Summers away from your boyfriend can be difficult, but sometimes just seeing his face makes the day a little easier.

Lily has filed away a collection of her favorite screenshots throughout the year, for the rough moments apart.

James played by @asktheboywholived

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Hey! I love ur art (LIKE I CAN SEE ALL MY FANDOMS) May I see some Lancelot?(Lance x Lotor)

Thank you so much !! C:

You know I am not really a Lancelot shipper… BUT I LOVE THEM. Like I love them as best bros. That Lotor is like the other dude Lance hangs out beside Hunk. Or that Lotor is always flirting with Lance and Lance is: “Noooooo”

So sorry.
But here you have them as best bros chilling and having sleep overs xD


shower sharing, yes?

Frank Lloyd Wright, American Architect

It might seem unusual that MoMA’s 1939 building, which corresponded in so many ways with the International Style, should host a major retrospective of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright the following year. Wright, after all, had rejected many of the precepts of the hard-edged industrial imagery of the younger European architects with whom he had shared gallery space in the Museum’s first architecture show eight years earlier. But over the course of the 1930s MoMA looked more and more to issues of regional expression, American-ness in architecture, and an embrace of natural materials, notably wood. “Frank Lloyd Wright, American Architect"—which Wright took full control over, often to the frustration of nominal curator John McAndrew—was intended to culminate in a full-scale wooden Usonian house in MoMA’s new Sculpture Garden, seen through the plate glass windows beyond Wright’s display of his drawings and models. The show was at once of and by Wright, and focused overwhelmingly on his most recent work. Now, nearly 80 years later, Wright returns to MoMA in the exhibition "Frank Lloyd Wright at 150: Unpacking the Archive,” on view through October 1.

See images from the 1940 exhibition and more at

(click on drawing for better quality!~)

hehe I’m always a few hours early until midnight but…
wowowow 26 already!? I feel like his 25th JUST happened ahh ;w;
I feel like this year has been a great year for all three generations of Sonic!
We finally got the reveal of Sonic Forces which I for one am super excited!!
The new trailers and characters ahhh I’m so happy and can’t wait to play the game! It’s something I’ve been waiting for Modern Sonic!
We also got Sonic Mania coming in August! a very beautiful Classic Sonic game for the classic fans! I love the use of vibrant colors for the game!(which is something I tried to pull off on the background here as the theme lol)  I can’t wait to try playing that game as well! It’s nice seeing classic characters getting the love ^v^ Sonic Boom tv show has been doing an outstanding job with its season 2 It even got nominated for choice animated TV Show!~I personally love the tv show the animation is wonderful as well the voice cast and the writers are very nice to talk to!

Honestly Sonic has made a huge impact in my life. I’ve met wonderful friends and artists, and improved on my art. Without Sonic, I would never have some this far at all! He keeps me motivated and I guaranteed that he’ll always hold a special place in my heart. 

So here’s to 26 years, Sonic!  Keep on running~! ♥ ♥ ~(>/v/<)~

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Hi Sophie, I love your lists, you recommend some really wonderful fanfiction, I am looking for some captain swan friends with benefits fics, got any?? Thank you.

hey there. i just saw your ask for @iwillalwaysfindyou-ff. i think it’s the last one on this list

meawhile, friends with benefits fics