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It wouldn't make sense that Harry would stay with Sony if they're the ones behind still making Louis be a fake dad because that's still going on so does that mean maybe Sony isn't the one behind babygate

Sony is/was the most powerful player over One Direction and Louis (they’re a wayyyyyy bigger dog than Modest and they’re bigger than Simon/Syco, more so now than ever since they bought out so much of Syco), so I think the idea that they don’t have a hand in babygate is pretty ridiculous. Sony also could have stepped in to better promote MITAM and to stop Simon’s really obvious smear campaign against One Direction (and especially Louis) in the months leading up to the hiatus and they didn’t, I’m assuming because they knew One Direction would not be re-signing with any Sony label as a band, so that definitely puts Sony on my shitlist as well.

I’m not going to pretend that I don’t struggle to understand why Harry would want to sign with Columbia/Sony because I don’t really get it at all - and this isn’t just a Larry thing because I think Sony fucked Harry over too because of how they handled things with One Direction when the clock started ticking on their contracts. However, I also know that there’s a lot we don’t know about how literally ANY of this went down - One Direction’s decision not to re-sign, how things were with Sony/Syco/Columbia behind the scenes, babygate (how it started, why it’s still going on, and how it’s going to end), Harry’s decision to sign some type of deal with Columbia and Sony, the details of that deal, and so on. And we also don’t know how the mess Louis is dealing with is going to be cleaned up and what label he’ll want to pursue future projects under (though I’m guessing it won’t be a Sony label considering they’ve napped through the entirety of JHO promo). We don’t know what was brought to the table in negotiations and what deals with the devil any of these boys have had to make to get even part of what they wanted because I think it’s clear that there were limitations on them (and there still seem to be, at least when it comes to Louis).

None of us wanted Louis to put out music under Syco and none of us expected him to considering the abuse they’ve hurled on him over the years, but JHO was distributed through them, so Louis clearly had to make a deal with the devil as well. And I’m not going to be one of those bloggers who pretends Harry and Louis were on an equal playing field with anything because I don’t think they are. I think Louis has been at an disadvantage for YEARS and for whatever reason, especially in 2015, Sony and Syco really had it out for him significantly more than any of the other boys, but I do think the example with JHO shows that the boys sometimes do things that aren’t ideal from our perspective and that probably aren’t ideal from their perspective either, and we don’t know the probably very complicated reasons for it and likely never will.

So I’m just trying (very very hard) to put my reservations and bitterness toward Sony aside and I’m just waiting to see what happens going forward.


And for those of you who don’t love Youtube, here’s the Vimeo version of Diner Danger

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I'm relatively new to the Larry fandom, and I've spent several weeks looking at various very informative blogs like yours to get a handle on the complete history of our lovelies and their fail of a management agency. There is one thing I'm not sure of, and I wondered if you might clear it up for me. I see references to "bullshit 2.0", which I assume refers to another incident like the "bullshit" tweets that M!M did on Louis' Twitter account, or to those tweets themselves. (more)

(2) If the “2.0” is those tweets, what was “1.0”? Or has something occurred since that incident last November that qualifies as the “2.0”?

Welcome to the fandom love! :)

What we call bullshit 1.0 Underscore’s so totally unexpected rage on a fan who was not even directing Louis.

Every year Harry does something very blatant on Sept 16th, here is what he did in 2013. And here is how he turned the BS day into Strong day in 2014.

Strong day tag

What we call bullshit 2.0 is Underscore’s lashing out on the Independent writer Jenn Selby for writing an article where she praised Louis for supporting the Apple CEO Tim Cook for his recent coming out.

Here is Louis wearing the rainbow apple logo t-shirt at The X Factor studios.

Yahoo Stephanie made a good article summarizing the events

It’s important to mention that one day before Underscore’s twitter rage, the boys had an interview where Louis had 89423 chances to deny any kind of rumors but the Doncaster lad seem to hace nothing in mind when Modest dog Ben Winston REPEATEDLY ASKED them if there’s any rumor.

Then Liam brought up Independent (hrs before the livestream Selby’s article went online) and see… 24 hrs later Underscore denies it.

A wonderful example of the screaming contrast between the real Louis Tomlinson and Underscore.

so uhh i made a dogkin/caninekin/general nonhuman mix on 8tracks, for all my dogkin friends!

go easy on me, this is my first mix ever oAo; so its probably not that great heh


Track List

1. Who You Really Are by Adam Berry (Balto II Soundtrack)

2. Animal by Miike Snow

3. Furr by Blitzen Trapper

4. Shape Shifter by Local Natives

5. Where We Belong by Passion Pit

6. Howl by Florence + The Machine

7. Howlin’ For You by The Black Keys

8. Heartlines by Florence + The Machine

9. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab For Cutie

10. Walking the Dog (RAC Mix) by Fun.

11. Wild Pack of Family Dogs by Modest Mouse


                        D I N E R   D A N G E R  I S  H E R E!

Modest Dog is back, in my graduate film from 2012. Enjoy guys. Ride free, stay Modest!

I was really in the mood to do a doodle this evening, but I couldn’t think of any jokes. So what I decided to do instead was do a doodle of Tom Hunter’s canine character, Modest Dog. You should all go look at his blog. It’s super excellent, and he’s currently in the process of making a thing called Diner Danger, which looks ridiculously cool.

Unfortunately, about half way through this doodle, I remembered that everything I draw looks terrifying. So now it looks like what Modest would look like if he was part dog, part ghoul and part crack-addict. I’m sorry if it, y'know, haunts you for a little bit.


[ Modest Minute #8 — Perisher Resort ]

The homies are back for the eighth rendition of MODEST MINUTE. We’ve returned to where it all began; the hottest park lap in the Southern Hemisphere at Perisher.

Riders: Bryce Bugera, Sam “Reddog” Neumann, Pete Long, Josh Anderson, Andy James

Film/Edit: Marcus Skin
Thumbnail: Josh Anderson
Photo: Pete Long