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Ok, but what I don't understand is why harry harry harry and louis is still so closeted? Why couldn't they lessen both their closets at the same time?


Two facts I’m mostly certain of, basing on what I could observe about the way Modest!/Syco handled stunts and moderated the boys’ relations with the external world:

- The clauses in their contracts are generally not as locked as one may believe;

- Louis’ terms are indeed firmer than Harry’s and the other boys’.

What their management was aware of when they signed them: two of the boys were sexually/romantically involved; at least two of them were not straight; one of them pretty glaringly. What their management wasn’t aware of when they signed them: the potential of said involvement; the worldwide success the band was about to achieve.

They definitely had all the boys signing away their personal images (current and background story, physical appearance, online persona, public presence…) as it is normal. There are literally two lines that include EVERYTHING and that keep you from managing yourself freely as long as you are legally bound.

Now, a company such as Modest!, such as mine, works FOR their clients’ well being. I’m quite sure they saw no real threat when they firstly signed them. Besides Louis’ flamboyancy, which I believe was immediately underlined and taken care of, both contractually and later personally. When it became manifest that the boys were going to get on and turn really profitable and that Louis and Harry were very easily growing more attached, they started to have concerns about it. While I don’t find it likely that they somehow tried to directly intervene or promote a break up (because that could potentially smash their new, promising toy at that point), they definitely never encouraged it, especially when they chose Harry as their prominent face. They had them doing whatever they told them to because “they were acting in their best interest”. I think the crucial moment was Haylor and the realization that what the boys wanted was in total contrast with what their management insisted for. At some point even Simon’s words were not convincing anymore and we have Harry meeting and starting to very publicly rely on the Azoffs. After Irving Azoff first showed up, things started to change. For Harry. He had sold his own person and had to fulfill the duties imposed, but what he got now was an external, professional, legal, strong advice. He could fulfill them without doing all the crap he had been asked to. Hence Kendall, Cara, Nadine, random girl for a stroll (the most perfect examples of someone who does something they have to do without putting the minimal effort) . Hence him not being able to express himself freely, but finding the holes to finally get out and undermine his own awfully constructed image (twitter). Hence him going as far as to give statements about his ambiguous sexuality, express support for same sex causes (in so many different ways) and stand out as a gender norm rules breaker while just throwing that all there, not practically acting on anything, never giving effective material to get a scandal and break a contract. Azoff’s presence allowed him to find the alternative, to find room in their not so strict terms (because they didn’t initially have to!) and fight against his management’s interest. None of this was possible with Louis. He had signed different clauses that’s for sure. Supplementary. Louis, his stance, his relationship with Harry was definitely what worried them the most. So they tried to soften his ways, pushed him aside, made him the less relevant possible, only used him for heavily stunted appearances with his appealing, very formal girlfriend. As to say, if it was Harry’s mum to get married, in the new position he gained with Azoff backing him, he wouldn’t ever had to make his fake girlfriend the maid of honor. The difference is pretty evident in what Azoff’s support could do for Harry and what couldn’t do for Louis. While in 2012 they did bring Louis to “deny” Larry rumors live, they couldn’t force him anymore in November 2014 (because he knew then what he could refuse), but still had the power to spread disgusting, homophobic tweets from his account. Harry is voluntarily staying away from his twitter most of the time and let them tweet for him, but they would never dare something that’d go in contrast with his wishes nowadays. I haven’t looked into the other boys patterns yet, but I don’t doubt someone with more experience and knowledge could find slight changes regarding them, too. This of course stands only if we consider the contract One Direction signed with Modest! is a 5 year-long one. If they (for some reason?) had to sign again in 2013, they’d at the very least have had the chance to modify Louis’s terms and we wouldn’t have witnessed most of the worst things happened later. I haven’t personally ever had a 3 years Modest! contract in front of me, but that’s just a short professional experience.  

Now that it is almost over, such a big change is going to take place. I almost picture them coming back from the hiatus and being barely recognizable for their most distracted fans and general public. In the most positive way ever.


A Larry shipper (on twitter: 1D_saved_me_exx ) called the bar/club 17 Black. And the stuff confirms that they are not allowed to speak about Louis & Harry because of management.

All this shit-talking about Simon suddenly made me remember the book Louis showed up with in LA, The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. And I was armchair diagnosing Simon as a fucking psychopath to amuse myself (though he is, I’m convinced).

Then it hit me WHEN he showed up at the airport with that book.

It was May 4.  The Jinglepuff baby was likely “conceived” two days later. 

That arrival was him walking into this stunt. And he was carrying a book about identifying psychopaths. And in this book it is theorized that most high level executives are actually psychopathic to some degree based on the way the most successful CEO’s are completely without empathy for the human cost of their financial success.

‘People who are psychopathic prey ruthlessly on others using charm, deceit, violence or other methods that allow them to get what they want. The symptoms of psychopathy include: lack of a conscience or sense of guilt, lack of empathy, egocentricity, pathological lying, repeated violations of social norms, disregard for the law, shallow emotions, and a history of victimizing others.’
- Robert Hare, Ph.D’

I think we missed a BIG clue. But honest to god, I’m not sure what it means.

what the hell is going on…. when you search one direction on hits daily double, an article entitled ‘no need to be modest’ pops up first… (it was written on the same day as the blurb that’s currently making the rounds!!) 

but then you try to open it and it’s blank… 

(and i opened multiple other articles with zero problem) 

and when you google it…… 

…… it doesn’t even show up. 

i wanna know what got deleted.


So I’m going to the One Direction show in Edmonton, Alberta (canada) July 21, and was looking for tickets to the show in Winnipeg, Manitoba (canada) on July 24.

Zayn is listed in the notes for the event. (first photo) as well as their Facebook advertising (second photo)

I work in Digital Advertising and PR, this shit is easy to change. This is sloppy work if it was left up “by accident”. I assume this is seeding, and they are planning a Zayn return for the North American leg.

Ticket sales are brutal, they are doing buy 2 get 2 free tickets right now because they cannot fill their venues. PRICES HAVE INCREASED BY $100 since yesterday. ZAYN IS COMING BACK.


Hi Everyone!

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You know what I keep thinking about? How Modest took down 1D from their website at the beginning of April. I work with WordPress (which is what the Modest site is hosted on). It’s not at all difficult to edit a page or replace a photo. Also, the recent edits you’ve made are listed at the bottom of the page, and you can back up to an older edit if you messed up. It should have taken them a few seconds to put 1D back on their website.

That was at the beginning of the two month break. We then had Louis party boy narrative start, and now we have Simon going against rep statements in the Sun, and no official word on the pregnancy.

I feel like, somehow, someway (I have a theory as to this but it’s just rampant speculation) the new team has control over 1D’s reps now. It just doesn’t make sense that Simon would be confirming stories that reps denied without a rep to back him up. Add in the fact that Simon and Syco and Modest didn’t tweet about 1D’s five years and I’d say something suspicious is definitely afoot.

I think that new team has taken the reigns, and I’m curious as to when. In my mind it all keeps coming back to that day the photo was taken down.

Zayn was under control of Modest. They controlled his social media presence as they do with all the other members of One Direction. Now he has no reason to filter himself and can be who he really is. If you don't like that then don't pay him any mind and support One Direction and stop complaining over the false reality Modest has you believing. The Zayn you knew wasn't the real Zayn. I'm sure if Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall wasn't under Modest, they would act different also and y'all would complain that they changed also.

When i’m doing my research for that blog i see too many of this generally followed by “modest is hottest”. I know these people are well intentioned. I know they want to encourage girls and women to dress modestly. However i hate the way they do it. 

 You don’t need to promote modesty by scorning at women who don’t dress modestly. 

 You don’t need to promote modesty as sexy/hot. MODESTY ISN’T ABOUT BEING SEXY WITH A RELIGIOUS APPROVAL. 

 You don’t need to promote modesty based on how men will react. Your life doesn’t revolve around men. Look, if a man’s respect depends on how much clothes a woman is wearing then that man doesn’t worth your time.