Be the Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Dear sisters…

With your beauty, you are better than the sun; with your morals you are more sublime than musk; with your modesty you are nobler than the full moon; with your compassion you are more beneficial than rain. So, preserve your beauty with faith, your tranquility with contentment, your chastity with… HIJAB.

Remember that your adornment is not gold, silver or diamonds, rather it is two raka’ahs at Fajr, going thirsty when you fast for Allah (swt), concealed charity which no one knows except Him, hot tears that wash away sin, a lengthy prostration born of utter submission to Allah (swt), shyness before Allah (swt) when the inclination to do evil overwhelms you. Clothe yourself with garments of Taqwa (piety) for you are the most beautiful woman in the world, even if your clothes are shabby.

Beware of the life of bewitching immoral disbelieving women, for they are the fuel of the Fire of Hell.


A Larry shipper (on twitter: 1D_saved_me_exx ) called the bar/club 17 Black. And the stuff confirms that they are not allowed to speak about Louis & Harry because of management.



The narrative so far:

  • Louis: Terrible father, fucks all the club girls, upsetting Briana while dating Danielle, has dandruff
  • Harry: Cheated on Kendall, who he was totally dating, while signing a solo deal with Jeff Azoff on a yacht on New Year’s Day, effectively severing all personal and professional ties with his band who had no idea this was happening
  • NIall: Will be a golf agent
  • Liam: Is a great songwriter

larries have been blessed! this guy will go down in history. Finally someone exposes Modest! Managements dumb asses. Like seriously if they have to take such great lengths to hide their (harry and louis’) relationship whether it be friendly or an actual relationship than they aren’t doing a great job at trying to prove to us that nothing is seriously going on between the two of them. But now thanks to this larry hero modest has been exposed and now begins World War Larry because god knows what kind of stunt they’re going to try and pull now.