The narrative so far:

  • Louis: Terrible father, fucks all the club girls, upsetting Briana while dating Danielle, has dandruff
  • Harry: Cheated on Kendall, who he was totally dating, while signing a solo deal with Jeff Azoff on a yacht on New Year’s Day, effectively severing all personal and professional ties with his band who had no idea this was happening
  • NIall: Will be a golf agent
  • Liam: Is a great songwriter

larries have been blessed! this guy will go down in history. Finally someone exposes Modest! Managements dumb asses. Like seriously if they have to take such great lengths to hide their (harry and louis’) relationship whether it be friendly or an actual relationship than they aren’t doing a great job at trying to prove to us that nothing is seriously going on between the two of them. But now thanks to this larry hero modest has been exposed and now begins World War Larry because god knows what kind of stunt they’re going to try and pull now.


“We wish Harry the very best. It has been a real pleasure working with him,” reads a statement from Modest! Management principals Richard Griffiths and Harry Magee, “Harry is a total gentleman, and we know our good friend Jeffrey Azoff will look after him. We look forward to sharing some great wine with them next time we are in L.A.”

The statement is in response to a query from this reporter. It was prompted by a story posted Thursday (1/28) in U.K. tabloid The Sun bearing the headline, “Gone Direction: Harry Styles sacks company that made him a global star,” and subheaded, “1D heart-throb dumps management team—and recruits top U.S. agent.”

HITS music-biz insider I.B. Bad hinted at the possibility of a Styles-Azoff connection in his column of 7/17, writing that the 1D heartthrob was “said to be looking for U.S. representation to help guide his solo career. Will Harry throw in his lot with a high-profile American manager?”

On 9/29, this site posted an item headlined “Are 1D’s Members Defecting From Longtime Manager?” It read in part, “Much of the speculation has centered on Styles’ friendship with CAA agent Jeffrey Azoff; the two are frequently seen around L.A. together.

Some insiders say Jeffrey Azoff may stay at CAA, where’s he’s become a key part of their youth movement, while also repping his first management client in conjunction with his father.

While there’s been no official announcement from the Azoff camp, the company is typically mum about new management signings. Such was the case last year, when Azoff the Elder started representing Gwen Stefani and Jon Bon Jovi.

Still unclear are Sony and SYCO’s continued involvement with Styles; some sources say his recording career is free of any further obligations.
One Direction boys ‘facing probe on tax scheme’ in crackdown from taxman on dividends
'Alphabet' scheme used to route dividends to bandmembers is legal, but frowned upon

ONE DIRECTION face a tax probe over a controversial shares scheme despite urging fans to campaign against such arrangements.

The boy band’s members have turned their shares in 1D Media into an “alphabet” structure frowned on by inspectors.

And tax experts warned last night that, although the set-up is legal, it is likely to trigger an investigation by HM Revenue and Customs which targeted such schemes for a crackdown.

A report filed by the group this year shows the multi-million pound shares are now grouped in ten categories labelled from A to J.

These allow profits to be placed in different rates of dividend payouts.

And critics say this unevenly rewards some shareholders.

Dividends are not subject to National Insurance contributions like wages and so have less tax deducted from them than is taken off salaries.

There is no suggestion Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan or Zayn Malik, who left the band last year, use the new structure to evade tax, which is illegal.

In 2014 the band, which last year made £202,000 a day, urged their fans to lobby Chancellor George Osborne to crack down on company tax avoidance.

They teamed up with charity Global Citizen offering free tickets to fans who joined the organisation.

In the same year 1D Media turned over £73.7million, paying £10.47million to HMRC — 23 per cent of its pre-tax profit.

According to the firm’s report, £8.24million of that was paid in UK corporation tax.

Ex-HMRC tax specialist Neil Tipping said: “An alphabet share scheme this complex is controversial and exactly the kind Government would want to crack down on.

“In light of the millions of pounds One Direction make every year, I’d expect investigators to look at their structure very closely indeed.”

Expert James Lee said: “HMRC have frowned on alphabet schemes for years because the structure allows money to be manipulated.”

But an 1D source insisted: “The new share classes have been set up to account for Zayn’s departure from the band and to differentiate his right to receive income.”

A-Z of shares

ALPHABET shares are allocated when directors of a company want maximum control and flexibility over who will and who will not receive dividend payments.

They can also help put to use tax allowances between members who pay a lower rate of tax on dividends than they would on income.

But in recent years, such schemes have come under HMRC scrutiny.

It has looked to limit the use of them if they simply provide employees with a source of PAYE and National Insurance free income.

Companies have to justify them for commercial reasons, not just for tax purposes.

Bring it ON!  I spent hours looking at their corporate shares and it is clearly and obviously set up in 10 different classes to account for Zayn’s profit sharing pre-and post-departure.  It’s complicated, but not shady at all.

Considering that Modest Management looks to be under some sort of investigation, I think this is Syco and/or Modest and The Sun trying to distract from their own illegal business practices and pointing fingers at the band when shit starts going down publicly.

And again I say BRING IT!