featuring Jesse Eisenberg and Eddie Pepitone, this film could be so much better than it actually is. At least, these are my thoughts.

The film is discussed on the 7th episode of the Modest Film Podcast, where Echo and I disagree on just about everything while also taking more jabs at Woody Allen.