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What keeps Louis away from Harry you think? They haven't been seen in the same room for a year

This has been in my inbox for a long time simply because I had no idea how to answer it.

But in light of what happened this week I think it should be crystal clear what is going on here.

Did you see this picture?

It was published as “Harry out and about in West London” but as always, it was a lie. But Harry didn’t just willy-nilly decide that a hospital was a cool place to hang out at, he was supporting Louis and the Tomlinson family and brought a shaver.

But still he isn’t allowed to openly support the grieving Tomlinson family who had to be so strong and he is’t allowed to openly support his boyfriend who just lost his beloved mother.

And the same goes for Anne, Gemma and the whole Styles family. There are dozens of pictures out there of them with Louis and Jay and the Tomlinson family but we are to believe they were never friends and wouldn’t even bother to send a tweet?!

You can bet everything you own Harry, Anne and their family are moving heaven and earth right now to support the Tomlinson family in any way they can but they aren’t allowed to show it. They fucking aren’t even allowed to be seen with the baby twins who will now grow up with little to no memory of their Mom.

This makes me so mad I can’t even breathe sometimes. We were meant to see that selfish, shallow bitch in California blowing up her lips and parading around that baby while Louis was forced to helplessly watch his mother die.

THAT is what Simon and his cronies do. Their cruelty knows no bounds, not even a grieving family is safe from their machinations.

And that’s why the thought of Louis having to do that show tonight makes me sick. I love the song and I will do anything I can to make it successful but I want to puke at the thought that Simon will use Jay’s death and Louis’ pain to garner ratings for his shitty show and to further his narrative which is meant to hurt Louis some more. You can bet Danielle and Breeps will be there to gain as much attention as they can off of Louis’ pain while the one who has been loving and supporting Louis for six years will be forced to watch him cry on tv.

At times like this I’m glad I don’t live in the same country because if I ever met Simon in person, I’m not sure what I would do. He deserves a world of misery and pain for what he is doing to the people around him.

The way I see it this was them trying to be subtle and it blew up in their face.

There’s no way you accidentally remove all the content about a major artist from your website, sorry, that doesn’t happen. So in my opinion they wanted to take 1D off their site prior to the announcement (which I think will happen Sunday) to cause some talk and buzz surrounding them.

What happened was that everyone jumped on it, and because they aren’t making the announcement yet they panicked and put it back up.

I don’t see how it makes sense otherwise - they didn’t even change the 1D photo to OT4.


A Larry shipper (on twitter: 1D_saved_me_exx ) called the bar/club 17 Black. And the stuff confirms that they are not allowed to speak about Louis & Harry because of management.



The narrative so far:

  • Louis: Terrible father, fucks all the club girls, upsetting Briana while dating Danielle, has dandruff
  • Harry: Cheated on Kendall, who he was totally dating, while signing a solo deal with Jeff Azoff on a yacht on New Year’s Day, effectively severing all personal and professional ties with his band who had no idea this was happening
  • NIall: Will be a golf agent
  • Liam: Is a great songwriter