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For the latest facet of 365 showcasing the Pre-Fall 2017 collection, award-winning actor Jessica Chastain is the protagonist of a Prada campaign for the second time. In Parallels, the narrative is new: scenes are captured inside and out of a Modernist home - a resolutely real space, the photographs imbued with an intensity and intimacy. Yet Chastain’s presence, her own persona, causes us to question the images - are these portraits of Chastain, or a character? Is she playing a role, or playing herself? Reality here runs parallel to fantasy.


One of our personal favourite entries, Ansty Plum, a 1960s modernist house renovated by London firm Coppin Dockray, has been shortlisted for the 2016 RIBA House of the Year. The home is located in a small village in Wiltshire, England. It was built in 1962 by architect David Levitt – who later went on to establish Levitt Bernstein – and then extended in the early 1970s Brutalist architects Alison and Peter Smithson. “Ansty Plum is a very special 20th century house, resurrected for viable modern living without damaging the spirit or the fabric of the original. In the house what has been taken away, and what has not been added is as important as what has been rescued or retained.”

machoturbo  asked:

Have enjoyed your site for some time. If it's within the scope of your resources/interests i was hoping you might post some examples of landscaping that compliments modern architecture. I'm struggling with visualizing a complimentary landscape that works with modernist homes, but doesn't disappear or overshadow the structure. There seems to be a rare few that see the surrounding landscape as a part of the whole concept. Thanks in advance. MT

Not sure what kind of climate/flora you are dealing with but here are some recent examples of residential landscape design that could trigger your creativity.

Cedar Creek Hocker Design Group

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The house of Marie Querton, in Belgium.

Interior designer Marie Querton lives in this Belgian house, a modern architecture designed by Marc Corbiau who got inspired by modernist icons, such as Mies van der Rohe’s Pavillion and Le Corbusier’s Citè Radius: a building that is engaged in conversation with nature, thanks to a great transparency, to combine interiors and outdoor. The result is a stylish family house, immersed in greenery and featuring art and design icons.