In the words of Kanye West, “Aint nobody f'in with my clique.”

This is my mothalovin’ team (excluding heytobsphotography due to his unavailability at the moment); a group of young, talented & ambitious photographers & we WILL make it to the top!……….also we dress well

[From Left to Right: yusukeofnasa8 || raatfashion || mchustler]

IG: @dmactherealistphotography


“Teamwork Makes The Dream Work”

It’s a great day whenever my photo team is able to get together & shoot. If you plan on succeeding in life, it’s vital that you surround yourself with believers & achievers; a group of people that will consistently encourage & push each other to better their craft. I can honestly say that I get some of my best work whenever the team is together

[Models: raatfashion x rnegatives]



Got the chance to catch up with my good friend Amir, curator of @homme_dc, this weekend & I have to say that I have nothing but respect for this cat. We began speaking about some of the local artists in the DMV area & discussing the creative influence that these individuals bring, along with the admiration & support of DMV artists as a whole. If you truly love art & love being a creative/creator, this is a guy that I can honestly say will support you wholeheartedly.


Fashion Forward: Warm Welcome in Winter

Today I found myself walking through Little NYC again, otherwise known as Chevy Chase, MD (if you haven’t figured it out by now, Chevy Chase is officially my favorite local area for streetfashion/lifestyle photography). This is an area that contains ALOT of fashionable people & an abundance of department stores including one of my personal favorites, H&M. Of course I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity & go check it out. I can honestly say that this was the most impressive H&M that I’ve seen; 3 floors full of a seemingly endless supply of clothes, great atmosphere, however what really won me over was the staff.

I noticed one employee whom was a pretty fashionable person (although his modesty said otherwise lol), so I asked him for a quick photo for the blog. Little did I know that I would be having an on-the-spot photoshoot with the entire crew. (Their nametags will be blurred & censored to disclose information regarding their names) Not only was I surprised to see that the ENTIRE staff was incredibly fashionable, but they were definitely some of the best workers that one can encounter. They were able to fully assist me with any question or issue that I may have had & made me feel very welcome very fast. All in all, I give this H&M a 10/10 rating (and if you guys are reading this, expect frequent visits from me)

IG: @dmactherealistphotography